swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 11)

Episode 11

Swara smiles ?.
Sanskar: ” that’s like a good friend… Swara u so innocent…. But people are not so good as u think… So next time be careful… OK ”
She nodes yes …
Sanskar: ” now let’s go we r already late ”
They leaves for their homes

In sanskar’s home ..?
Sanskar reaches the to his room. After taking shower he comes inside his room just then ..someone closes his eyes behind: ” guess who am l?”

Sanskar (happy)☺: ” Bhai u came “. They hugs each other…

Lucky :” o God.. My sanky is becoming smart day by day…. ”

Sanskar: ” Bhai …? stop teasing me ”

Lucky :” I’m not lying . OK tell me about your school …. About your gf !”

Sanskar: ” my school is good … Even I’m favorite of teacher.. And I don’t have any gf ”

Lucky :” what???????… I can’t believe it. Which girl have dare to say no to my bro”

Sanskar: ” Bhai… I only want to concentrate towards my study … I don’t have any time for this nonsense.. ”

Lucky :” sanky R U serious!!! I know academics is important but u should have add some fun in life … Finding someone who cares for u . but u always study ..study …offo full boring ”

“Don’t misguide my son son.. ” sujata said in a sarcastic tone

Lucky: ” chachi ji. I’m just ….”

Sujata: ” lucky I don’t want my son like u … U choose this cheap police job..instead of joining our family business in Kolkata . u know na your father us still angry on U . I want my sanky to be a business man like his bade papa or a doctor like his father … So I’m happy he doesn’t have any gf to distract him … It’s better to keep your ideas on U ”

Sanskar: ” mom Bhai is just kidding . Bhai came after so many days and u r talking about old things … Leave it mom . I’m sure bade papa will surely understand him.. And believe there is no girl in my life … Till u choose someone for me now Happy ”

Lucky :” chachi ji u don’t believe in your son .. I know u love me too but little bit worried about sanky’s future. But don’t worry everything will be good ”

Sujata :” sorry to hurt u … And I came here to tell u that Adarsh is came back from USA … He wants to meet u both …”

Sanlak (excited)?? :” really waoo “they went down to meet Adarsh.. Adarsh is sanlak’s childhood friend.. He went abroad for studying…

Sanskar,lucky , and adarsh meets and hugs each other.. They talk about their childhood memories…

Adarsh :” u know guys I bought a new car … So would u like to go for a long drive ”

Lucky :” waoo that’s a great idea what’s say sanky ”

Sanskar: ” ya Bhai it’s a nice idea … But where will be go any suggestions ”

Adarsh :” it’s a nice weather outside… What about eating samosa from Bala samosewalas shop … U remember luky we use to go there after school … Let’s go there for relive those memories ”

Lucky: ” that’s nice idea … “They leaves and enjoy a lot…

After enjoying they finally reaches to the Samosewalas shop…
Adarsh :” uncle 3 plate samosa ”

Bala :” oh adarsh it’s u and lucky after so many years u ..how r u beta ?”

Lucky: ” we r good ”

Bala :” u 3 sit here .. I making fresh samosa for u ”

They sit there.. Bala ..adarsh and lucky three of they quite busy in discussing their old moments.. Sanky feels bored .. Then he reminds that swara house is near this shop…

Sanskar: ” Bhai u carry on .. I’m just come back ”

Lucky :” sanky where r u going!! ”

Sanskar:” my friend live here ..so I just come .”

Lucky :” OK but come fast … If you don’t want to miss hot samosas ..”sanskar leaves

In swara’s home
Swara is standing near the window looking outside lost in her thoughts.. still little bit upset due to today’s incident.. Sanskar who is searching for her house .. His eyes falls on swara standing near the window.. He is about to call her but stop seeing kavita …

Kavita comes :” shona .. Looks it’s so nice weather…. If it’s rains we both will enjoy it … In the evening u alone enjoyed forget your di ?”

Swara (upset )?:” di I don’t like rain … I hate rain … I will never ever enjoy this rain…I hate it ??.. Rain rain go away and never come again ”

Kavita :” what happened to u shona U love it na …then suddenly what happened!!! ”

Swara :” di my mood is not good “. She closed the window … Sanskar who is listening all this ..a curve of smile comes in his face ☺:” shona… Nice name…?. U r soo stupid..? ”
He smiles and leaves from there …

Sanskar: ” where is adarsh Bhai”

Lucky :” he went to meet someone especial ”

Sanskar: ” whom ???”

Lucky :” actually adrash came India to meet his his love he loves a girl . he went to meet her ..hope soon her parents will accept their relationship ”

Sanskar: ” who is that girl ”

Lucky :” well I haven’t meet her but her name is kavita ”

Just then adarsh comes then after eating samosa they leave for their homes

After dinner swara comes to her room she is still upset … Just then kavita comes :” shona r u fine na ..Since I came I saw u upset … Tell your di what’s the matter?? May be I can solve it ..”first swara deny but latter she tells her everything.. But instead of sanskar shona takes ragini’s name

Kavita :” offo shona that’s it… It’s a small matter ragini scold u because she loves u she cares for u ..don’t be sad shona ..”

Shona :” love… Di he ..sorry she really loves me ?”

Kavita:” ya shona .. U don’t worry I’ll scold her. She made my shona upset .. ”

Swara ?? :” no..no di don’t say anything to her I’ll handle it ”

Kavita :” OK shona ..now take rest ..gud nite ” she leaves…

Shona :” is kavita di is right .. Is he really cares for me ?? Is he really love me ??..may be yess ..or not … (She remembers when he pulled her and she fell on him… how he scold her … And how he wipes her tears )..sanku I’m becoming mad day by day ..??”..she sleeps ..

