swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 12)

Episode 12

Swara ;” what is this ragini Y u lied to him u didn’t miss any class … And if u need help u can ask me .. Tell me why u asked him for help … Answer me ”

Ragini :” because I love him ..”

Swara shocked?:” what ?????”

Ragini: ” ya I love him “.

Swara :” r u out of your mind how can u love him .?”

Ragini: ” y what is the problem in loving him..he is smart .. Intelligent.. Sweet guy .. Any girl can easily fall for him except u… Who hate intelligent one”

Swara :” it’s not a joke … I know u r kidding ”

Ragini: ” and y would I ? Shona”

Swara :” because ..I don’t know . OK fine if u love him Y u haven’t told me ?”

Ragini :” because my love is one-sided … I have no hope to get it but now…”

Swara :” now what !!!?”

Ragini :” now I have a hope and it’s u ”

Swara :?” I didn’t understand ”

Ragini: ” offo shona U r his friend na… As a friend u would help us to unite …. U know when I came to know u both of you r friends… I was very happy … Now soon I’ll get my love ?…. Tell me shona will u help me ?”

Swara ?:” I don’t have time for this Bullshits… I going to class I’m getting late ”

Ragini: ” what happened to u shona y r u overreacting !!! Is there anything in your mind ??”

Swara :” nothing… Wo..so I will be busy as kavita di just come back. So how can I help u..!!?”

” what r doing outside the classroom ” Rosy mam .

Ragini: ” nothing mam .. We r just waiting for u ”

Mam :” OK then come inside “.

they moves inside the classroom… Shona is still in shock it’s hard to believe for her that her best friend love the same the guy whom she loves madly ..

In the 3rd lecture
Ragini:” shona what’s the time ?”

Swara :” what’s this ragini 7th time u r asking me for time ..anyways it’s 11:20 .. ”

Ragini: ” only 10 minutes left ”

Swara :” for what !!?”

Ragini:” offo stupid.. Do u forget .. Sanskar will teach me 4th lecture … ”

Swara ??

Ragini :” u know I can’t wait … ?Every minute is like a hour .. ?Oops sorry how would u know .. U have never fall for anyone.. ?.. “.

Swara :” ragini stop this I’m not interested in it ?”

Ragini:” I know dear … ?( Bell rings ) yeppi I’m going shona bye ”

Swara :” ragini it’s nagesh sir lecture.. How can u go ..? ”

Ragini :” so what I can bunk 100 nagesh sir lecture for my love? ”

Swara :” love!!!?”

Ragini: ” ya love? .. And I’ll tell nagesh sir that I’m not feeling good so I’m going to dispensary ? not let me go bye “she leaves

After 5 minute.. Swara can’t able concentrate in class …” How can ragini love my sanku .. But shona don’t think too much what if ragini loves him but he doesn’t even like her…but swara now he doesn’t but if she goes close to him may be he will also… No no shona don’t misunderstand sanku … Even in Bhawna’s matter u took him worng . but if …. O God I can’t … what to do … I have to see it “…
Swara sees a nail coming out at the edge of desk she intensionally hurt herself :” awww…. ”

Sir :” what happened swara is there is any problem ”

Swara shows him her finger:” sir it’s paining ”

Sir :” oh u must be careful swara … Kavya take her to dispensary ”

Swara :” no ..no sir I can go alone .. ”

Sir :” OK go “.swara leaves from the class

In sanskar’s classroom..

Sanskar is teaching ragini… But ragini is not paying attention.. She is feeling bored (oh God this sanskar is too boring ..?since last 15 minute he is nonstop teaching.. Such a boring guy .. Don’t know what did shona see in him ..? Don’t know how long I have to tolerate him ..?)

Swara is standing outside sanskar’s classroom…” Shona what r u doing u r suspecting sanskar he is your friend.. If he will see u what would he think about u . I have full trust in him but what about ragini.. If she will steal my love.. But swara she is your friend .. Oh god .. But this heart will not get satisfaction untill I my self see them..”

Inside the class

Sanskar :” see ragini zinc oxide is white in color at room temperature.. On heating it looses oxygen and turns to yellow here is the equation ”

just ragini sees the swara’s reflection on door and when swara peeps inside the class ragini intensionally grap sanskar’s hand and goes close to him:” ya sanskar where is zn ions goes .. Hmm here mixed with oxygen ion (she moves more close to him ) and forms zinc oxide “?

