swasan ff: I love you swara (episode 4)


sanskar was working in the cabin of his office.. soon he heard a knock on the door..

sanskar: yes come in..

he said without raising his head from the laptop which he was working..

” good morning sir”

a sweet voice greeted him. it was familiar to him.. he raised his head and mesmerised to see his angel standing there in a white shirt and black mini skirt.. it was upto her kness.. her hair was tied in ponytail. . a little kajol and light lip gloss enhance her heavenly beauty. . sanskar couldn’t take his eyes from her. . after a few seconds he git his sense back..

sanskar: welcome to SS industries swara. .

swara: thank you sir..

sanskar told her about her job and handover some files. . she had a seprate cabin and it was opposite to his cabin.. he could see her activities clearly through the window..

swara learn the works fast.. she gone to her cabin..

During lunch time sanskar go to swara’s cabin..

sanskar: I want to talk to you swara..

swara: ok sir..

sanskar: I have to talk you personally. . can I came to your house?

swara: sorry sir.. but I have only professional relation with you. . and please let me live my personal life..

sanskar: swara you can saw me as your friend outside the office..

swara: no sir.. I can’t .. I know what you want to talk to me personally and my answer is no.. you can’t change it..

sanskar: if you want time to think about the proposal then I’m ready. .
swara: no I don’t want any time.. I can’t love you and I can’t trust the word love again.. so please don’t force me..

sanakar : ok . I know what ia going through your mind.. but trust me I never back off.. you will accept my love one day swara..

he leaves the cabin. swara stood numb.. she doesn’t understand what feeling she has for this guy.. this guy is her saviour. . who saved her from a disgusting job.. who give her job and new light to her life.. she definitely respect him.. he is like her god.. but love . she did it once and get betrayal back. . and now her life didn’t have any colorful dreams..

a drop of tears fall down from her eyes. .

few days passed.. swasan has only offical talks.. sanskar didn’t interfere in swara’s life..

one day sanskar was on his way to home.. he saw a man stopping his way..

sanskar immediately gets out of his car..

sanskar ( angrily) : who are you? why you are disturbing my journey? what you want?

man: so you are mr. sanskar maheswari.. hmm.. not bad.. handsome. . so you are trapping girls with your face and money.. not bad..

sanskar: what the blo*dy problem you have? I will call police.. otherwise get lost from my sight..

man: call police sir.. I have to tell something. . to them.. I want to tell them that you are a womaniser. . and destroy a family for your so called lust..

sanskar couldn’t control anymore he slapped the man and that man falls on the ground. .

that man looked sanskar was blood shot eyes.. he stand with a difficulty and caught sanskar’s shirt collar. .

man: you slapped me? do you want to kill me. . then kill me.. after that you can enjoy my wife .. kill me you devil..

sanskar: what is your bloddy problem. .? spit it out..

man: she.. your so called secretary .. swara.. she is my problem. . I’m her husband randhir..

sanskar stood as numb.. he feels like someone stabbed him with a knife..

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