swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 15)

Episode 15

Swara ??:” Y y y ? This all happens with me … Once sanskar U became so sweet for Me, cares for me ..and then this ragini I still remember u didn’t enjoy rain with me but with ragini….?? if u don’t like me directly told me na …. ” ..

Next day … Ragini’s birthday?…

Swara is sleeping in her room… But her sleep is disturbed by some noise which is coming from the back yard of her house.. She opens the window and look outside.. She found kavita and adarsh..

Kavita: ” what is this Adarsh ? Y u came here .. So early morning ”

Adarsh:” wo.. Kavi I was thinking of coming midnight but I thought u were sleeping.. So I came early in the morning.. I want something ”

Kavita :” what do u want tell me fast … Before anyone come ”

Adarsh :” I want I kiss …?”

Kavita:” what !!!?? .. Is this is the time of doing this … U please go before ma baba come ”

Adarsh: ” so what I don’t care .. I’m going.. Untill I’ll not get what I want .. ”

Kavita:” u r very stubborn… Please go .??. Before anyone came ”

Adarsh :” u r afraid of your parents.. Let me call them I’ll directly tell them I love their daughter … Then U need not to afraid of them ”

Kavita :” noo …???”

Adarsh :” uncle aunty .. Ple…. ” before adarsh complete his word kavita kissed him ..
Swara who is watching all this closes the window ” I should not watch their private moments ”

Ragini calls swara …
Swara: “-_- hello ”

Ragini: ” shona GOOD MORNING? !! How’s u ?”

Swara :” I’m good ?”

Ragini: ” I called u to invite u … U have to come ”

Swara :” but ragini today isn’t your b’dy.. It’s on 22 Feb. Then .”

Ragini: ” I know dear but I’m celebrating if for my love … ? . ”

Swara: ” but u shouldn’t lie .. ”

Ragini: ” all is fare in love and war.. Anyways u have to be with me… U have to come I’ll .. ”

Swara :” but what if he came to know that u r lied to him .. He would definitely angry ”

Ragini: ” no he won’t … U know what shona I always thought that ..u r also his friend but he never fall for u .. And do u know Y ?? Shona ”

Swara ?:” Y!!!!”

Ragini: ” because I m prettier than u..yesterday he told me that I’m most beautiful girl he have seen ??? please don’t be jealous but sanskar told me that I m more beautiful than u ”

Swara ?:” wo.. Ragini di is calling me I’ll talk to u latter ..”

Ragini: ” but u have to come today!!”

Swara: ” OK ? ” she cuts the phone …

Swara becomes upset ..she reminds everything…(” Now shona next time don’t listen to ragini… Ignore her talks . “) ….(“I think ragini and sanskar is in a relationship”)….(” please don’t be jealous but sanskar told me that I m more beautiful than u”)… ?.. Now everything is over my story ended before starting…. He is happy but why can’t I ??? (She stands in front of mirror) sanskar M I not beautiful..?!! He is right ragini is more beautiful than me …?.. I can’t see them together.. I’m not going…?…

Just then kavita enters in room ..swara wipes her tears … ” good morning di ”

Kavita ?:” hello shona .. Listen I need your help ”

Shomi enters in the room.. With cup of coffee… Swara :” I’ll help u .. But first u tell me what happened to your lips… It seems as if….”

Shomi(worried )?” what happened to my doll… Kavi who did this ?”

Kavita :” offo ma ..it’s nothing.. Wo.. Its a Mosquitoe bit … Don’t worry I’ll apply some lotion it will be alright ”

Shomi :” kavi beta be careful next time.. Swara go get .. Lotion for your di (swara leaves ) shomi .OK u take care .. I have to prepare breakfast ” (shomi also leaves)

Swara enters into room :” di here is your lotion … Apply it on your lips .. It will be cure ”

Kavita (blushes )?:” shona U r so stupid.. It’s not a mosquito bites ”

Swara (confused)?;” then what ???”

Kavita ??:” it’s a love bite … ?”

Swara remembers morning incident.. :” di it means when we kiss someone it will hurt u… Then Y u kissed him”

Kavita :” shona U won’t understand… Love is painfull… And then pain in love is sweet ?..”

Swara :” Ohio?”

Kavita :” leave it ..shona I need your help … Today u r going to ragini’s birthday party… (She gives her gift) give this gift to her from my side OK dear ”

Swara :” di ..I’m not going “?

