swasan ff: I love you swara (episode 2)


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swara’s pov

it is the ending of another bitter day.. in my life all days are bitter and worse.. I know there will not be any ray of light that can fall in my cursed life. . but sometimes I hope for it.. I wish to live a life of a common girl.. I always wanted to be.. but my fate.. my blo*dy fate made me a bar dancer. . I hate this job. . I don’t think any other bar dancer doing this job for their satisfaction. . all have reasons.. like me.. I’m really fed up wirh this.. sometimes used to think about suicide. . but my courage is not much enough to do it.. or I’m searching for a little ray of light in my darkness. . wait.. I remember one pair of eyes from today’s crowd on bar.. while other men look at me with their lustful eyes that pair of eyes were looking me with some other sort of feeling. . it was not lust nor sympathy or hatred.. it was some other.. that is why it catch my attention. . whatever it was I don’t care.. because I’m not a 17 year teenage girl with lot of expectations from life. . it is true that I have a little hope .. but it is not so strong. . and all people living in this world with some sort of hopes. . I too had.. but it is very small and tiny to be identified as well.. anyways. . I found him with sahil.. sahil is a good person. . he is from those rare people I can believe in this world. . and the owner of that ‘pair of eyes’ I think he is sahil’s friend.. I don’t know why I can’t forget his eyes.. it was very sharp to caught my attraction..

I heard someone opening the door.. it will be ragini.. my bestie.. we are sharing one flat. it was a luxurious flat.. this ugly ‘profession’ or whatever it is called by others give me so much money.. but it snatch my happiness , my life, my desires, everything from me..

I heard a knock in the door. . ragini came to my room..

” swara did you had food?”

she asked me with a lot of love..

” ragini why should I have food? ”

“for living”

” why should I live? I didn’t have any reason for living. . then why should I”?

ragini slapped me.

” how dare you to think like this, ?
I want you.. don’t dare to said like this.. you are my friend. . I will be always with you.. ”

I placed my head on her shoulders and weep silently. . that time ‘that pair of eyes’ came to my mind.. it made me restless

pov ends..

sanskar’s pov..

till yesterday everything were fine.. I was happy and lead a joyful life.. but after seeing her everything changed. . why I’m thinking so much about a bar dancer? no.. I can’t think that she is a bar dancer. . it is paining. . why the hell she is doing such a job? I didn’t think she is doing this for money. . there must be some other reason.. what will be it? I want to find out.. but why should it bother me? am I in love with her? oh know I’m gone mad.. how can I think like this.. love that too for a bar dancer.. no way.. no way? why? she is also a human.. she deserves some happiness. . is there any law suggest that bar dancers can’t live a normal happy life? I don’t think any girl do this job for full willingness. . did any girl want to defame her name by doing this ? no.. I want to find out more about her..I don’t know why but I’m attracted to her.. is it love? I don’t know.. but when that boys made nasty comments about her I wanted to kill them.. when other men look her with their lust I wanted to pick their eyes with a knife.. I’m feeling very much pain in my heart when I thought about she is being a bar dancer.. it simply kills me. . I don’t know what feeling I have. . but I will save her from this hell.. this is my vow to myself. .

pov ends..

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Credit to: Jwala

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