Swasan FF: Love beats Everything (Chapter 2)


Chapter 2 Shocking surprise part 2,
Swara POV

I went downstairs to see my dad and my mom.

“My Shona aren’t you happy to see that they accepted you. I knew a good proposal like that woudn’t go from our hands.” Sharmista said.

I wanted to protest and say No, I want to become a teacher but I couldn’t dissappoint them. So I just nodded.

My dad just came to me and hugged me. He also said how proud he was of me.

“Also the wedding is going to be in a week. They said that their son is going to India (Swara and their family live in US) so they wanted him to get married before that.” Shomi said.

Swara POV over.

Swara stood their frozen. In a week’s time! I am also going to be going to India! NO! NO! NO! This is so not fair. And also there goes my dream of being a teacher because the wedding is in a week.

Days passed like lightning. Swara bonded with Sujata aunty and Ap aunty. But she never got to meet with Sanskaar who she is going to spend the rest of her life with.

Wedding Day,

Swara stood up in a beautiful bridal attire to go downstairs in the mandap. Every step she took her heart was beating very fast. She looked at the mandap and saw that her soon-to-be-huband was wearing a sehra for which his face could be not seen.

(Guys I am going to skip to the part where Sanskaar puts sindoor is Swara’s maang and mangulsutra.)

Swara closed her eyes as Sanskaar puted sindoor in her maang. Then he put mangalsutra in her neck.

After that they were asked to stand up and do the 7 pheras.

Swara is now offically Mrs. Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari. Swara then heard that the priest said that Sanskaar could take off the shehra. Finally Swara could see his face. As he took of the sehra she saw he was acting like a KID!!!

That means Sanksaar was mentally unbalance and nobody told me about it!!!!

But the most shocking thing was that her parents were calm that means they knew about this. They married off their daughter to a person like that and didn’t even tell her.

Hi Guys sorry for the late update, I don’t know but I got writer’s block. I hope you all liked this chapter.

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