Kavita: ” Y???.. Please go dear .. Actually adarsh has planned a dinner date …u know na ma baba can’t allow me.. So in the night I’ll tell them that I m going to party with u … Then in the way adarsh will pick me … Please shona .. Don’t deny your di… Plzzzzzzzzz…?????? ”

Finally swara agrees: ?:” OK fine di ”

Kavita hugs her and kisses on her cheeks ?:” thank u soo much shona U r the best sister in the world ”

Swara smiles ( at least my di is happy… I can bear ragini’s drama for di )?

7:45pm … Both kavita and swara leaves…in the way adarsh pick up kavita and finally shona reaches to party place …
Kavya :” hello shona ..?. ”

Swara:” hi kavya … ”

Kavya :” shona .. Ragini’s birthday is on 22 February then why she is celebrating it today!!!”

Swara :” I don’t know anything about it …”we came here to attend party ..we will attend it then will give these gift to her and then after eating the cake … We will go to home “?

Kavya:” what happened to u shona ??Y r u behaving so rudely..”

Swara :” nothing..? where is ragini???”

Kavya :” she told me that she would be late due to traffic ..”

Swara :” shitt!!! ? is this a way to call your friends on party … And u yourself late ”

Kavya :” cool shona ?”

Sahil :” may I get some cold drink k for u …☺”

Swara :” no need of this … Don’t waste your time ..in this… Go enjoy with your friend sanskar ”

Sahil :” he is not here .. I mean he didn’t come yet ”

Swara becomes happy ☺ (yeppi …my sanku is not come now I’m happy ):” ya I guess he will be busy in studying.. ”

Sahil :” or may be he is spending time with ragini as both of them is missing for the party ? I think they invited us in the party and themselves enjoy somewhere else …???”

Swara ??:” shut up sahil.. “She leaves from there

Sahil :” Y she always talk to me rudely ?”

Kavya :” because she likes u ”

Sahil (shocked+happy )?☺:” what !!!! R u serious kavya ”

Kavya :” ya sahil ” she tells him everything…

Sahil :” I understand everything.. But still Y she always talk to me rudely …”

Kavya :” offo duffer she is hiding her feelings… U don’t know about girls ..they did showed on their face what is in their heart??”

Sahil :” thanks kavya ..” (Now my shona be ready for …now sahil will made u to confess your feelings?)

Outside the party place … Some is sitting… Oh it’s ragini covering herself in the blanket …
Ragini (inside the blanket): ” it’s 8:45 sanskar is just about to come..and today I’ll over this drama.. ”

Swara feels irritated.. Due to sahil…she comes outside.. Ragini watches her (“oh shitt what if she would see me and sanskar will come oh God ?My whole plan will spoil”)
Swara looks towards ragini and ragini full covers herself in the blanket … Swara moves towards her and ragini shivers in fear …

Swara :” excuse me.. R u alright I think u r feeling cold outside.. “Swara thinks that she is a begger

Swara :” if u r feeling cold u..can come inside ..I’ll talk to guard he will allow u…”

Ragini nodes no

Swara :” I think u don’t want to come… OK can I sit here .. Actually I’m feeling bored ..inside so shall we talk ”

Ragini (oh shit what will I do now what if sanskar come )

Swara sits near her :” hello my name is swara ..and your aunty ji ”

Ragini nodes her head ..

Swara :” I think u can’t speak… It OK but u can listen to me na ( she nodes yess) then very good.. U know what my MA baba always says that we should help others .. Everyone wants something from God as u want.. Bread.. Clothes and shelter.. And me.. I want my love … ? but I can’t get it ?”

Ragini asks her why in signaling her hands ..

Swara :” know what I don’t want to come this party .. But I came due to my di… And u know what it’s ragini’s birthday fake party.. She is same girl who snatch my love … My sanku ?..

Ragini ( oh so swara calls sanskar sanku .. Niceeeeeee?)

Swara :” I know I shouldn’t say anything bad about my friend but what to do .. I can’t see my sanku with any girl it’s hurts me a lot ..

