swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 13)

Episode 13

Swara :” kavita di ..”

Kavita :” u come with me…. First u take your lunch .. Then I’ll tell u everything… Now go good girl ”

Swara :” di where is ma baba …”

Kavita :” they went to market … OK u ask so may questions now go “..swara goes to her room …

Kavita : thank God.. Swara didn’t shout … What if anyone comes ? .. Uff.. ”

After taking the lunch ….kavita and swara spend sometime together
Swara:” di tell me who is that guy and Y r u ….??”

Kavita (blushing)?:” he is adarsh … .met him few months ago in USA … He tried very hard to impress me but at last he succeeded And u know what now I madly love him ?”
Kavita tells swara everything about their relationship…

Swara :” di u r looking very happy … ”

Kavita :” whenever I’m with him my heart feels so happy … I still remember when I first hug him ….he used to follow me daily …once I was going for my exam but when I reached to exam hall I got to know that I forget my bag in the train … I was literally crying. I thought my whole preparation would be waste .. Then he came with my bag … At that time he was like an angel for me … I hugged him … That was the first time I felt something for him….”?

Swara reminds when sanskar first hug him ??:” di can I ask u one more thing if u don’t mind !!?”

Kavita: ” sure shona …”

Swara :” di…wo..wo. ….. I want to ask u …that…that …. How ? does it feels when u .. U”

Kavita :” ? when u ..?? What shona ”

Swara :” when u kiss someone … U love ??”

Kavita: ” hahaha ? shona … Why u want to know this … ?”

Swara :” di ..wo as u r kissing him na that’s y I asked …?”

Kavita??:” shona U r to becoming naughty day by day .. OK well this is the best feeling it can’t be express in words It’s like this moment of total admiration. Your heart stops and you just know that in that moment you’re the only thing that matters in the entire world to him. It’s incredible”

Swara :” really di is it so…. ”

Kavita :” ya shona … U will come to know when u yourself experience it .when u fall for someone… ”

Swara :” wao di u r so lucky… ”

Kavita :” no so much .. I wish soon adarsh will get good job so that I’ll tell ma baba about …I know them they will surely agree ..till then not to tell anyone about it … OK shona ”

Swara :’ OK di …. ”

In the evening..?
In sanskar’s home…..
Sanskar is studying in his room … Just then someone knock the door …
Sanskar: ” I think Bhai came ?” he moves to see who came.

Maid open the door ….maid :” yess .. How can I help u mam? What do u want ?”

Ragini: ” I want sanskar… I mean to say that…. ”

Maid runs from there towards sujata’s room

Ragini: ” what happened to her . she is so weird … ”

Ragini watches the sanskar’s home ..she sees their family photos.. And her eyes falls on Lucky’s pic ?:” waoo who is this handsome… I think he is brother of this boring guy …”

Just then sanskar see her ?” ragini what are U doing here ?”

Ragini: ” wo ..sanskar ….”

Sanskar drag her outside the house,

In sujata’s room
Maid (breathing heavily )?:” Malkin …Malkin… ”

Sujata :” kamla What happened ”

Maid :” mam a girl is came ”
Sujata :” so what ?? Y r u overreacting ”

Maid:” mam she came for sanskar ”

Sujata (shocked)?:” what ????”

Maid :” mam when I asked her that what do u want she replied that she want sanskar ”

Sujata ?:” who dare she ? Where is she …!! Let me handle this first u call sanskar ”

Maid goes to call sanskar …

Outside the house …
Sanskar :” how dare u to come to my home… R u stupid… What if anybody see u .. Don’t u ever try to come my home …. What if my mom see u ?!”

Ragini: ” chill sanskar Y r afraid of your mom too much …”

Sanskar: ” it’s non of your business ..y u come here ?”

Ragini: ” u told me na that u r not free tomorrow so ..I came here so that u can teach me …”

Maid informs sujata that sanskar is not in his room ..

Sujata: ” omg? sanky eloped with that girl ”
Sujata calls a loud :” sanskar… Sanskar… Where r u my son ”

Sanskar and who is standing outside the house listens it …
Sanskar: ” ragini u go from here …go “he drags her to main gate

Ragini:” but sanskar.. What about my study ”

Sujata is continuously calling him. . Sanskar: ” u don’t have any idea .. If my mom would see us together she will definitely kill me u please go ragini ”

Ragini: ” no ..I can’t.. I want to study ”

Sanskar :” OK I’ll teach u tomorrow now please go ???” he push her outside the gate without looking..

Ragini is about to fall ..just then a guy hold her ?…

Sanskar comes inside the home .. Sujata:” sanskar U return back for your mom ..please don’t leave me ??”

Sanskar: ” mom I m not going anywhere what rubbish r u talking ”

Sujata: ” who is that girl … Kamla told me that she want my son .. My son and I thought u eloped with her ?”

