SwaSan FF-A Love Story (Character Sketch)

swara : A college going girl.pretty. A Very good dancer and singer . Average at academics . Cheerful. Is very close to her friends.

sanskar: A handsome and smart college going guy.Did his first year of college in Boston university and is returning as per his mother’s wish.An amazing dancer and plays the guitar very well.

Shekhar:Swara’s dad. very rich but grounded.very close friend of DP.Loves his wife and daughters a lot.
Sharmishtha: Swara;s mom.A very sweet lady.loves her family more than anything.
DP:Sanskar’s dad. Very rich yet grounded.Returned from US after 5 years but sanskar wanted to complete his first year in Boston.Loves his family.friend of shekhar
AP:Sanskar’s mom.Very caing and loving towards her family.very close friend of sharmishtha

Ragini: swara’s elder sister.Completed college and is doing internship for medical in delhi.Loves swara a lot.Can go to any extent for her happiness.

Lakshya:sanskar’s elder brother.RJ.Living in Mumbai for sometime.Loves sanskar a lot .

Abhimanyu: very close friend of Swara.very caring and humble.A very nice dancer . Swara shares all her secrets with him.

So these are the main characters . Others will enter soon.I’ll describe them then .


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  1. Sus

    woww nyc i would like to see alot of siblings love

    1. Apsara

      you’ll surely get to see sibling love

  2. Manasvi

    Hey dii..
    Welcome to the SwaSanian’s family too..!!
    It is quite interesting..

    1. Apsara

      thanx a lot

  3. Continue soon

  4. Nice plot

  5. Nice plot and can u pls show us best friendship Ness bcz I don’t have any best friend I always crave for friends

  6. nice continue

  7. LostStories

    Looking good..?

  8. Apsara

    Thankyou everyone…your comments mean a lot to me..I’ll continue soon

  9. NYC pls continue.

  10. Gayathri.visu

    Nice start.

  11. Arshaanya

    Loved it..
    Continue soon

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