swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 14)

Episode 14

Shona goes outside.. She about to throw her lunch …just then she see a boy is crying

Swara finds that .. Little boy is cheeku :” cheeku y r u crying ”

Cheeku ?:” I’m new in this school no one loves me … Some one ate my lunch now I have nothing to eat ..”

Swara :” wipes his tears .. Who said no one loves u ..I love u na… (She gaves him rasgullas) this for u my sweet friend ”

” and for me … ” swara looks behind and finds its sanskar

Swara :” sanskar U r here ”

Sanskar: ” shona me too love rasgullas… U won’t give me ?”

Swara :” wo.. I think u r busy so.. I thought no to disturb u ”

Sanskar: ” who said this !!!”

Swara :” but .. U and ragini ?”

Sahil comes :” ya swara u r right my friend is busy … U can give me these rasgullas.. Even though I don’t like it, but if u give it to me then I’ll surely like it ?”

Swara gives rasgullas to cheeku :” cheeku take it … And don’t cry if anybody tease u tell me.. U r not alone I’m with u ”

Sahil :” me to with u cheeku … Swara he is your brother .. Aww so cute .. Like u ”

Swara :” he is not my brother… He is my friend.. U don’t need to help him.. I’m alone able to help my friend.. We don’t need help from strangers . m I right cheeku ”

Cheeku nodes ?:” yess ”

Sanskar: ” so I can help u cheeku I’m not a stranger ”

Swara :” sanskar I think u won’t have a time for this… U must be teaching someone . don’t waste your time on us .. ”

Sanskar (shocked)?:” but shona …”

Swara :” sanskar U go ragini must be waiting for u. Cheeku let’s go from here “.. She leaves…

Sahil :” shona ?.. Waoo sweet like her … But sanskar how do u know her pet name ”

Sanskar: ” she is my friend na .. ”

Sahil :” friend wao lucky ha.. Sanky listen I need your help ”

Sanskar: ” for what ???”

Sahil :” I also want to be her friend ”

Sanskar: ” so u directly ask her .. What would I do “?

Sahil :” sanky yrr.. She always talks to me rudely.. U have already seen few minutes ago ”

Sanskar:” if she doesn’t want to talk to u why r u waisting your time on her ?? ”

Sahil :” sanky U won’t understand.. She is very lucky for me on that day in the event when she was my partner .. First time I won a event … Moreover she is very pretty … And I want to be with her …”

Sanskar: ” bro r u OK … Na .. It’s nothing just an attraction soon u will realise … OK leave it”

Sahil :” sanky U help me na … Please.. ”

Sanskar: ” I m not a love guru OK .. I’m not going do anything ”

Sahil :” sanky please yrr… I’m requesting.. I promise I’ll not tease u by any girl’s name not even Bhawna ..please ”

Sanskar ( sanskar it’s a good opportunity.. ):” OK I’ll help u but if u forget your promise than I’ll my self break your friendship with her ”

Sahil( hugs him )??:” thanks bro … Trust me I’ll not disappoint u”

Sanskar: ” let’s me talk to her ” he leaves…

Sanskar goes to swara’s classroom…
Sanskar: ” hey kavya where is shona?”

Kavya :” shona!!!! ( y sanskar is searching for shona .. And y he is calling her shona ??) u r asking me about shona .. But since 2 days I didn’t meet swaragni after 4th lecture … I don’t know where is she !?”

Sanskar: ” OK thanks “he leaves ..where is she don’t know y but I’m feeling she is upset from me ….

In the playground
Ragini:” hello shona .. Omg who is this cutiepie ?”

Swara :” he is cheeku my friend ”

Ragini: ” hello cheeku u r so cute ( she kisses in his cheek ) will u be my friend ”

Cheeku :” OK then give me chocolate.?. And I don’t want any cheap chocolate.. I need big dairy milk silk …?? it’s yummy ”

Ragini:” OK ” she leaves to buy chocolate

Swara :” cheeku !! Don’t eat too much sweet .. It will harm to your teeth ?”