Ragini smiles ( my poor shona )
Just then sahil comes outside in search of swara he sees swara talking to begger

Swara :” achha if I help u .. Can u help me (swara gives her chocolate) I gave u foid can u please pray to God that he’ll give me my love .. U know yesterday I talked to him rudely ..i felt very bad ..u please pray for me ”

Ragini nodes yess ..and sahil thinks that she is talking about him :” swara if u directly say sorry to him he will definitely be yours ”

Swara :” no need ” and she leaves inside

Sahil: ” offo so much attitude .. My shona.. (He looks towards begger ) hey u also pray for me … So that I can get this girl (he gives her 100 rupees) and take for fee” he leaves

Ragini: ” how dare thus sahil what did he think about himself.. ??? I’m tolerating all this only of my shona ” just then she saw sanskar is coming. She removes her blanket and moves towards him

Sanskar: ” what r u doing outside?? ”

Ragini: ” look at time u r late …I told u to come at 9:00pm but U r coming late ”

Sanskar: ” it’s 9:10 only ragini … And if u r shouting at me then take this gift ..I’m going

Ragini: ” OK fine I’m sorry …now let’s go inside ”

Ragini hold sanskar’s hand :” leave my hand ragini what r u doing.. ”

Ragini:” I welcome my guest like this …and u don’t allow me then tomorrow I’ll come to your home..then u yourself responsible for all what will happen.. U know me better ”

Sanskar (irritated ):” OK fine ?”

As soon as ragini enters inside the party venue… Swara burns with jealousy seeing then holding each other hand ….. Kavya clicks their pictures ….

Sahil comes and stands beside swara: ” see swara I told u na … They were together.. ”

Swara doesn’t say anything… But .. Swara notices something.. She looks towards ragini’s lips and noticed a mark on it she thinks ( ” this looks similar to what I saw in morning in di lips… It’s mean they… No no. Swara .. U r thinking too much this can’t be possible..??”)as swara is busy in her thoughts sahil holds her hand .. But swara doesn’t pay attention to it as she is lost in her own thoughts..
Kavya notices this she clickes their pics :” oh nice my both friend got their partners.. And I’m still single ”

Rajat :” don’t worry I m here for u ?”

Kavya :” hahahha nice joke?”

Sahil :” see shona .. They r looking so nice with each other .. As if they r made for each other .. As your friend got his solemate I think u should also….”

Swara looks towards him in anger ? she jerks his hand :” be in your limits. Sahil .and who gave u right to call me shona ….and.what u said solemate my foot ???” she leaves for there

Sahil becomes sad ..kavya :” ohoooo someone is looking very happy ?”

Sahil:” what happy kavya u see na how see react … And u r saying that she likes me ? I m totaly confused ”

Kavya :” u won’t believe me … I know her … She will not easily express her feelings… U have to work hard anyways I have something for u ” she shows him ..his and swara’s pic

Sahil(happy)?:” waoo I want this pic … We look great together… ”

Kavya :” OK .”?. Kavya gives him that pic .

After sometime parties continues ..ragini cuts the cakes… She intensionally gives first bit to sanskar… This pour the chilly on swara’s wounds …

Sanskar looks at swara standing alone.. he goes towards him to talk her ..
Sanskar :” hello shona “☺

Swara :” hi ?”

Sanskar: ” shona!!!Y r u standing alone..here comes let’s join others ”

Swara ?:” u go join ragini .. She must be waiting for u …? ”

Sanskar: ” y would I go with her if my friend is upset and standing alone here ”

Swara :” it’s her birthday don’t break the heart of your beautiful friends for some ugly friend like me ” as swara tries to leaves ..sanskar grab her hand and take her to side…

Sanskar?:” what happened to u shona …What rubbish u r talking.. ”

Swara ?:” I didn’t lie …it’s true na ragini looks prettier than me.. I’m not beautiful like her .. I m ugly ”

Sanskar :” who told u …!! This ( sanskar looks towards her eyes ) shona Y r u crying…”

Swara ?:” I’m not crying.. It’s something fell in my eyes ”

Sanskar wipes her tears.. :” shona look at me ..”

Swara remove his hand ?:” sanskar please.. Don’t do this… I told u na I’m fine ”

Sanskar: ” don’t lie … Since two three days I’m noticing that u r not talking to me properly.. Tell me what happened… ”

Swara :” it’s nothing like that sanskar.. I’m happy for u .. U took right decision.. She is good ”

Sanskar: ” what good shona ..what r u talking about. ..”

Before swara says something Bhawna comes there …
Bhawna: ” sanskar I want to talk to u ”

Sanskar: ” not now Bhawna .. I’m little bit busy ”

Swara :” it’s OK u guys carry on… I won’t disturb u ..I m going. Bye ?”

