Swasan ff is it a love story epi 2

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Part 2
School :
Swara is standing in entrance of the school looking a bit nervous she was about to enter when she hears a sweet voice saying : new admission?
She turned and saw a beautiful girl smiling brightly
Swara said: umm yes
Girl: oh I’m kavya and you are
Swara:swara Gadodia
Kavya: class
Kavya: omg mine too come we will sit together
They enter the class all eyes were on swara
She smiled and moved to her bench
Suddenly she caught herself staring at a boy he is cute she thought and chuckled
At break time
Swara was friendly in nature so all liked her she still didn’t knew the cute boys name so she called him cutie pie
Suddenly he approached her and said : hi I’m sanskar maheshwari
Swara was shocked to see him said :i i…..Haan I m swara Gadodia ??
Like days days passed and they became close when sanskar use to say something swara used to blush and when swara says something then sanskar stares her lovingly but didn’t know what to call their relation they were sure it was a crush whole class got to know about it by their antiques and used to tease them a lot to which sanskar smiled cutely or used to be embarrass while swara used to blush
Always swara caught sanskar staring her so lovingly she used to stare him back to which he gets embarrassed to get caught red handed ?? (such good old memories) epi ends on swara’s laughing face and sanskar’s embarrassed face
Huh done with this part too

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  1. its nyc but use different instances of school life to make it unique one

    1. Sunny2211

      Thank you so very much for your advise but.. As mentioned earlier this ff is based on my life so I wrote what ever happened in the past if you wish more I can write but it will not be related to my real life story so tell your opinion on it

      1. Write ur story as uh wixhed as uh thought dear!! No need to chnge

  2. Nice but write a little bit longer..it was short..continue soon..tc..

    1. Sunny2211

      Sure I’ll try thanks

  3. Awesome dear

  4. Simi

    Good one dear

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