swasan ff : your love is my life prolouge by kaynat & priya

Hey guys back with prologe of this ff and guys sonia is played by adda khan dont beat me i too  her but i needed a strong character for this role and kavita is too used for negative so thought to bring new stuffs so lets start and yaa romance part is written by priya so little vit romance is added here so start


A big mansion is shown where a person was talking with someone on phone he was wearing red blazer with black tshirt and blue jeans his well built body and his charm was making him more attractive no wonder how handsome he was!! And he was non other than sanskaar

Sanskaar : so ragini when youll are returning from delhi
Ragini : bhai laksh’s work still havent done completely but we will be surely returning till next week
Sanskaar : acha ok take care and i will talk to laksh later tell him bye love you
Ragini : ha bhai you too take care and say sonia hii from my side bye
Sanskaar cuts the call and smiles at her sis and went down where his mom and dad were on dining table
Sanskaar : good morning mom and dad
Anupurna : morning beta you talked with ragini what she told when she is returning
Sanskaar : mom they will be returning till next week
Dp : acha sanskaar will you tell us about your marraige na or like you will do it by your own like you chosen bride for yourself
Sanskaar : oh common dad why you always behave like this to me sonia is chosen by youll too na and you also know that she is good and perfect
Dp murmurs : how much she is perfect i know na!!!
Dp : toh sanskaar you both are engaged so why you both are taking so much time to marraige
Sanskaar : dad she is doing her bussiness and am too busy with mine marraige will happen but not so soon
Dp : ok do whatever you want i will not tell anything
Ap : acha now stop all this and kindly do breakfast plz
They all silently nods

Screen shifts to a small house where a girl was shown praying
Girl : plz krishnaa ji dont make bua shout on me today as today i will get my ca results so plz plz plz
She was non other than swara her prayer was disturbed by a loud voice which was of her bua
Jhanki : swara where are you come fast  i want my tea
Swara hurriedly goes to her
Swara : yes bua abhi layi
She prepares tea and gives to her
Jhanki takes the sip and breaks the cup by hearing its voice adharsh and pari too came out of their room
Jhanki : whats dis no taste in tea where are you lost got some boyfriend or what haa answer me why are you quiet
Swara was in tears
Swara : am sorry bua
Jhanki : bas doing things wrong and den sorry you are really use less
Adharsh : maa plz stop it
Jhanki : adharsh stay out of it ok
Swara runs to her room and cries adharsh and pari goes to her room
Jhanki thinks : what to do with this girl now have to throw her out of the house as soon as possible warna she will totraly make adharsh and pari against me i have to find a match for her as soon as possible
There in swara’s room
Swara was on her bed crying when adharsha nd pari enters she wipes her tears
Pari : swar janedo why you get affected by her chalo wipe your tears
Adharsh : acha swara leave all that today is result na so come we trio will go and while returning i will give you ice cream treat
Swara : wow bhaiya love you so much
She hugged him and then all trio left and results came swara topped she was on cloud nine she passed C.A adharsh and pari were too happy at her success
Pari : so swara today is your day ask any wish and i or adharsh will fulfill it
Swara : i dont have any now but when i have to ask i will ask for it
Adharsh : ok sisso now chalo we have to go to icecream parlour too
They all left happily to parlour

In Sanskaar’s office he was checking his files when someone came to his cabin and bolted the door sanskaar didnt liked as anybody cant come without his permission he shouted
Sanskaar : who the hell came without permission
He looked up and found a girl wearing pink crop top with blue mini skirt and high heels she was sonia his fiancee
Sonia : your would be wife jaan
She wents to sanskaar with seductive smile and sat on his lap
Sonia : so why my jaan is so angry
Sanskaar : nothing soni just some work you tell any work which bought you here
Sonia : oh common sanskaar i came here to enjoy with my would be hubby
In the process sonia starts removing his jacket and unbutton his shirt while sanskaar broke the kiss
Sanskaar hands travel up to her thighs he squeezes it she mourns while he remove his top and she was in bra he started giving her open mouth kisses there while she cluthed his hair
Sanskaar : you s*xy soni
Sonia : so make me yours jaan
He was about to pull her skirt when they heard a knock on his cabin they both gets embrassed and dressed themselves again
Sonia : sanskaar am going meet you tomorrow at your house coming to meet  my would be mom and dad
Sanskaar smiled
Sanskaar : sure soni but wear something good as mom and dad wont like it
Sonia laughed
Sonia : hope so sanskaar chalo bye love you
Episode ends

Precap : swara wants to become lawyer sanskaar’s pov towards his love and marraige

So guys done with this part hope youll like it dont beat me with chappals for making sosan romance it was needed guys so did it chalo bye

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  1. Awesome waiting for nxt part update soon dear

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  2. Hmmm maybe sanskar and sonia have lust story rather than love story

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      ??? you will get to know simin soon

  3. Rabia

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  4. I too find simin right . They have lust story rather than love story.

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