Sanskar: ” kamla kaki u know about mom y did you do this …”

Maid :” but sanskar baba she told me that she want u ”

Sanskar: ” offo ..kaki.. Actually ma she came here to asked the address of SANSKAR’S SOCIETY… Which is recently built .. Not for your son?”

Sujata :” thank God? ”

RAM sees all this :” hahahahaahahahahah ??sujju dear u r too much ”

Sujata :” sorry sanskar to misunderstanding u ..”

Sanskar (in mind):” thank God? u save me ”

On the next day ?
Shomi is giving sweets to shekhar .. Just then shona comes :” waoo ma rasgullas.. Yummy ?”

Shomi ?:” shona from when did u started to like rasgullas.. U hate it na ”

Swara :” offo ma ..we should taste new things na .. And Di bought this especially ..so I started like it ”

Shomi :” but shona what if u becomes fat .. Then no one look at u ”

Swara :” I don’t care ma .. Because beauty reside inside not outside ”

Just then kavita comes:” wao our shona is becoming intelligent day by day …?”

Swara :” ma pack some rasgullas for my lunch.. ”

Shomi gives her lunch .. Swara :” OK bye ma .. Bye di ”
She leaves

Ragini swara and sanskar goes school together…
In the 4th lecture ..
Amar sir :” students today nagesh sir is on leave…. So it’s my arrangement … Now open your notebook ”

All student :” please sir don’t teach today … Nagesh sir has already ruined our all games period.. U please allows us to go outside.. ”

First Amar sir deny but latter he agrees…
Ragini goes to sanskar’s classroom. But swara doesn’t notice it she went outside..
She sits in playground bench: ” it’s sanskar’s games period he might came here ..then I’ll give him these rasgullas..? he will surely like it ”

Swara is lost in her thoughts.. ” shona waiting for me “…
Swara:” sanskar ,… U came …wo ..I ..”

Sanskar sits beside him :” shona please call me sanku …

Swara :” OK sanku …”

Sanskar: ” that’s like my shona ?”

Swara :” your…your shona ..”

Sanskar: ” ya my shona ”

Swara opens her lunch box :” sanku this is for u ”

Sanskar: ” wao rasgullas… Shona U r sweet like these rasgullas?”

Swara (blushes) :” thanks ?”

Sanskar :” shona U r cheeks becomes red when u blushes ” sanskar doesnt eats rasgullas…

Swara :” what happened sanku u don’t want eat ”

Sanskar: ” shona I want to eat it from your hand …”

Swara ??(blushing): ” OK sure “..sanky eats rasgullas from swara’s hand …

Swara looks towards sanskar: ” sanskar there is something in your lips ”

Sanskar:” where ??” Sanskar tries to clean it but unable ..

Shona :” there at your lips ”

Sanskar: ” offo shona U yourself remove it ”

Swara removes it..her hand is on his lips .. Swara is about to remove her hand but sanky hold her hand..” Swara u r so beautiful… Your eyes .. Your cheeks…and your…”

Swara: ” and my …”

Sanskar: ” and your lips …”
Sanky moves closer to her … Swara’s heart beat increase… They are about to kiss each other … Just then a football hit on swara’s head

Swara :” awwwwwwwwwwww “…

Just then swara looks toward sanskar and he is not there .. She realises she was dreaming:” oh god what happened to me .. I was dreaming to …. Sßsßssh shona is too much … But where is my sanku he doesn’t come yet ”

” swara I’m sorry ” sahil ..comes

Swara: ” it’s OK .. But next time be careful “.

Sahil :” r u alone here may I give u company… ”

Swara?:” no need of it ”

Sahil :”I’m just asking.. I know u r alone as my friend is giving company to your friend ragini so I thought I’ll give u company ”

Swara :” what sanskar is with ragini ”

Sahil :” ya he is teaching her in the class ”

Swara :” I won’t believe u ”

Sahil :” OK then U check it yourself ”

Swara leaves from there … She goes towards sanskar’s classroom she see both of them … She feels bad ( y did u lie to me sanku… )

Sanskar’s falls on shona he calls her :” hello shona come inside ” Swara moves inside..

Ragini: ” shona U come after sometime we both r busy (she keeps her hand in sanskar’s shoulder) hai na sanskar ”

Sanskar removes her hand :” it’s nothing like that ” ?

Swara: ” it’s..it’s….. OK .. U both carry on …? and soory to disturb u .. ” she is leaving the class just then sahil came

Sahil :” hey beautiful where r u going? ”

Swara?:” it’s non of your business ” she leaves

Sahil :” oh God so much attitude ”

Shona goes outside.. She about to throw her lunch …just then she see a boy is crying

Swara finds that .. Little boy is cheeku :” cheeku y r u crying ”

Cheeku ?:” I’m new in this school no one loves me … Some one ate my lunch now I have nothing to eat ..”

Swara :” cleans his tears .. Who said no one loves u ..I love u na… (She gaves him rasgullas) this for u my sweet friend ”

” and for me … ” swara looks behind and finds its sanskar

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