swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 16)

Episode 16

Swara :” one more thing ragini ”

Ragini: ” what ??”

Swara:” ragu what happened to your lips ”

Ragini: ” it’s nothing I slipped in the bathroom?”

They spend some time together… And then shona leaves with kavita …

Shona reaches to the home … It’s nearly 1:30 am swara still awake…
Swara :” oh God what happened to me .. I’m feeling restless.. Tomorrow is very especial day for me …. Tomorrow I’ll my confess my feelings to my sanku (she blushes )?? . but for that I should sleep .. So that I look my best .. But this sleep is not coming na … Offo now what to do .. I feeling bit nervous..too ..what if he said no to me … ? .. What to do .. Hmm.. I think ragini can solve this.. ” she calls her

Ragini: ” hello shona ?”

Swara :” hi ragini.. ”

Ragini: ” still awake shona .. Thinking about sanskar na”

Swara :” how do u know ?”

Ragini: ” only lovers awake till 1:30am …?”

Swara: ” then Y u didn’t sleep yet ”

Ragini: ” offo my stupid shona .. I busy in doing planning ”

Swara :” ? what kind of planning??? ”

Ragini: ” arrey today morning u r going to confess ur love so ”

Swara :” so what !!!”

Ragini :” it’s a surprise.. I’ll tell u in the morning ?”

Swara :”now how many surprises left ”

Ragini: ” this is the last … OK tell me Y did u called me ”

Swara :” ragini I’m feeling nervous.. ”

Ragini: ” u don’t need to worry all is well ”

Swara :” but ragini if he say no then .. What will I do !! My heart would break ”

Ragini: ” ooo God u take soo much tension .. Be positive yrr… If he says no, which he will not say .. But if he says no then also after knowing your feelings… his heart will develop some feelings for .. Not now but in future he will surely love u .. ”

Swara :” really ragini is it so !!!”?

Ragini: ” ya shona .. Don’t think too much now sleep .. U look your best ..and sleeping enhances your beauty ..?”

Swara :” OK bye..good night “?

Ragini:” gud night.. Have sweet dreams of sanku ?”

Swara blushes? and cuts the calls …
Swara goes towards Window and looks towards moon

tu aata hai seene mein
jab jab saansein bharti hoon
tere dil ki galiyon se
main har roz guzarti hoon

(Swara reminds when she first saw sanskar…. How she used to follow him..)

hawaa ke jaise chalta hai tu
main ret jaisi uDti hoon
kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega
jaise main karti hoon

(How sharma uncle pour water over him… How she cleaned sanskar’s wound on his head.. And he held her hand…)

meri nazar ka safar
tujhpe hi aake ruke
kehne ko baaqi hai kya
kehna tha jo keh chuke

(How she secretly see him.. How sanskar’s shares his problem when his friend use to tease him.. And she just stares him)

meri nigahein hain teri nigahon ki
tujhe khabar kya be-khabar

(How sanskar pulled her when was dancing in rain.. And she fell on him..)

main tujhse hi chhup chhup kar
teri aankhen paDhti hoon
kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega
jaise main karti hoon

(How they eat rasgullas..? how she hurt herself and sanskar ties his hanky on her wounds.. How he wiped her tears… How she ignored him and he was desperate to talk her.)

” good night sanku ?”?

In the morning?
Ragini :” shona wake up …. ”

Swara rubs her eyes:” ragini u ? so early ”

Ragini: ” u forget what is today .. We r getting late ”

Swara :” but ragini it’s 5am.. What will I do ..in the school ”

Ragini: ” offo Dumbo r u going to purpose him like this ”

Swara :” what happened to me ..(she looks towards her bag ) what’s in this bag ”

Ragini: ” first u fresh up I’ll tell u everything ”

Swara: ” OK madam ?”

After sometime swara comes she is shocked to look towards all the things
Swara :” what is this ragini..”

