swasan ff: I love you swara (episode 5)


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swara came from office and take a bath.. she was thinking about sanskar every time.. an unknown happiness arised in her heart whenever she thinks about him.. she didn’t understand why.. but she was very aware that she didn’t deserve him.. but she couldn’t suppress her heart from falling for him.. his care , his love in the world no one loved her as much as he loves.. knowing the fact that she was married and also was a bar dancer. a drop of tears fall down from her eyes. .
she wear a pink salwar suit.. it make her more pretty.. door bell rings.. swara goes towards the main door and open it..

swara became numb by seeing the person in front of her..
her lips whispers in shock.. shock in her eyes changed in to hatred and anger..
swara: what you want? I don’t want to see your face.. get lost from here. .
Randhir: darling.. I’m your husband.
swara: oh really? ? husband?, you tied a string in my neck so that you are my husband. . We signed a paper so that we are married couple. isn’t it?
Randhir: of course dear. . I’m your husband. .
swara: mr.Randhir shekawat husband is the one who loves his wife unconditionally. .
husband is the one who take care of his wife in her hardest situations. .
husband is the one who protect wife from all evil eyes..
husband is the one whose world is his family.
husband is the one who fight for the whole world for his wife..
husband is the the one who gives his shoulders when his wife cries..
husband is the one who hold wife’s hand when she is weak..
husband is not a small word mr. randhir. it has lot of meaning. . by signing a paper you will not became my husband. . you run away by pushing me in to a hell.. I can’t forgive you. . get lost from my sight..
Randhir: waw.. amazing. . brilliant. . who take tuition class for you? you were not like this..
swara: shut up . and get lost..
Randhir: I know my dear wife.. you want to throw me out of this house as soon as possible. . then only your lover can came here and enjoy. . am I right?

swara: you are disgusting. . I feel shame on you. .
Randhir: shame? you have to be shameful for sleeping with other man . you are a sl*t..
swara burn in anger.. she slapped him hardly..
swara: how dare you..
randhir also fumes in anger. he hold swara’s shoulders tightly. . swara tries to protest. . but she couldn’t

swara: leave me.. I say leave me.
randhir: you feel disgusting on my touch? his touch is more good than mine ha? where did he used to touch you ha?

randhir tries to kiss her neck. swara forcefully pushed him away..
randhir: your husband also have to give money to touch you ha?

swara: why you are doing this? you left me.. then when I started to live peacefully you again come?
Randhir: live peacefully? as a personal pr*stitute of that sanskar?
swara: you are such a monster. . how can you say like this?
Randhir: monster? ha..I will show you what a monster is. .

Randhir caught her waist. and tore the sleeves of her dress.. swara struggles a lot. . but he was being a best.. when his lips leaned to her lips swara closed her eyes in pain and helplessness. .

Randhir was staring her in a delvish smile.. he stared her body in lust.. he was about to suck her lips.. suddenly he feels an extreme pain in his head.. he lost balance and fall on floor..
he saw ragini standing there with a rod in her hands.. blood was oozing from his head. . he fainted..
swara looks ragini in a shock..
swara stood up and hugged ragini.. ragini consoles swara.. they look at randhir.. his head was bleeding. . both of them scared..
swara checked the pulse of randhir.. she frowned to know that he is dead..

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