SwaSan FF-A Love Story (Episode 18)

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***Here’s the link to the last epiEpisode 17

***Let’s start

Swara:Well Sanskar thx for the treat but it’s late so I’ll head home now

Sanskar:Oh ya even Maa will be worried but I’ll drop you first

Swara:No no thx it’s ok

Sanskar:Shutup(takes her hand and walks)

Swara(stares at his hand)

Sanskar:Oh madam where are you..Pls come back to planet earth

Swara:Arrey I said na that there’s no need for help so what’s your problem

Sanskar:My problem is that I cannot leave u alone


Sanskar(confused):Ya I mean I can’t leave u alone on the road na Maa will kill me if she gets to know

Swara:Oh pls now don’t start your drama..Come let’s go

Sanskar:You should agree at once why waste so much time arguing

****Drops her

Swara goes

Sanskar:Arrey what’s wrong with her she didn’t even say bye


***At night

Swara:(talking to herself)Why am I thinking so much about that Sanskar why does he feel so different like…family…Ohh god Swara what’s wrong with u…I think I’m ill I should sleep

****Next day (rehearsal hall)

Sanskar:Where is Swara today…everyday she comes before me and starts with her taunts when I enter where is she…I should look around(goes out)

***Abhi enters:Omg I can’t believe my eyes I hv come before those to early birds…Wow…I’ll take a selfie with this room so that I can remember this moment(takes out phone)

***Ruhi enters:Abhi what are u doing…Why are u taking a picture with an empty room(laughs)

Abhi:What are you laughing at haan???I was the first one to come here today so…

Ruhi:Oh pls don’t stay in that illusion…Sanskar sir met me outside he was looking for Swara and he told me start rehearsing as everyone comes so…he was the first one

Abhi:This Sanskar na he cant bear my happiness (makes face)

Ruhi(opens bottle 2 drink water)(but starts laughing at Abhi)(water falls)

Abhi:Oh madam control your laughter and what have u done??This is a rehearsal room where people dance what if someone falls??

Ruhi:Oh god calm down I’ll call Aaya didi


***5 mins later(ppl start entering)

Abhi:Oh god how long will this Ruhi take??People hv started filling in…we need to practice…I should only go(to everyone):Guys I’ll be bk in a minute until then no one practices

***He goes


Sanskar:Where is this girl her phone is also switched off..I can’t be wasting my time we need to practice the performance is tomorrow and this crazy girl na!!!I should start the practices

Swara(while going towards the rehearsal room)(to herself):Oh no how can I be late…this stupid alarm na!!Practices might’ve started(enters and see everyone chatting)(to then)WTH are you guys up to ??We have to perform tomorrow and u guys are gossiping here..Seriously and where is Sanskar?

Saamya:Abhi told us not to start without him and we haven’t seen Sanskar

Ruhi:Sanskar was looking for you I mean u are never late so he was worried…Where is your phone ?

Swara:Actually it’s discharged(enters and goes towards the front)let’s begin so….Aaaaaah(slips)(shuts her eyes)

Sanskar(catches her)

****Screen freezes

PRECAP-Sanskar takes care of Swara

Hi ppl hope u like this short update…Actually I made a vm on Swasan so don’t forget to watch it and also share it as much as you can the link is given below


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