swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 1)

Episode 1…
The scene starts a girls is running………….
Finally reaches to a park, it’s morning time nearly 8am. The birds are creeping. People r roaming there for morning walk. Some old citizen is laughing… some r sitting in the bench…Atmosphere is quite pleasant..A sweet wind is blowing
The girls condition is messy..Uncombed hair .She is fully exhausted due to continuous escaping. She is very much scared. Just then a boy in simple pink coat and white trouser came there.?AS soon as girls saw him a ray of hope arises in her eye which was earlier dull. She suddenly reaches towards him.
Girl:” Thank God you came.? You have no idea how much relief I get after seeing you. I was very much scared.”

Boy:” what’s this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Are you out of your mind? ?How can you do this ? I thought you are a mature girl .Who loves her parents but you run eloped . You have no idea how much your parents is worried about u”.
Girl:” Please! Listen to me they don’t love me. They didn’t care about me.”?
Boy:”Oh really! I saw them in TV. they were crying for you. Since 3 days they were continuously searching for you “.
Girl: “plz ..try to understand me”
Boy:”no you try to under….”;
Girl” I love you “.?

Boy becomes silent for some time.
Boy:” what you said!!…”
Girl” Wahi jo tumne suna “.
Boy:” oh now I got the point your parents are not allow you for this that’s why u left their home HOw stupid r you?”
Girl:” it’s not like that. You are taking me wrong.”
Boy:” no I m right. How can be u r soo much stupid!! .please go home I don’t love u”.
She kept her hand on his mouth. Her eyes shows her pain.

Girl:” please. ek bar mujh pe bharosa kr lo(trust me at once). I am not lying”.
Boy:”Just shut uppppppp..cahli jao yaha se.(get out from here) “.?
Girl:” par sans…..( but sans….)”
Boy:” just leaveee swara …. Maine kaha jao yaha se…(I said leave).”.
She was crying. And leaves silently…..???

Sanskar POV……
I’m sorry swara. I know u r hurt. But one day u will realise that u did worng your parents loves u alot .. When I saw them in the TV they were crying for you .. Just then u called me … I have already inform your parents about you…. I m happy that u have such a loving parents… I don’t want that u will spoil your life in stupidity… The thing u thought is love is just an infatuation… Soon u realize that I m right… U lied to me that they didn’t love u … Swara I must say u r so stupid … U thought I will believe u .. Anyways .. I felt bad we meet after so many years… But like this way next time when we will meet u will be very happy with your parents..
POV ends….

Swara is unhappy she thought at least sanskar would believe her but it didn’t happen . she is passing in the way just then she sees.. Some boys are teasing a little boy …
Boys :” look who is going to school a child of ‘chaiwalas’… ?? ”
Boy(cries):” leave my way … ?? otherwise I will call my mummy “.
Boys(laughs):”??? call you mother .. Tell her to bring a ‘masala wali chai’ ☕…we will pay to her. So that she can pay your fee.”
Boys tries to beat that little boy just then swara comes there and save him…
Swara:” ?hey !!! Stop teasing this boy …”
Boys:” who are u ? How dare u to order us”
Swara:” I’m your new chemistry teacher .. Leave him otherwise u better know what can I do”
Boys becomes afraid :” sorry mam … Sorry ”
They leaves ..but little boy is still crying…

Swara :” hello .. Cutiepie.. ?Y are crying ..they are gone.. ”
Boy:” thank you mam..”
Swara:” cutiepie I m not a teacher .. I lied to them.. Anyways . May know the name of this cutiepie boy ?”
Boy(wipes his tears):” my name is chitti… Didi I want to go home…”
Swara:” OK .. Chitti where is your house I will take u there’
Then swara takes chitti to his house .. While going on the way swara noticed that someone is following her?.. She immediately goes inside the chitti’s house …
Chitti:” mom ..mom..”
Lady:”chitti u come so soon.. (She looks towards shona).. Chitti who is she?”
Chitti tells her mom everything…
Lady:” thank you..what’s ur name ?”.

Swara:-” swara ..my name is swara “.
Lady:” I m meena .. I m working in tea stall those boys used to tease my little boy thanks a lots ?”
Just then someone knock the door.. Swara becomes tense..?. Meena notices her. Meena opens the door
Meena:” yes .. What do you want”.
Man:” do you see this girl( they shows her swara pics) ”
Meena:” yess she went to that way “(she lied and show them worng way)
They goes meena close the door ..look at swara’s tense face
Meena:” chitti .. Takes the food for your dad he is waiting for u” chitti goes from There..
Meena come near to … Swara(tries to divert her mind):” oh I need to call my friend ragini” ..but her mobile battery is dead

Meena:” give it to me I will charge it “.
Swara:” no need of it .. I think I have to go .. ” she is going outside but meena calls her
Meena:” they are still outside …”
Swara stops.. Meena:” I know u are in problem.. Please tell me what is your story may be I’ll help u .. Believe me ..u helped my son ..now it’s my turn .. I m like your friend “.
Shona(with tears in her eyes)? hugs her
Swara :” I m swara … Swara gadodia .. I m not for this city I live in hoogly”…

..precap ( flashback )…

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