swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 10)

Episode 10

In recess time …
Ragini :” shona I want to ask u something!!”
Swara: ” OK .. Tell me what do u want to know ?”
Ragini :” shona do yo… Do like anyone ?”
Swara (shocked )? :” no ..no .. Y did u think so “.
Ragini:” wo.. In the morning I saw u with sanskar.. U both were very happy together ”
Swara :” offo it’s nothing like that … He crack some joke that time .. (She crosses her fingers ) and I don’t like him.. He is such a bookworm how can anyone like such type of person!!”

Ragini notices that she is lieying: ” then it’s OK shona … ”
Ragini ( I know u shona now u can yourself admit that u love him …) She smiles …

Swara looks outside the window she notices sanskar sitting in bench..
Kavya comes :” what’s up … Shona . ”
Swara :” nothing yrr.. ”
Kavya:” u know ragini day by day our shona is becoming intelligent ”
Swara ( still looking outside): ” it’s nothing like that”
Ragini: ” shona what is outside ?? ”
Swara? :” wo..I m looking the weather .it’s so pleasant ?. It may be rain☔ ”
Ragini :” ya .. Shona.. I think we should go together home , if it rains we will enjoy it..it will be great fun “.
Kavya :” ya that’s great idea . what’s say shona !!”
Swara :” ya..it’s great .. U guys carry on I’ll be back soo ”
Ragini :” where r u going ..?”
Swara :” wo Rosy mam called me for some work “.she leaves
Kavya :” I know her important work ..is sahil “?
Ragini :” offo shut up this sahil drama kavya . may be she is really going for some work ”
Kavya :” offo ragini she lied to us .. Because Rosy mam is on half day leave ”
Ragini :” kavya u think too much leave all this “.

Outside …
Sanskar is sitting in the bench ..then swara comes there .
Sanskar:” hey swara .. U r here come sit here ”
Swara sits beside him :” hi sanskar .. What r u doing here ?”
Sanskar: ” u know swara . whenever I m happy or sad I come here.. This is my favorite place and today I’m happy . excited to meet my bro ”
Swara :” your taste is too good now I also love this place ..”
Sanskar: ” ya..?”

Swara :” sanskar I want to ask u that u…u daily come school alone I mean . that … I didn’t saw u with anyone… U also bought new bicycle So I asked..?”
Sanskar :” ya.. Swara where do u live actually on that day I told u that we both will school together but I forget to ask your address .. And u know on that day my mom saw my wound I narrate her whole incident & she told my dad to bought bicycle for me.. After that I didn’t get any chance to talk to u ”
Swara ( oh he remember his promise and I thought he forgot..?):” I live in Gadodia house near Bala samosawala’s shop .. ”
Sanskar :” OK … We will go together.. Happy☺”

Swara :” very much .. Woh I didn’t like to come school alone .. ”
Sanskar: ” y ??”
Swara:” because I felt that someone would kidnapped me if I come alone”
Sanskar: ” ?????? hahahahaahahahahah swara u r too funny .. Now your friend is with u no one can dare to touch u OK “.
Swara :” ? okie sanku ….? ”
Sanskar: ” what ? ????? U say ”
Swara?:” nothing…. Sanskar.. See recess is over OK bye …”. She runs from there
Sanskar: ” ? sanku … It’s nice ? . ”
Swara( oh god u have to control on your tounge.. What if he has listen it … What he will think about u … Next time be careful)

It is last lecture everyone is feeling bored ..waiting when Bell will ring … Swara is looking outside the window.. ( it might rain.☔?. What if me and sanku together in rain… But I’m going with ragini and kavya ..wait ..swara u can go with him. Yes I got an idea .. I have already miss a chance to go with him due to that Bhawna.. Huh.. She took my place on that day .. But now I’ll not let anyone comes between us ?)
As soon as Bell rung swara leave the class immediately
Ragini :” what happened to her ?”
Kavya :” I know she went to..”
Ragini: ” please don’t took sahil name … I hell iretated by all this ”
Kavya :” OK mam … No let’s go “..

