SwaSan FF-A Love Story (Episode 2)

An idea strikes Swara’s mind…….
She calls the fresher who was passing by
Swara: Hey u!Come here
Fresher:Yessss Ma’am(scared)
Swara:Give me ur spectacles.
Fresher:But Ma’am……
Swara:What but…I am ur senior
Fresher:yes Ma’am here..(gives his spectacles)

Swara to herself:Now see Mr Hot…Just wait and watch
She wears those spectacles and ties her hair into a braid.
She then searches for the guy….
She sees him standing and talking to someone…
she goes to him and calls him
The guy turns…Swara is once again spellbound to see him…
He is Sanskar
Sanskar: Yes…
Swara:Actually sir..(she tries to pull her top to cover hersef properly)those people standing there(points towards her gang)….actually they are ra ra ragging me( a tear rolls down her cheek)
Sanskar is shocked to see her crying
Swara in her mind -wow! looks like my acting is working…
Swara:They told me to wear short clothes and dance in the middle of the corridor…Sir u look like a senior pls help me
Sanskar:Don’t worry I’ll help u..Come with me

Sanskar takes her towards her gang…….
Swara thinks : Abhi u dared Swara….Now see

PRECAP-Sanskar gets to know about the Dare.

Shayra is played by Virushika Mehta
Swara’s gang consists of Abhi,Shayra,Prerna(Sana Amin Sheikh),Purab(suggest a tv actor for him)and her.

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