Swara watches all this .. She burns with jealousy?? seeing this … Ragini intensionally moves more near to him.. Swara can’t able to tolerate this she just runs out from there

Seeing ragini’s behavior sanskar jerk her hand and moves away from her and shouts :” what the hell ragini.?. What r u trying to do be in your limits ragini? don’t come closer to me”

Ragini: ” woh… Don’t over react sanskar.,. What did u think about yourself… I’m not dying to coming u near u… Just because your handwriting is too small that’s why I come near to see what is written … And u think …. Hahahahaahahahahah ??? oh please don’t give yourself too much importance ”

Sanskar:” do u know what !! I think I’m stupid who is wasting my games period on teaching.. It’s better I’ll enjoy it like others ”

Ragini? :” what enjoy ..I know how u will enjoy this… By studying boring subjects just like u”

Sanskar: ” OK then … Then find new teacher for u .. I have lot of important work to do …”

Ragini:” no no please sanskar don’t this I’ll fail in exam … Please ”

Sanskar: ” if u r really worried for exam then U’ll not do this cheap things ..”

Ragini: ” OK baba sorry ( she hold her ears ) please if I’ll fail my parent will send me to village and then they will fixed my marriage with some Illiterate fellow..then my whole life will spoil ..”( she starts crying)?

Sanskar?:” OK fine …but Don’t repeat this ”

Ragini: ” OK … But don’t tell shona about this .. Otherwise she will complain to my parents ”

Sanskar: ” she is not like u ..?. But don’t worry I’ll not tell her anything ”

Ragini: ” so sweet of u ”


Ragini: ” OK not so sweet … See it’s recess time see u later bye “she leaves

Sanskar:” oh god this ragini is too much..”?

Swara runs while crying? she went towards playground.. She looks towards bench she reminds sanskar’s words (u know swara . whenever I m happy or sad I come here.. This is my favorite place ) swara sits on the bench .. She continuously weeping ?all the flashes of ragini and sanskar comes before her … Hurts her more ….

Just then sanskar comes there ..he sees swara he moves towards her ..:” hi shona … (He notices the tears in her eyes ?) … What happened shona y r u crying ”

Swara doesn’t reply 🙁

Sanskar sits beside her and wipes her tears :” sßsßssh shona stop crying.. Tell me who hurt my friend ”

Sanskar notices wound in her hand (worried ) he takes her hand :” shona … How it happened ( he wipss on her wound ) is it paining shona ” he takes his hanky and ties it in her wound .

Sanskar: ” shona still paining .. OK then go to dispensary ”

He moves but swara hold his hand :” I’m …m. Fine sanskar ..? I don’t want go .. U please sit here for .. I’ll fell better ”

Sanskar: ” OK … Now tell me who did this ”

Swara :” wo ..wo I hurt myself.. ” she tells him how she got this wound

Sanskar: ” shona U must be careful.. But I’ll beat that desk how dare he hurt my friend ”

Swara smiles ? sanskar: ” that’s like good girl … Now dony cry ”

Swara :” ? see now I’m not crying”

Sanskar :” if Shona U look cute while crying it doesn’t mean u always used to cry because I like see u smiling? ”

Swara :” really sanku…Ooops sanskar “?

Sanskar:” I never lies ..and u can call me sanku … ?”
Both laughs ?

Ragini sees all this and smiles : ” shona U r really mad for him …..”

After the school three of them r returning home
Ragini :” sanskar U a such a awsome teacher … I love the u teach me .. ?U know what swara the way he teaches no one can do it that way ”

Swara reminds classroom incident: ” hmm? ”

Ragini :” tomorrow .. Which chapter we will read ?”

Sanskar: ” ragini I can’t teach u tomorrow ”

Ragini: ” y??”?

Sanskar: ” I have some work … ”

Ragini :” oh no sanskar at least try at once ”

Swara smiles ?:” leave it ragini.. If necessary I’ll help u ”

Ragini: ” no need I’ll manage.. OK bye guys .. Meet u tomorrow ” she leaves

Swara ( yeh now tomorrow she will stay away from my sanku … I know today also sanku didn’t do anything.. She intensionally moved near him )

Sanskar: ” OK bye shona .. And take care of yourself okie ?”

Swara :” u too sanskar ” he leaves ….

Swara is about to go inside the house .. But she listens some sounds she goes back side of the house .. And she becomes shocked to see kavita and adarsh kissing each other ?…

Swara hawwwwwwww?????? swara is about to go back but suddenly she hits the pot it falls down …

Kavita and adarsh see her ..they become shocked..and embarrassed too

Kavita :” shona what r u doing here ??”

Swara :” di who is he ”

Kavita: ” adarsh u please go from here.. I’ll talk to u latter …go please “..adarsh leaves. ..

Swara :” kavita di ..”

Kavita :” u come with me…. First u take your lunch .. Then I’ll tell u everything… Now go good girl ”

Swara :” di where is ma baba …”

Kavita :” they went to market … OK u ask so may questions now go “..swara goes to her room …

Kavita : thank God.. Swara didn’t shout … What if anyone comes ? .. Uff.. “

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