Cheeku :” shona di I brush my teeth daily ..don’t worry nothing will happen?”

Ragini: ” ya cheeku is right.. Here is your chocolate “she gives chocolate to cheeku and he leaves

Ragini:” shona I’m searching for u .. Let’s sit here ”

Swara :” we will not sit in this bench .. We will sit on that bench ”

Ragini: ( I know shona it’s yours and sanskar favorite bench ?)” why shona what’s the problem in this bench … ”

Swara :” nothing.. ” she goes and sits on other bench and ragini sits beside her

Ragini :” shona sorry I didn’t get time to talk u … But u know na sanky oops sanskar.. How many time I told him enough.. But he is very stubborn.. I think in board exam I’ll definitely get good marks ?”

Swara ?:” ragini but yesterday sanskar said that he is busy he would not teach u but ..”

Ragini: ” don’t know he himself call me midnight nearly 12 O’clock ”

Swara ?:” he called u .. How did he got your number ”

Ragini: ” don’t know … I think he started falling for me.. U know what shona .. When he teaches me he intensionally touches my hand … ???? … He told me that he like spending time with me ..??? me too love his company ”

Swara ?(lair ragini my sanku is not like that )

Ragini: ” shona one more thing.. Sanky doesn’t want anybody to disturb us … So u please.. Today when u come in class he didn’t like that ”

Swara ?:” did sanskar told this to u ”

Ragini: ” he directly didn’t said anything but I understand him.. ”

Just then sanskar arrives there in search
Sanskar: ” hello shona .. U r here I was…”

Ragini:” offo sanskar at least leave me alone for sometime ?”

Sanskar: ” what ??”

Ragini wishpers in swara’s ears ..shona u please give us some privacy.. He can’t tell u directly.. So u please

Sanskar: ” shona I want to ..”

Swara ?:” it’s OK sanskar U both.. U both carry on I have some work ”

sanskar: ” but shona ..”

Ragini: ” leave her sanskar.. I think she is really busy let’s we sits on that bench ”

Swara: ” nooooooooo…?.. No need to sit there ”

Ragini: ” what happened shona ”

Swara :” wo… ” she runs from there …

After the school ragini ..sanskar and swara going back to home
Sanskar looks towards sad face of swara: ” swara Y r u silent ”

Swara :” I have nothing to tell u “?

Ragini:” but guys I have good news ”

Sanskar: ” what ??”

Ragini: ” guess what is tomorrow.. Offo guess na sanskar ”

Sanskar: ” ragini I don’t like these things u directly tell what u want to say ”

Ragini: ” tomorrow is my birthday.. So party at my place u both have to come at 8 PM ”

Swara :” but ragini your birthday is …..”

Ragini: “offo shona U have to come … I don’t want to listen any excuse ”

Sanskar: ” sorry I can’t come .. I don’t like parties ”

Ragini: ” offo sanky I know u want me to come your home to invite u ”

Sanskar: ” noo..???. OK I’ll come ”

Ragini: ” OK bye guys … ” she leaves

Sanskar looks towards swara :” shona listen.. I want to … ”

Swara ?:” I can understand sorry for today’s incident I’ll not disturb u .. OK see my house came .. OK bye ” she is about go inside her house sanskar hold her hand ..

Sanskar: ” what happened to u shona.. Y r behaving like this ..”

Swara :” it’s nothing like that ” just then sanskar sees her marks

Sanskar (worried): ” shona what happened to your head it’s swallowed up ” he touches her forehead

Swara ?:” aww it’s paining sanskar ”

Sanskar: ” tell who did this ? ”

Swara:” I was sitting in the bench .. Just then a ball ⚽ hit me.. That sahil hit that ball ⚽ .he was playing football..”

Sanskar: ” shona U must be careful na.. Yesterday u hurt your hand and now your … Tell me what were u doing there when u knew that they were playing ”

Swara 🙁 :” I was waiting 4 u”

Sanskar:” Y?? …. .Oh for giving me those rasgullas ”

Swara :” ya … Sahil told me that u r in class .. I went there but ragini asked me to leave .?.”