Ragini: ” swara today I’ll make u ready for school …”

Swara :” but ragini I’m going to school not in party .. Y bring these make-up kit ”

Ragini: ” don’t argu with me …I have spend whole night for this… I checked most of the site ”

Swara :” OK madam ”

Ragini cuts her hair .irons her dress ..make her ready …..new hair style and light touch up…most important is blue earings as guys loves blue color most

Ragini: ” waoo shona perfect look soo pretty ”

Swara :” but ..ragini what he will think about me ”

Ragini :” he will totaly going to die after seeing u like this ..”(she applies lipgloss)

Swara :” y r u applying this ”

Ragini: ” let me do my work , it will enhances ur beauty … And After this u’ll get what u want ”

Swara :” but I don’t want to kiss him ?”

Ragini: ” what .!!!! U said .. U want to kiss him .?”

Swara ???:” no no it’s nothing like that u r thinking worng ”

Ragini: ” lair ..”

Swara :” ragini what is in this bottle ”

Ragini: ” it’s a perfume ”

Swara :” what kind of perfume is this …”

Ragini: ” oh I forget it ..(She applies it on her) it’s for attracting boys ”

Swara :” what !!!!!????? r u out of your mind .. How dare u .?.. Now what will be think about me . he would thought me a cheap girl … I can bear if he refused my proposal but I can’t bear his hatred? u have no idea how much I love him.. .. Wait I going to take bath again .”

She is about to go .. But ragini hold her hand :” offo shona U r too much it’s simply a perfume .. U need to worry .. ”

Swara :” OK .. Now let’s go .. ”

Ragini: ” no I’m going to my home .. Today don’t want to come between u both ..ALL THE BEST shona “.. She leaves

Swara :” it’s quite hard to understand her… ? (she looks towards mirror) m I looking good or not .. Doesn’t matter but ragini cares about me a lot .. “She joins her hand and pray to God “kisan ji hope everything will be good for me”.. She leaves for school

As soon she comes outside she finds sanskar… “His mood is not good perhaps he may be angry on me .. Due to previous night incident.. But I didn’t did anything intensionally.. It was ragini who created all the misunderstandings ..”

Swara :” hi sanskar ”

Sanskar: ” hi .. Swara .. We r getting late let’s go ” he said all this without looking at her ..they moves for school

All her efforts r seems to be wasted…. Praising is so far he even doesn’t gave her a single look … She feels little bit disappointed but she knows that it’s all her mistake ..now she have to bear it …

Swara:( “oh God I can’t near his silence .and he called me swara not shona …. If he is angry on me he can directly tell me but Y this silence … But swara u did same with him now it’s your punishment… “)

This is the first time when there is silence in their whole journey… And they reaches to school

As soon as she enters in the class … Ragini is waiting for her…excited to know the what’s did he say … :” shona .. Tell me what he said”

Swara is still quite.. Ragini understands her silence perhaps he said no to her..

Ragini: ” it’s OK shona … He will surely understand your feelings ”

Swara :” I didn’t say anything ”

Ragini: ” what!!!! But why shona … ?”

Swara ?:” Actually he us angry on me.. Due to previous day’s behavior.. I was rude to him.. This is the first time when we both were quite on the whole way.. ? he even didn’t look at me.. All your works wasted because of me?”

Ragini: ” get some courage shona..tell him everything. He will surely understand.. And u know what when u will confess ur love.. He will surely.. Forget his anger…. And may be u get what u wants from him ( she winks ??) hope u understand”

Swara blushes :” u r too much.. But what will I say ..”

Ragini: ” it’s simple.. Just say I love you. You’re mine. I’ll kill any bastard who tries to take you from me.”

Swara smiles .. ☺hugs her :” thanks for all ur support.. ”

Ragini: ” anything for u ..”

But there is one person who listens all this and misunderstood the situation… None other than kavya ..” Oh shona is confessing her feelings to sahil.. And all this changes she made just to impress him ..good ??”

It’s recess time … Finally time came…
Ragini: ” all the best Shona..”

Swara :” thanks”

Ragini: ” wait shona.. This is for u “she gives her chocolate

Swara :” chocolates ?”

Ragini: ” forget u can’t celebrate ur Happy momments without this ”

Swara gets emotional.. Don’t know how many Y time she curses her .. For stealing her love but now she is doing so much for her….she leaves ..

