swasan ff: I love you swara (episode 1)

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11 pm midnight. .

sanskar’s pov

The bar was crowded with rich people. . it was not a simple bar.. it was a highly luxurious multi star bar.. only rich people can came to such a place.. business men, doctors, engineers and every type hype professional people are came there to drink and enjoy .. I came this place with my friend sahil .. I don’t have any interest actually. . but sahil forced me and it is impossible to say no to him.. suddenly lights off.. I didn’t understood what was happening. . I heard some voices.. music started.. then some magnificent light are on.. I saw a girl standing in the middle of the floor.. she was stunning really stunning. . she wear a dark blue shining off shoulder dress. . it’s both sides have slits.. her s*xy legs were visible through the slits. . her eyes was damn gorgeous. . in my entire life I never saw such a beautiful pair of eyes. . its beauty enhanced by dark blue mascara.. her lips are blood red.. her hair has curls on the bottom.. her neck was perfectly made for kissing .. she had a super hot body.. beautiful curves, any man will fall for her.. she srarted dancing.. I understood that she is a bar dancer.. she has an angelic face.. but her job is not good.. she attracted me in the first sight. . I saw other men in the bar looking her with lustful eyes.. I don’t know why I feel pain in my heart.. what is happening to me? why I’m thinking too much for a bar dancer. . I looked in to her eyes.. there was fire in her eyes.. I don’t saw any seductive expression in her eyes. . I saw only a mixture of hatred and anger in her eyes.. one men tried to touch her while dancing. . but she bravely moved back in a dance move.. I was astonished that she is not letting anyone to even touch her.. and same time I have a rage to cut those hands which tried to touch her.. dance over and she disappeared leaving me restless..

” sanskar ”

sahil’s voice bring back me to the world. .

” ha sahil”

” you are looking upset.. what happened to you?”

” vo nothing happened. . ”

” do you enjoy the dance?”


I don’t enjoy the dance.. I was thinking about her.. and she is making me restless. . sahil smiled when I say no..

” don’t lie sanskar.. she is very hot na”

” sahil juat shut up.. don’t said like this.. poor girl”

ho my stupid mind.. I refer her as poor girl.. what will sahil think now..

” sanskar tell the truth. . you were staring that girl and you were disturbed when dance finished. . and you are saying that you don’t enjoy the dance.. what is going through your mind man? spil it out”

” do you know who is that girl? ”

I asked him simply. . I don’t expect an yes from his mouth. . but he give me shock. .

” yes sanskar. . I know her”

I was shocked and happy at the same time..

” how ? what is her name?”

” she is swara”

swara.. musical melodious name.. I loved the name so much. . I think it is the most beautiful name I have ever heard. .

” she was my childhood friend”

sahil again give me the shock..

” sahil tell me everything about her.. and how did she get in to a job like this? ”

sahil didn’t respond .. he pay the bill and go out side.. I too follow him. . in parking area we heard someone discussing about her..3 boys..

boy1: dude that girl had a s*xy body. .

boy2: ha yaar.. she was an item.. I want her for 1 day..

boy3: she is a bar dancer na.. so if she get money she will do anything. .

boy1: ha maybe she is giving physical pleasure to someone now..

I could not take it anymore. . I rushed towards then and give a punch to that boy.. I think sahil will control me but in my surprise he was also giving punches and beating that boys.. atlast they fall on ground and begged for our mercy. .

” don’t think about any girl’s like this. . else I will kill you” I scremed..
me and sahil leaves the place with a heavy heart….


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Credit to: Jwala


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      not second dear.. it is third ff .. I replied you on broken wings.. Please check. . thank you so much dear

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