Sanskar: ” don’t be sad .. Oh god because of that ragini I miss my rasgullas.. My bad luck ?”

Swara :” one piece is left .. If u want ”

Sanskar: ” ya sure ?( swara gives him rasgulla he eats ) yummy ?… Now shona next time don’t listen to ragini… Ignore her talks … ”

Swara smiles ??.. Sanskar: “good girl…? OK bye shona and please take care of yourself ” sanskar leaves

Swara goes inside the house .. She finds that kavita is going somewhere: ” di where r u going!! ”

Kavita: ” shona I m going to watch movie with adarsh but please don’t tell ma baba about it ”

Swara: ” OK bye di ? enjoy a lot “kavita leaves

After taking the lunch swara take a nap…… In the evening she wakes up.. She looks outside its raining.. She goes to washroom and washes her face … She is wiping her her face just then she looks towards her face (“shona what happened to your head it’s swallowed up ” ) she smiles and touches her her head :” sanskar is very sweet and cares about me … But that ragini always lie to me .. I m dam sure my sanku didn’t said anything… Stupid girl ‘ just then she hears a voice she comes out of washroom…

Swara :” di you came … But u r all drenched.. ”

Kavita :” it’s raining na ..leave it I came here to ask u something ”

Swara: ” what di ?”

Kavita: ” who is this sanskar???”

Swara ?:” di he studies in my school but Y r u asking about him? And how do u know about him !!!”

Kavita :” I think ragini and sanskar is in a relationship?”

Swara (shocked )????:” what !!!!! R u saying di it’s impossible… How .. How can u say this. .di ?!!?”

Kavita: ” because I see him and ragini in movie threater.. After that I saw them. Dancing in the rain … After seeing this anyone can say this both of them r in a relationship ”

Swara :” di u haven’t seen sanskar before then how can u say he us sanskar..!! ”

Kavita: ” because he himself told me … When adarsh went to buy popcorns I saw ragini then I called her then .. She introduced him to me… But i must say sanskar is very smart ?”

Swara :” di u must be mistaken .. I mean he ….he can’t be ..”

Kavita: ” what happened to u shona y r u overreacting.. Anyways ragini also told me to invite u to her birthday party tomorrow 8pm … At xyz place.. OK bye I need to change ” she leaves

Swara ??:” Y y y ? This all happens with me … Once sanskar U became so sweet for Me, cares for me ..and then this ragini I still remember u didn’t enjoy rain with me but with ragini….?? if u don’t like me directly told me na …. ” ..

Next day … Ragini’s birthday?… What gift will swara gave to her ?????

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  1. Simin

    I know that boy cant be sanskar
    Ragini u wont spare shona easily right

    1. NDSG

      Clever ragini????

  2. Awesome ?

  3. Rabia

    Poor swara ??

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    waaaaa!!!! Deepu… i love d chappy a lotttt … Ragini us doing great work … i have a request… Shona knows about her feelings so well… but Sanskar don’t…. soo can u plzz show us Confuse Sanskar more.. i don’t want him to realise his feeling early!!! hope u understand…
    thnn u…

    1. NDSG

      Thank u dear… Ur request is accepted?????

    2. Hey kakali.. I am back your lady gabbar is back but only for Tuesday’s N Friday’s, but I visited this site occasionally…
      I am so happy to talk to you Yar..in such a short time u became a very Good friend of mine..

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    superb…poor swara

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    Awesome one dear … M loving Ragini of this ff she’s doing a gr8 job …. Enjoyed reading … Post next soon

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      Thanks for loving it.. ???????

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    Outstanding chappy dear…. Awww, my poor doll I mean swara….But she is so innocent… Love her??..Keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt…
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. NDSG

      So sweet swara … Mad for sanky ????

  9. Offo reaction of swara????? after listening sanskar and ragini rain dance

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      My cute Bhawna thanks for commenting

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