swasan ff: I love you swara (episode 3)

hi guys.. Jwala here.. may you forgot this story.. I will gave a small intro of this ff.. this is a story of a rich guy who fall in love with a bar dancer.. sanskar saw her his swara and he fall for her.. he develops feeling towards her ignoring the fact that she is a bar dancer. .

so this update I’m dedicating to my beloved shan.. she asked me to write this one.. so I promised her to update it on today.. hope you all will like it.. so here is the chapter..


sanskar was driving his car in a high speed.. he was restless. . everywhere he could see her face.. his swara’s face.. he is going to meet sahil.. sahil is her friend. . sanskar want to know about swara from sahil. .

sahil’s house

sahil: hey sanskar.. early morning? what happened you are looking tensed..

sanskar: I have to know about her..

sahil: swara?

sanskar: ha.. how did you know?

sahil: I think you fall for her.. yesterday I saw that glow in your face.. but sanskar it is dangerous. . don’t take a risk by loving her..

sanskar: I know sahil.. family, society no one will accept her.. all hate her because of that job.. but I just don’t care..

sahil: sanskar you are in love.. but this love is a poison. .

sanskar: but I want a zip .. I’m ready to die for her..

sahil: stop your stupidity sanskar.. you don’t know anything about her.. then how can you love her?

sanskar: love just happens.. it doesn’t ask our permission. .

sahil: this is only attraction sanskar..

sanskar irritated by his talks. .

sanskar: sahil tell me about her.. how did you meet her.. ?

sahil: I met her 3 years ago.. along with her HUSBAND. .

sanskar hell shocked by hearing this..

sanskar: what? are you kidding? husband?

sahil: yes sanskar.. she is married he was my friend. . RANDHIR .

sanskar: I will not believe you. .

sahil: it is truth.. she was an orphan. . when she was 19 year old Randhir married her. and bought her to Mumbai. .

sanskar: Is he alive?

sahil: yes..

sanskar: Then why the hell she is doing this job?

sahil: he left her.. Randhir was working in a bar as manager. . after 1 year after marriage randhir met with an accident. . a huge amount of money was needed to save his life.. swara was orphan and randhir had only one sister. . she didn’t help swara . swara urged to bar owner to help her.. he said to swara that if she agree to dance in their bar for a certain period of time he will give her money.. swara has no option left.. to save randhir’s life she agreed to dance in bar for 3 years.. randhir became fine and he came to know about all these.. he couldn’t digest the fact that his wife became a bar dancer. . he left her..

sanskar: that blo*dy coward. . she did that to save his life and he left her alone. sahil now my love for her increased. she is really amazing girl .

sahil: sanakar you still love her?

sanskar : of course. . she did this for a man who dide deserve her.. and she deserves a better life. .

sanskar said in determination. .

Evening. .

swara was getting ready to go for dance.. but she gets a call. . it was owner of bar. .

swara: ha sir.. I’m coming. .

bar owner: no swara.. your contract with our bar is over..

swara : sir but 1 year remaining na..

bar owner: you have paid our money. . so now you are free from this contract. .

swara : but sir I didn’t pay any money..

bar owner: one mr. sanskar payed 50 lacs to bar for cancelling your contract with bar.. so you are free from this swara..

swara shocked by hell.. who is this sanskar? why he paid that money..
she called ragini and tell about this..

ragini: swara i think he is your secret admirer. .

swara: stop it ragini.. who will became secret admirer of a bar dancer?

ragini: swara we will find out it.. don’t worry.. and now onwards you don’t want to do that disgusting job na.. I’m happy for you. .

swara: but who is this sanskar?

ragini: don’t think much swara.. I will come soon.. we can search him..

swara cuts the call..

door bell rings.. swara opened the door.. it was sahil and sanskar..

swara: sahil.. come who is he ( pointing towards sanskar)

sahil: he is sanskar maheswari.. son of rich business man durga prasad maheswari. .

swara shocked by this.. she stared sanskar.. she feels that she knows him..

swara: are you the person who paid money in bar?

sanskar: yes..

swara : but why?

sanskar: because I love you swara..

swara became numb. . she stared him as she saw some horrible sight..

swara: what did you say?

sanskar: I say I love you swara..

swara couldn’t understood how to react..

swara: are you insane? I’m a bar dancer..

sanskar: you were.. not now.. and I know it was your destiny made you like that.. but it will not affect my love.. my love for you is pure..

swara (to sahil): sahil your friend is mad.. I don’t want his any favour.. I will give his money back. . said him that don’t come here to disturb me..

sahil: how will you give his money back?

swara: I will search for a job .. and I will give back his money..

sanskar: if you want a job then I have a good offer for you..

swara: what offer?

sanskar: I want a new PA .. if you are interested. .

swara: no I’m not interested. . I will search for another job..

sahil: don’t say foolishness swara.. from which job you will get such a big amount?

sanskar: ha.. if you became my pa, you can work for me and in our office we give more than 30, 000 to every staff.. as my PA you got 50, 000 so you can give my money by some years.. if you do job in any other place you will not get such good amount. .

swara: how can I work with you? you do such a big thing for me.. and now this. . no I didn’t think it is fair..

sahil: nothing wrong in it swara.. accept his offer..

swara: but .. said your friend to not love me..

sanskar: swara it is my personal matter.. you have no rights to sat that..

swara: if you think that by giving job I will start to fall for you then you are wrong.. I’m married. . so respect that fact..

sanskar: you are married? then where is your husband? call him..

swara didn’t understand what to say..

sanskar: swara I know whole details about you.. and your husband left you . so I have full rights to love you..

swara: my husband left me.. it is true.. so I can’t trust any other person in my life. . if you are doing this by thinking that I will love you then sorry. . I can’t love anyone else.. love had happened in my life once. . but it betrayed me.. now I don’t believe in love.. what you have for me is just attraction..

sanskar: I can understand your situation swara.. any girl will say like this.. I’m not forcing you to love me. . and I’m not giving you job for making you mine.. If you don’t love me its ok.. after returning my money you can resign the job.. and can go away from me. I will not force you..

few minutes silence occupied the room..

swara: I’m accepting your offer..

sanskar ( happy) : ok.. this is my card.. you can join tomorrow. .

sanskar and sahil leaves .

screen freez with swara’s confused face..

so guys.. how was it? leave your opinions. .

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    1. hahaha jwalu i found ur ff…….it ws nice…swara as a bar dancer ???? bt it ws a different concept…i liked it….i found smthng common in ur ff…in ur ffs u include sahil/randhir into it..hehe…u lv randhir dat too much???? nd i hope no kavity in dis stry….lvd it……by d way where ia angels vs devils????? its a long gap…plz post asap…waitng for angels nd devils….i will nt talk to u untill u post angels vs devils…hehe

      1. Jwala

        hehe. . thank god you found it. . ha I love randhir with swara.. I mean I love helly with param if they pair up it will be awesome. . and I don’t know weather I bring kavita or not.. tomorrow will upload angels for sure. . and did you have insta account?

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