Swasan ff is it a love story epi 5

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Part 5
Like this days pass and swasan get more close it was mid of their studies
When sanskar’s parent came to swara,s house for her proposal swara didn’t knew about it as she was in college her parents agreed saying we will ask her first but ram interrupted
Ram: actually the thing is my son is in love with your daughter so he will propose her tomorrow in college so no need to tell her
shekhar agrees

Next day college
Sanskar was excited to propose swara where as swara was unknown to the fact
Finally in break time
Swara came out of the class and her friends pull her on a sit saying we will come don’t move
She sat there for a while and sanskar came in front of her and started sings main phir bhi tum to chahunga
As soon as he finishes
He kneels to the ground in front of her

Sanskar: swara I love u from bottom of my hear I loved you always it started as a crush but it is true love I am not able to breath without you a day without u is like a year to me will you marry me
Swara said yes and they both hugged and sanskar adorned her finger with a red ruby and diamond ring

Precape: swara crying and rushed to sanskars house and he is shocked to see her devastated

Sorry for not uploading for such a long time actually my wrist got dislocated so i was not allowed to use my mobile

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