Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 9


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Recap: Gowtham Intro makes Sanskar jealous. Swasan Romance in the rain.

Swasan reached Maheshwari mansion. There is a deep silence between them. They did not face each other and not even try for that. Swara runs inside the house and stopped by Annapurna.

AP: by seeing her condition, Swara what happened. have you caught in the rain?

Swara: ha badi maa. We started but suddenly we got drenched in the rain. I will change my dress n come.

AP: ok.

Swara went to her room. AP sees Sanskar just entered inside and he is also in the same condition.

AP understands it and smiles seeing Sanskar is lost somewhere. She in her mind, “Sanskar, i can read ur mind. U r in love with Swara. Day by Day i am seeing the differnce in ur behaviour. though for the sake of promise u r ready to marry kavita, but ur heart still lies with Swara only.” tears came out from her eyes and sees sanskar going to his room.

@Swara room

Swara changes dress to night wear and looks at the hanger which has Sanskar’s over coat. Swara is completely lost and rewinding the kiss scenes in her mind and smiles shyly and happily by touching her lips. She couldn’t control her emotions hugged that coat passionately.

@Sanskar room

Sanskar too is lost in her thoughts and a flash is going on in his mind. he is just mesmerized by seeing Swara’s reaction for his move. Unknowingly he smiles and says that “Love you dear. I am missing you so much each and every second of my life.”

Both swasan lost into each other’s thought and they reminisces their sweet moments. A dream sequence both are together and dreaming this song respectively in a very romantic and sensous way. (pls imagine urself and BTW it is a very very romantic song and my favourite one)

Male: Minnalgal Koothaadum Mazhai Kaalam..

(Lightning enjoying the rainy season)

Veedhiyil Engengum Kudai Kolam..

(The streets are full of colorfull umbrellas)

En Munney Nee Vandhaai Konja Neram..

(You came in front of me for some time)

En Vizhi Engum Poo Kaalam.

(My gaze anywhere flowering period)

Udal Kodhithathey.. Uyir Midhanthathey..

(My Body is burning…Soul is Floating)

Haiyyo Adhu Enakku Pidithathadi..

(Oh god… i just loved it)

Edai Kuraindhathey.. Thookkam Tholaindhathey..

(Weight is reduced..Lost my Sleep)

Haiyo Paithiyamey Pidithathadi..

(oh god.. i become mad)

Same stanza for female version also.


Mudhal Murai En Viral Pookkal Parithadhu Thottathiley..

(The first time my finger Stripped the garden with flowers)

Thalaiyanai Uraiyil Sweet Dreams Palithadhu Thookkathiley..

(Cover the head of the dam Sweet Dreams fulfilled while sleeping itself)

Kaalai Theneer Kuzhambaai Midhanthadhu Sottrukulley..

(Morning tea floated messing in the rice)

Kirukkan Endroru Peyarum Kidaithadhu Veetukkuley..

(Got a name called Mad in the home)


Kadhali Oru Vagai Nyabaga Maradhi..

(There is a type of love called forget)

Kann munne Nadappadhu Maranthidumey..

(Forgetting everything happened in front of eyes)

Vavaalai Pøl Namum Ulagam Maari..

(World is changing like a bat)

Thalaikeezhaga Thøngidumey..

(Will hang upside down)

Udal Kodhithathey.. Uyir Midhanthathey..

(My Body is burning…Soul is Floating)

Haiyyo Adhu Enakku Pidithathada..

(Oh god… i just loved it)


Edai Kuraindhathey.. Thookkam Tholaindhathey..

(Weight is reduced..Lost my Sleep)

Haiyo Paithiyamey Pidithathadi..

(oh god.. i become mad)


Èn Per Kettaal Un Per Šønnen Padhattathiley..

(I told your name instead of my name when asking me)

Pakkathu Veettil Kølam Pøtten Kuzhappathiley..

(Have put rangoli in neighbour’s home in a confusion)

Kadhal Kavidhai Vaangip Padithen Kirakkathiley..

(Read a romantic poetry in a romantic mood)

Oh..Kuttip Pøønaikku Mutham Køduthen Mayakkathiley..

(oh gave a kiss to a little cat unknowingly)


Kaadhalum Oruvagai Bødhai Thaaney..

(Oh Love itself is a kind of addiction)

Ullukkul Veri Yettrum Pei Pøla..

(Make me like a devil inside)

Ènindha Thøllai Èndru Thallip Pønaal..

(I go away to avoid the trouble)

Punnagai Šeidhu Kønjum Thaai Pøla..

(Kiss me like my mother)


Udal Kodhithathey.. Uyir Midhanthathey..

(My Body is burning…Soul is Floating)

Haiyyo Adhu Enakku Pidithathada..

(Oh god… i just loved it)

Edai Kuraindhathey.. Thookkam Tholaindhathey..

(Weight is reduced..Lost my Sleep)

Haiyo Paithiyamey Pidithathada..