On the next day ?
Swara comes outside her house …she is surprised to see sanskar.. Who is already waiting for her outside the house …
Swara :” sanskar U…r here ”

Sanskar :” what ?? Do u forget our promise … We decide to go school together ”

Swara still surprised.. Sanskar: ” shall we go ?”

Swara: ” ya.. “They moves

Sanskar:” still upset for yesterday’s incident ”

Swara :” no .. I’m fine ”

Sanskar ” so what about ‘ rain rain go away never ever come in my life again ”

Swara (shocked)?:” how ..how do u ..?”

Sanskar: ” yesterday’s I came to samosawala’s shop .. I saw a girl singing this song ..she was very upset from rain ”

Swara: ” did u heard everything…?”

Sanskar: ” ya .. Shona ?”

Swara: ” U know my pet name ? ”

Sanskar: ” I felt bad ..because of me u hate rain … Don’t hate it ..it’s beautiful and pure gift of God .. Everyone love it me to love it … U should hate those cheap people not sweet rain”

Swara(smiles )?:” now I love rain ?”

Sanskar: ” that’s like a good girl shona ”

Swara :” shona?”

Sanskar:’ if u can call me sanku then I can call u shona .. But if u don’t like then OK ? ”

Swara :” no ..no sanskar U can call me shona .. I won’t mind … But don’t be sad ”

Sanskar smiles ?

” hello guys ” someone calls from behind.. Both of them look backward it’s is ragini

Swara ?:” ragini u r here ”

Ragini :” Y u r not happy too see me ”

Swara :” no ..no it’s nothing like that ”

Ragini (to sanskar): ” hello I’m ragini swara’s best friend”

sanskar?:” hi ”

Ragini: ” sanskar I need your help ”

Swara :” what kind of help??”

Ragini: ” shona I’m not asking to u ”

Sanskar: ” what help u need?”

Ragini: ” actually sanskar U know na.. Exam is coming near … But since I missed my many classes.. So can u teach me … Please ”

Swara :” ragini he has no time to teach u ”

Ragini: ” shona y r interrupting ..”

Sanskar: ” she is right I don’t have time ”

Ragini :” please help me as a friend ”

Swara :” he is not your friend?”

Ragini: “Look you r shona’s friend so ..”

Sanskar?:”So what”

Ragini :”Offo stupid friend’s of friend is also a friend


Ragini:” Offo stupid.. Let me understand u in your style .. See if line 1 is equal to line 2 and line 2 is equal to line 3 this implies line 1 is equal to line 3…in the same way if I’m the friend of shona and shona is your friend this implies we both r friends. And one friend should help other”

Sanskar?:”U r very smart ..”

Swara :” What smart ??? Ha ”

Ragini:” What happened shona ”

Swara:” Look if line 1 is perpendicular to line 2 and line 2 is perpendicular to line 3 this doesn’t implies that line 1 is perpendicular to line 3.. In the same way if u r my friend and I’m his friend then it doesn’t implies that u both r friends..”

Sanky ???? :”swara’s point of view is also correct ”

Ragini:”Offo shona y u always takes things in negative way.. Wait wait.. There is something between u both ”

Swasan?:”No no …”

Ragini: ” Then OK u shouldn’t have any problem to help me ”

Sanskar :”OK ?”

Ragini :” on then meet u in 4th period in your class ”

Swara :” but ragini 4th…”

Ragini :” look we reached to school … OK sanskar bye ”

Sanskar: ” bye shona ”

Ragini :” and me u don’t say bye to me I’m also your friend ”

Sanskar:” OK bye ”

Ragini: ” offo u say bye ragu to me ”

Sanskar?: ” I’m getting late bye “sanskar leaves for his class

Swara ;” what is this ragini Y u lied to him u didn’t miss any class … And if u need help u can ask me .. Tell me why u asked him for help … Answer me ”

Ragini :” because I love him ..”

Swara shocked?:” what ?????”

Did ragini really loves sanskar?? Or is there is any reason behind it. ..!!!?

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  1. Vyshu10

    awesome…guess its ragini’s plan to make swara confess

    1. NDSG

      Yup… U r right✌

  2. I think this is ragini’s plan so that swara herself will say everything to her smart girl….

    1. NDSG

      ??? smart ragu

  3. Shreeyu

    Oh my God Ragu wat a intellect u have … Lol now Swara will spill the beans immediately …. ????

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      Yup… ????✌

  4. Rabia

    Awesome dear and i think ragini is doing all this for swara ?

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  5. Kakali

    Swara !!! be ready to split everything… huhhhh !!!

    Nice chappy dear … love it.. thnk u…

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  6. Very funny yaar ? That friends logic was really funny?

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      Thank you

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  8. DivzS

    Ragini dhoom machado! Superb act! Awesome twist! Now swara will confess to ragini… Yesss✊

    1. NDSG

      I m happy u like itit?

  9. Now swara ‘s jealousy will reach to another level????????

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      Yup… First Bhawna and now ragini

      1. ???????

  10. Mind blowing yaar

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      Thank u ????

  11. Mariyajap

    good one. i guess ragini is trying to make swara jelous

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      Yup…. U r right✌

  12. Wow loved it ❤️

  13. Amazing and rags is doing it…………..
    So that swara will confess her feelings to her .
    Intelligent and smart rago.

    1. NDSG

      Yuppp smart ragu

  14. Sarswati

    wow great explanation…..and ragini is faking…..but it shouldnt be cross love plz…..

    1. NDSG

      No it’s not cross love

  15. Nice

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      Thank u?

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