Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 8

Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 8

Recap: Swara joins as a programmer in Maheshwari company. Sanskar is mesmerized to see her in a formal look but at the same time he is angry on her.

@Pantry area

sanskar dragged Swara to the corner. Due to this sudden shock swara is about to scream but sanskar closed her mouth by his hands and tells her that its me.

Swara: looks shocked, y u dragged me sanskar?

Sanskar: gives an angry look, what the hell u doing here swara?

Swara: working sanskar. gives him a naughty smile.

Sanskar: What is the need for you to work that too in our company? by holding her hands tightly.

Swara: she feels pain,and says that, u r hurting me sanskar by hold her hands.

Felt bad, he loosens his grip on her but still holding her hands.

Sans: I don’t like you working here swara. Just go from here.

Swara: No. why should i have to go? Y u dint like?

sans: I dont like it. that’s it.

Swara: Unless you tell me the reason, i wont leave my job.

Sans: He blurts out, I cannot resist my self seeing you. I couldn’t sit peacefully there. My eyes are following you everywhere.

Swara: listens happy, Y u want to resist Sanskar. you wanna hold me, just hold it.

By saying that, she joins her hands around his neck and pulls him closer to her. He surprised by her actions and unknowingly he hold her waist and press little hardly.

Swara’s heart beat raised like anything and she closed her eyes and allows him to do whatever he wants.

Sanskar, completely fallen for her starts kissing her eyes. He is about to kiss her lips, suddenly they both hear somebody is approaching there, they both moved away and avoided the eye gaze.

With much shyness, swara immediately runs out from there followed by Sanskar. When he reached work area, a smart handsome guy showing his back to him, is surrounded by few employees and welcoming him there.

Sanskar approached him and turns him to see his face. His name is Gowtham who is working as a lead analyst in maheshwari company who returned from UK after having the contract signed off. Sanskar is happy to see him back and hugs him saying that, “Welcome Back Gowtam !!!. Congratulations, you have done a very good job by getting those contracts to our pockets.”

Gowtham: Thank you Sanskar !!! Its my responsibility. He suddenly looks at sanskar’s back and mesmerized seeing Swara standing.

Sanskar finds the difference in his eyes and he too looks back and finds swara there.

Gowtham walks towards swara and extends his hand to her saying, “Hello Swara !!! How are you? BTW welcome to our team.”

Sanskar feels jealous by his behaviour but controls his emotions.

Swara is shocked by is gesture but she too extends her hands and says, Thank you. But i don’t know who you are.

Sharmi (PA’s name) – Hey swara, he is mr. Gowtham. The most eligible bachelor in our Team. Sharmi has crush on Gowtham, by seeing him she is so excited.

Swara: Shakes hand with him and looks at sanskar. She felt happy seeing him jealousy but she felt sad also.

Gowtham: BTW swara, you look damn beautiful.

Sanskar looks angry but he gets excused himself and went from there. before he goes, he see swara and gowtham once and starts leaving from that place.

Swara: feels embarassed by his words, she cuts off him and left from there saying that she has work.

@Sanskar cabin,

He throws all the things in his cabin in angry, says how dare he says that to her that too infront of me. He thinks about swara for a sec and says that, Only i have rights on her. No one dare should have. I have to keep swara away from him.

@Laksh cabin,

Laksh is amused by seeing all these from his cabin. He felt so happy about sanskar’s behavior and thinks that his plan is going on a right way. He cheers himself says that, Good Laksh, i never think that you can also do this. keep it up.

@ evening,

Everyone left office one by one except Swara, Gowtham, laksh and sanskar.

Gowtham: comes to swara’s place, “hey swara, not yet left. So you wanna join with me?”

Swara: shocked, “no no. I have some work after that i will leave. you carry on.”

Gowtham: Hey its ok yar, afterall i am your lead here. even i am asking you to leave.

Swara thinks how to avoid him, laksh came there and tell him that he has given some work to swara which she needs to be done today itself and ask him to leave. Swara thanks laksh through her eyes and feels relaxed seeing gowtham left.

Swara: thank u so much laksh. i don’t know how to avoid him, thank god you came at right time.

laksh: Its ok. so what is ur plan?

Swara: I am coming with you na to home.

laksh: No you are not. You r coming with sanky bhai. I ll tell him that you have work so you are staying late. he winks at her and says all d best.

Swara gives thumbs up to him and continues her work just for the name sake, but she is actually waiting for Sanskar.

After sometime, sanky came there and saw swara working seriously, and starts approaching her. Swara feels happy by seeing sanskar but pretends that she didn’t see him.

Sanskar reached her table and calls her.

Sans: swara, laksh informed me that you have some work it will be late for u. He asked me to pick u up. tell me when u will finish it so that i will drop you in home.

Swara : Ha sanskar, 1/2 an hr work is pending. will go after that. No problem for u na?

Sans: No pbm. u finish it and let me know, till that time i am waiting there by showing the couch.

Swara: Ok sanskar.