In the cycle stand ??
Swara goes near her bicycle she takes hair pin and removes air from the tube of her cycle… Just then kavya and ragini arrive.
Ragini :” what happened shona
Swara :” see ragini my cycle got punctured… Sorry guys I can’t come with u ?”
Kavya :” no worries shona we both will go cycle repair shop with u ”
Ragini about to say but her eyes falls on sanskar standing near his cycle she understands everything.
Swara :” no yrr .. U both go . I’ll manage ?”.
Kavya :” no shona how can we.,…”
Ragini: ” leave it kavya.. She can handle it alone .. ”
Kavya :” but …”
Ragini: ” offo kavya u think too much .. She not a small girl”
Swara :” ya swara kavya ragini u both leave ”
They leaves … After that she also moves with her cycle ”

“Sanskar…” Swara calls him
Sanskar looks behind :” ya swara what happened ”
Swara : ” see my bicycle? also got punctured . so can I ”
Sanskar: ” OK sure … ”
Both leaves for cycle repair shop ..

In the shop ?
Sanskar:’ these two cycle got punctured ”
Shop owner: ” OK it will take nearly one hour till than u both wait here ”
Shop worker takes the cycle.. And start their work … Swasan sit on bench… But suddenly it start raining… All of them go inside the shop …
Swara :” waoo it’s raining sanskar… Let’s go outside and enjoy it ”
Sanskar:” swara … Don’t go outside I’ll catch cold …it’s better to sit inside and we have 1hour u can utilize this time in doing your work…”
Swara :” but I have no work to do na.. Please sanskar come na ..u don’t like to drench in rain ”
Sanskar: ” no … I don’t want to fall ill . see these worker is also doing their work .. U can at least study something ”
Sanskar open his book and starts doing his work .
Swara( offo sanku u always busy in books . can’t u see this beautiful girl asking u enjoy rain with her… OK swara u go he’ll come after )? :” OK then I’m going alone to enjoy the rain “.

Sanskar( without looking towards her ):” hmm”?
Swara goes outside and she starts dancing…. Swara is fully enjoying the rain.. She fully drenched…
Sanskar.. Who is fully busy in his work .. Looks towards swara but he doesn’t find her .. Then he sees that all workers stopped their works …all of them staring swara who is unaware of it and enjoying rain
Sanskar (offo this girl so stupid. And these worker too much… Cheap fellows ) :” swara ..swara come inside ”

Swara :” no sanskar U come outside .. See it’s soo nice ”
Sanskar notices not only workers boys standing outside also staring her ..He boils with anger ?:” swaraaaa… Come inside ”
Swara intensionally doesn’t response … ( wait shona he will definitely come ?)
Sanskar can’t tolerate all this he goes outside grab her hand and pull her inside but she is not ready to come inside so sanskar forcefully pull her and she falls on him …luckily they are inside the shop .. Swara becomes silent by this sudden action.she is just looking him ..for the first she is so close to him in his arms…. All wet ??

When the prays of my heart
Crossed the skies,
Then I attaine you,

I have attained my God
There is no world for me
Out of your arms
Keep me in them,”

“Swara get up “? sanskar is very angry ….
She stands up ….
Sanskar to workers ?:” We r getting late do it fast “?
After that he doesn’t say a single word to her ..she understands that he is angry on her .

After sometime rains stop … They go out with their bicycle.. Sanskar is still silent and swara can’t bear his anger ..this silence is killing her .
Swara:” sorry …”
Sanskar gives no response.
Swara :” sanskar please say something… Scold me.. But don’t be quite ”
She shakes him …
Sanskar (anger)?:” what is left to say swara … Are U out if mind … ”
Swara ?:” sorry sans…”
Sanskar?:” what sorry .. Swara do u have any idea how they were looking at u ”
Swara :”? I just wanted to enjoy the rain ”
Sanskar: ” just shut up …. ? don’t talk to me I’m going”

Swara cries ???:” I m sorry sanskar.. Please don’t break friendship with me ..If u want I’ll never ever enjoy the rain… I hate rain I don’t like it..but please don’t go”
Sanskar felts bad he wipss her tears by his hanky go her :” sßsßssh … Don’t cry …and Who is breaking friendship with u … I think u don’t want to be my friend ”
Swara wipes her tearss( sobs )?:” no I want ”
Sanskar: ” then Y r breaking the rules of friendship by saying sorry …. Now stop crying”
Swara is still sobbing … ? ..
Sanskar: ” if u r not listening me .. What is use of standing here .. It’s better to leave ”
He is about to go ..but Swara holds his hand :” don’t go”.
Sanskar: ” then stop crying…. And if u didn’t stop crying.. Then I will not save u from kidnapper … ?.”
Swara smiles ?.Sanskar: ” that’s like a good friend… Swara u so innocent…. But people are not so good as u think… So next time be careful… OK ”
She nodes yes …
Sanskar: ” now let’s go we r already late ”
They leaves for their homes

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