Swara is leaving for sanskar’s class .. But another obstacle is waiting for her.. Sahil how can we forget him… He blocks her way.. He smells her perfume: ” hmm. Nice perfume.. Swara..”?

Swara doesn’t want to spoil her mood .. :” what do want ..??”

Sahil replies with a simile :” answer.. Of my questions? ”

Swara :” what questions!! ”

Sahil :” Y u always talks to rudely ..is there anything worng with me.. ”

Swara :” it’s nothing like that .. I was tensed for last few days.. Now u got ur answers.. So, please leave my way..”

Sahil :” is there is anything left ”

Swara :” no…?” .. She wants to leaves before he irritates her more.

Sahil :” really ” (swara kavya told me everything.. Today I’ll not leaves u untill u confess everything..more u show ur ego.. More u ignore me.. More I’m attracted towards u.. I must say she is looking gorgeous today…. And I’m happy u did all this for me)

Swara :” look sahil…” Before she could complete her sentence.. They hears a loud noise ..of. Someone .. They rushes towards the class

As soon they entered into the class.. They r shocked to see ..sanskar is shouting on Bhawna..

Bhawna is crying and imploring..: ” sanskar please listen to me..at once ”

Sanskar shouts more louder ?:” enough Bhawna.. One more word ..I will forget that u r a girl.. Don’t test my patience .. Get out of my sight ”

Bhawna is begging: ” please.. Sans…”

Sanskar (shouts): ” I said leaves “?

Bhawna leaves Frome there.. Swara is totally in shocked… She has never seen this side of SANSKAR’S.. But still she can’t understands the situation…

Sahil :” what happened bro.. Y r u shouting on her !!”

Sanskar: ” it’s none of it business … And please leave me alone ”

Swara thinks to go behind sanskar but looking his anger she decides first talk to Bhawna…

Bhawna is still crying.. Swara wipes her tears :” don’t cry Bhawna.. Tell me Y he is shouting on U ”

Bhawna can’t control herself.. She hugs her ..she can’t control her emotions: ” swara.. He is angry in me because.. I.. Love him.. ”

Swara releases the hug :” what ?”

Bhawna: ” last night in the party .. I confessed.. But he… Said he doesn’t love me not only that he doesn’t want to see my face.. Swara I really love him?”

Swara is shocked …she felts bad for Bhawna But on other hand she is happy .. To know that sanskar doesn’t feels anything for Bhawna.. As now only she matters for him.. After consoling Bhawna.. Swara leaves to meet sanskar she .. Knows where he is.. Whenever he is disturbed…

In the playground

Swara sits beside sanskar …she looks towards his angry face ?.. She speaks softly: ” sanskar….”
He doesn’t reply ..

Swara keeps her hand on his hand :” sanskar.. R u OK ”

Sanskar :” how can she did this swara.. ?? How dare she proposed me…? u know na swara I don’t like her….swara.. !! Now I just hate her ????”

Swara :” relax sanskar..if u won’t love her .. Then U just simply say no to her ..what was the need of doing all his ”

Sanskar: ” u don’t know what happened last night ”

Swara :” ya I don’t know.. Because u didn’t tell me ”

Sanskar :” last night in the party..when we were talking

Bhawna: ” sanskar I want to talk to u ”

I : ” not now Bhawna .. I’m little bit busy ”

Swara :” it’s OK u guys carry on… I won’t disturb u ..I m going. Bye ?”

I : ” swara listen ..”.and u left ..

I:” tell me what u want to say ”

Bhawna: ” what’s going on between u and ragini ”

I was shocked :” what r u talking about ”

Bhawna: ” since past few days I’m seeing u both together.. U r teaching her ..and today also u both came together so late .. Holding each other ”

I :” so what .. !! It’s doesn’t matter to u ”

Bhawna: ” sanskar she is not good for u … She is playing double game with u .. She is cheating u.. U know what I saw her with some other guy.. She is just using u ”

I:” Bhawna u need not to worry about me ”

Bhawna: ” Y don’t u understand.. She is not suitable for u.. Leaves her …. ”

I:” stop it nonsense Bhawna..I m going ”

Before I could leave she hold my hand ..” Sanskar I love u .. Please leave her .. She is not good .. I can’t see u with anyother girl ”

I was shocked to hear her confession: ” what !!!? rubbish r u talking.. I don’t love u ..”