Sanskar: ” swara listen ..” But swara doesn’t listen to him ..and leaves..

Party continues swara wants to go home she is already very upset … Waiting for her sister call so that she can leaves … Just then she saw sanskar is very angry and go back to his house … After that all leaves from there ..swara still confused why sanskar leaves party in anger …

Swara is about to go just then ragini calls her

Ragini: ” shona where r u going? ”

Swara :” I’m going outside waiting for my di ”

Ragini: ” u can wait ..here ..let’s spend sometime time together ”

Swara nodes ..

Ragini: ” I’m soo soo happy today shona …but I know u r angry on me.. Sorry yrr..”

Swara ?:” why would I angry on U ..”

Ragini: ” I invited u for party but I’m late … But what to do .. This sanskar is too much .. He told me that he want to spend the full day with me … I enjoyed my full day shona today is best day of my life … Ask me Y???”

Swara :” ?Y??”

Ragini(blushes)? ” because… ? today he proposed me .. My sanku proposed me ”

Swara :” ?what ????? And sanku…”

Ragini: ” ya .. (She shows him roses ) see these roses he gave me this.. ”

Swara :” but…sanku..”

Ragini: ” ya sanskar told me that to call him sanku … My sanku ” swara looks towards her lip mark ..

Ragini: ” shona where r u looking ”

Swara :” what happened to your lips..”

Ragini (smiles ):” ?? off shona it’s a love bite …my first kiss to my sanku ”

Swara ?:” really … U r lying ”

Ragini: ” nopes … U know what swara when he proposed me I accept his proposal.. Then he came closer to me … He looked into my eyes and then cares my cheeks.. Then he touched my lips through his hand.. Slowly… Slowly.. He is coming closer to me ”

Swara ?????

Ragini: ” more closer .. his.. And mine lips so. So close..? then our lips mee….” Because she could complete her words swara slapped her..? ?

Swara strangle her :”?? how dare u ragini..!! How did u did this ..?? ??? since 3-4 days I’m watching your drama … ? what r saying he kisses u .. U lair… !! How dare u snatch my love …who give u right to calm him sanku… He is my my sanku … My sanku … I love him… Did u understand… And if u go near him I’ll kill u ?”

Ragini starts her laughing..??? swara remove her hand from her neck :” hahahahaahahahahah shona ??”

Swara :” Y r u laughing?”

Ragini: ” shona what u said .. Your sanku… And u love him ?”

Swara realise what she said ..:” wo.. Wo… I’m going fi must be waiting for me ”

Ragini holds her hand:” where r u going shona!!! I know everything .. I know that u love him ”

Swara shocked?:” how do u know it ?”

Ragini: ” since the day I saw u with him .. U remember when I asked u that do u love sanskar but u lied…on that I decided to make u tell all your truth..”

Swara :” but ragini .. Sanskar proposed u.. Di also told me that yesterday u both were together .. And today u both came together ”

Ragini: ” offo sweet shona it was all my plan .. Yesterday when u went inside your house .. I went behind sanskar and told him that party time is not 8pm it’s 9pm… ”

Swara :” what di said .. Is di also with u … I’ll ask her Y did she do this ”

Ragini: ” no she don’t know anything.. Actually I saw him with a guy so .. I told her to tell u all this .. She don’t know that u love sanskar.. ”

Swara :” oh thank God and sorry ragini ”

Ragini: ” it’s OK but my shona .. If love him ..then Y r hiding your feelings.. Tell him everything.. Destiny doesn’t gives u second chance ”

Swara :” but what if he reject me”

Ragini: ” shona Y r u always thinks negative … He cares for u a lot .. U r especial for him .. I saw they way he cared for u ”

Swara :” OK .. Ragu …( She hugs her) u r my best friend ”

Ragini :” it’s celebration time (she gives her chocolate) let’s enjoy this moment ”

Swara looks towards chocolate: ” ragini I gave this chocolate to that begger … Omg u were that begger ”

Ragini: ” ya and I’ll pary to God he will definitely complete your wish ?..”

Swara :” one more thing ragini ”

Ragini: ” what ??”

Swara:” ragu what happened to your lips ”

Ragini: ” it’s nothing I slipped in the bathroom?”

They spend some time together… And then shona leaves with kavita …

Next day … What will happened

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