(oh god.. i become mad).

Swasan lost in to sleep by dreaming about each other.

@Raglak room

Ragini is lost in her thoughts and thinks how to talk to Swara, after all she did everything to seperate Swasan.

Laksh: hey lado, what happen, r u in a very deep thinking?

Rags: Ha Laksh, i want to talk to Swara, but i am not able to do so. I feel very guilty by seperating them. All this is happening because of me only. i only cheated her and got the sign in the divorce paper. I am the reason for all her troubles. She started crying badly.

Laksh hugs and consoles her.

Laksh: Ok, listen. You both are sisters right. I am sure, if you go and talk swara will definitely talk. Just move your ego away and arrest her in your sistely love. Everyone is waiting for this including me. I am able to realize it that how much you both sisters are missing each other. Atleast you have me that you can share your feelings. But see swara, she is alone and she is not sharing her sorrow with anyone. You are the one whom she can share everything. i think, i gave a big lecture to you. Hope you understand.

By saying this he kissed her forehead and went for sleep. Rags started thinking deeply.

@Next morning

Swara gets ready to go for office but still she is nervous how to face Swara. but she saw her in the mirror and says that, Y swara? Y u r hiding your feelings? You came to take your love back right. Then there is no point in being a shy girl. Just face him as if nothing had happened. then he will start thinking abt you that whether you have affected or not. By saying this, she jumped through excitement and adjusted her look and went to the living hall.

She greets AP, DP and everyone and about to leave for office, rags calls Swara, pls stop for a moment.

Everyone is shocked to see Ragini coming from temple with pooja plate. She is in full smiley mood and she went near to Swara. Swara is shell shocked.

Rags: Swara, i know i have did a lot of wrong things to you. If i ask simply sorry, then it is not enough. I know it. But i want to become your sister again. I want we both become Swaragini again and to become each other’s strength. By saying this, she gave prasad to her and says all d best for your mission. I am there always to provide support for you and smiles at her.

Swara doesn’t come out from that shock, she just got the prasad and did not say anything, she leaves to office. Rags gets teary eyed but she controlled it and went inside.

kavita is watching all these from her room and says that, What is happening here in this house? Nowadays this sanskar is not at all looking at me and these sisters again they are trying to get united. No, it should not happen. I will never allow this to happen. My place is getting weak here. I should safeguard myself here at any cost. Swara, i know you helped me but for that sake, i cannot give my destiny to you. Sanskar is my destiny, at whatever cost, i will make him mine. I will do anything for that Swara.

Laksh & Swara reached office together and sanskar went in his own car alone.

Three of them reached office at exact time and reached the lift and enter inside. They stand like, Sanskar-Swara-Laksh inside the lift. Laksh noticed them and he moves little away so that they can enjoy their eyelock.

Swasan got locked into each other’s eyes and couldn’t move away for a single bit. Both of them were reminisces their moments yesterday night and recalls their romantic moves also.

They reached the workbay and starts walking to wards their places. Just to make them realise the reality, a voice came from the work bay and disturbed them. it is none other than Gowtham. He just say Good Morning to Laksh and Sanskar and says “Sweet morning to a beautiful girl” and he extends his hand only to her. She doesn’t like but she observed sanskar, he becomes angry and jealous which clearly shows in his eyes. She noticed him and extends her hand to Gowtham and wished him back.

Gowtham: Oho Swara. You know what, i never seen such a beauty till now. you have beauty with brain. i saw your work yesterday. Not bad u r doing good. Finally i got a perfect partner for me.

Everybody is shocked by his words, he noticed it and changed it says “I mean, in work, now i can share my work load to her since she is also a hardworker”. Don’t mistake me okay and he smiles broadly. only he smiles.

Three of them gets excused and went to their respective places.


Gowtham called everyone incluuding Sanksar though he is in other department to a conference. He announced that” I have kept a small party in my home for my successfull acheivement by getting these contract. I want everyone of you to be there and wish me good luck in my future projects also.” Party is tomorrow evening. be ready guys and we all have to rock the show. BTW people can come with their partners also, whomever don’t have they can find a new one in the party and he winks and smiles seeing swara.

Sanskar noticed all these and from morning he was in the thought of Gowtham’s interest towards swara makes him more angry. But he controlled it and give a fake smile to him.

They all started leaving from the office and while leaving Sanskar looks at swara but she did not notice him. He felts restless and nervous too.

His nervous shows his mood clearly about the fearing of loosing Swara to someone. He could never ever imagine that in his life time. But situation ties his hands and he acts accordingly without having the knowledge of Kavita whom she is planning something big to get Sanskar back.

Everyone enjoys the party. Laksh with Ragini, Sanskar with Kavita. Sanskar’s interest is all where in Swara. Gowtham and Sanskar both waiting for swara.
Swara enters into the party like a cool breeze. Everyone is mesmerized to see her, especially sanskar. She looks at Gowtham and smiles at him.

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Credit to: Satz

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