But before I could further do anything she hugged me ..:” leave me Bhawna?”

Bhawna (cries ?):” please sanskar… I love u I can’t live without u.. U need right person.. And that’s me not that ragini.. ”

I:” I said leaves me ?”

Bhawna: ” no I won’t leaves u .. Because I love u.. And I can’t see anything wrong happened to u ”

I jerked her ..:” that’s enough Bhawna.. Now listen… I don’t love.. And not that ragini.. Did u understand.. ”

Bhawna: ” please sanskar.. Don’t do this ..u know for u I participated on all those stupid events.. I studied hard only just to get closer to u ..”

I:” shut up all your nonsense Bhawna.. I don’t want to see your face .. Don’t u ever try to talk me ..” And I left from the party
* *************

Swara :” so u don’t love her ” she enquires

Sanskar: ” no .. I love her .. I lied to u .. Now Happy ”

Swara :” really ?”

Sanskar:” please swara don’t… ”

Swara :” OK .. Now relax… ”

Sanskar: ” how to relax swara… U know what I don’t like such type of girls who r behind the boys.. If a girl follows a guy.. It’s looks cheap.. She participated on those event just for me .. How stupid and cheap .. I hate such type of girls”

These words breaks her heart .. Because she does more stupidity than her.. And her love for him is cheap.. How can she say him that she love him.. This will not break her heart moreover her friendship which is only source to talk him..

Sanskar continues :”And most importantly.. Is it our age for falling in love.. In this age we have to think about our carrier ..we have to focus on our academics.. Not this stupidity… And this love is nothing.. It’s just attraction.. Infatuations ..”

Listening all this .. Swara emotions flows out of her eyes … Which sanskar feels on the hand..

Sanskar: ” swara .. Y r crying for her deeds.. R u angry on me because I shouted on ur friend ”

Swara :” no .. I think u r angry on me.. U r calling me swara ”

Sanskar: ” shona .. I’m not angry on U… It’s because of that Bhawna… I was frustrated.. Sorry for my morning behavior.. ”

Swara :” me to sorry to behaving rudely with u ”

Sanskar: ” I told u na .. No sorry no thank u…( he wipes her tears ) don’t spoil ur make up.. I forget to say .. Shona U r looking beautiful… This perfume smell.. And most importantly these earings ..blue is my favorite color….is there, Anything special?”

Swara :” nothing… Just for a change… ”

Sanskar: ” shona what is in your left hand ”

Swara :” oh it’s chocolate?.. ”

Sanskar: ” for me… ”

Swara nodes yes..☺

Sanskar: ” u always brings my favorite things… Chocolate is the medicine of my tension ”

They eats chocolate..

Sanskar: ” shona… U r my especial friend … It’s only u whom I can share my feelings.. Thanks for making my mood good.. U always makes me smile..☺”

Swara :” am I really especial for u ?”

Sanskar: ” yup ☺”

Swara :” u will never be angry in me ”

Sanskar: ” never ever in my life.. I’m not a fool who will angry on U.. I can’t loose u… Now Happy shona ”

Swara :” yup..☺”

Bhawna is watching all this :” this swara .. Took my place .. She showed her false sympathy .. Now she grab the opportunity to close to him … I hate her ”

PRATEEK: ” don’t cruse your friend .. ”

Bhawna looks behind: ” Prateek u ”

Prateek :” Bhawna.. Look they r happy together.. May be he is not in your destiny … Let them happy together.. May be God has made someone for u.. U just need to look around.. ”

Bhawna doesn’t say anything and leaves from there ..

Sanskar: ” now let’s go to class.. Recess is over ”

Swara :” sanskar can I ask u something ”

Sanskar: ” off course shona ”

Swara :” According to u … What is the correct age for falling for someone “

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