Swasan FF: Love beats Everything (Prologue+Chapter 1)


Sanskaar Maheshwari weds Swara Gadodia.

These two people are going to be bonded in a very special relation.

But as people say life is not a bed of roses. There are always ups and downs and I suppose you can call them a rollar coaster ride.

Swara is a girly girl and you can say that she is a typical sterotype girl in an Indian family. Nver speaks up and always obeys her parents. Even though she wants to become a teacher and teach children she is not allowed to do a job.

Sanskaar is an arrogant type of a boy. He always does what he want. The biggest tycoon in India. Hates to obey stuff from others.

What will happen when 2 people pole apart get bonded in a sacred bond.

Chapter 1,
Swara woke up at 6:00 a.m. She has to or else her mother would get angry and say that she is a girl and girl should no sleep late. Swara hated waking up late. She wanted to sleep as long as she could but what can she do. She doesn’t want to disobey her mother.
Swara POV
The stupid alarm. I want to sleep doesn’t anyone in the world get that when a girl doesn’t get her beauty sleep then she is pissed of for the day. Well I am awake might as well just get up and go downstairs and help ma.
I got dressed and went downstairs. From seeing my Mom’s face she looked happy. A bit too happy. Something isn’t right.
“Mom are you ok?” I asked.
” I am perfectly fine and what are you wearing. Go and get changed into that red sari, I had bought you last week. Come on.” Somi said angrily.
I nodded and went upstairs. By the time I got ready the doorbell rang. My dad had opened it and a family entered.
Who were they. I thought to myself. Then all of a sudden My mom came and told me to bring tea and snacks to them. ” put your pallu on your head” Mom said nervously.
What is going on. Can someone please tell me. I thought to myself.
I went to them and gave them tea and they started to ask question on whether can I cook and do other household stuff. Then all of a sudden it ranged on my head. It was a marriage proposal for me. I don’t want to get married. I want to become a teacher. “We like your daughter and we accept her for my son” Sujata aunty I think said.
I was devasted. No.No. This is not fair on me.
“We accept your son too.” My dad said.
Brilliant. My life ruined in a spam of a day…

Hi Guys I hoped you liked this chapter. If you find any mistakes or you want to suggest something for the story please do not hesitate just comment it down below. Please like and comment. This all encourage me to write. I am always a silent reader but I just decided to write this story.This is my first Swasan story.Thanks for reading this…?

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