Sanskar sits on the couch and takes the newspaper to read but his mind, eyes are full of Swara only. he just admires her saying that, “Oh god, what she is doing to me. I am going mad day by day seeing her. God, y r u punishing me like this.”

Swara saw him looking at her and felts happy. She just pretends to be working but really not. SHe is enjoying his getsure on her. Now its more than 1/2 an hr, sanskar came to her and asks her is it over?

Swara: Pretends be busy, No i have little more.

Sans: how long it will take swara. You told it will be 1/2 an hr.

Swara: pretends to be angry, It ok Sanskar, if u get late, u can leave. I am not asking u to stay here.

She told this by thinking that sanskar will not leave her, but to her shock, He got angry by her words and left from there.

Swara looks shocked and dont know what to do. She felt sad but angry also due too his behaviour. She packed her stuffs, and run towards the lift. She saw the lift going down and felt very upset knowing that sanskar left her alone.

She is about to cry, but now the lift is coming up. She stands upset and waits for it to open.

The lift door opens and she is about to enter in, to her surprise, Sanskar is standing inside the lift. He is leaning on the wall and kept his hand inside his pant pockets and kept his legs crossed and looks at her.

She is stunned to see him like this but now she is in angry so she pretends to be like that and enters in the lift.

Without pressing any buttons, she just pressed the close button but the lift is not at all moving. she got angry and says that nothing is working. Suddenly Sanskar came close to her and looks at her intently. Actually swara is standing near the buttons, so he came and press the G button and moved away. Now she really got angry and turns her head away. Sanskar smiles at her childish behaviour.

Lift reaches the ground flr and he kept his hand at her back and pushed to go out. She gets irritated and tells him that she knows how to walk. Dont push me.

Sans: Acchaa, ok. wait here and dont dare to go anywhere.

Swara: really pissed of his behaviour, she shows him angry face and waits there.

sanskar gets his car and asks her to get in. Swara gets in the front seat and puts her seat belt but she did not look at sanskar. Sanskar smiles to himself and says that, naughty to himself.

On the way, swara just looks outside and lost into deep thinking. suddenly she asked him to stop the car. He stopped it and immediately she removed the seat belt and starts running backside. Sanskar also came out from the car and looks at her in the Chat stall. He says, this girl is making me crazy day by day. God pls save me. he also starts walking towards the stall and waits for her.

He makes her to finish it fast so that before rain comes we can go home. Now she got an idea and thinks to make more time.

He lost his patience, he grabbed her hand and pays the amount and drags her to the car. But to her surprise and to his shock, it starts raining and she started laughing and enjoying the rains on the road itself.

She started jumping and starts dancing like a kid. Sanskar also got drenched in rain tries to stop her acting. But she is not. Finally she lifted her up in his arms and runs to the shed where it was covered with trees so no rain drops there.

He makes her stand there and started scolding for her behaviour. She realise that he is angry so she kept quiet at one shout and kept her finger in her lips like a kid. Sanskar just loves her kiddish behaviour. He takes her hand and start wiping her her face with his hands. She felt heavenly and closed her eyes to enjoy this moment. Sanskar sees her and moves closer to her. She felt his presence very near due to his hot breathe on her. Her heart beats like a race and she just wants this moment to be freezed.

sanskar keeps both his hands on her face and starts admiring her. He gently kisses her forehead, then move to her eyes. He placed kiss on both her eyes and kisses her nose. She smiles but still closed her eyes. He bends down and gently kisses her lips.

Her nerves got freezed and she felt the passionate touch on her lips. Their first kiss and she wants to go on his arms completely. He hold her tightly without stopping the liplock. He holds her waist and pressing hardly.

Swara keeps her hands on his chest and slowly she moves her hands to his head and starts rubbing it. The liplock hold them tightly for sometime and it gives them the meaning that they are the ones who made for each other. No one can seperate them. He starts holding her more tightly due to the fear of losing her. he don’t want to leave her not only now but anytime.

It was at first almost as if he hadn’t wanted to kiss her. His mouth was hard on hers, unyielding; then he put both arms around her and pulled her against him. His lips softened. She could feel the rapid beat of his heart, taste the sweetness of apples still on his mouth. She wound her hands into his hair, as she’d wanted to do since the first time she’d seen him. His hair curled around her fingers, silky and fine. Her heart was hammering, and there was a rushing sound in her ears, like beating wings”

At last he released her from his grip and looks at her with bunch of loves in his eyes. She opened her eyes and looks at him lovingly. They both lost into each other’s and there the call comes to disturb them.

They both come to reality and moves away and feels embarassed. He attends the call, it was kavita. he looks disturbed by hearing her voice and looks at Swara who turns her head away to avoid his gaze. he answered saying on d way.

He saw swara feeling cold, so he gave his overcoat to cover her and ask her to come.

Inside the car, both doesn’t tallk to each other. it is damn full silent. Both dont want to see each other now.
Swara feels very happy and thinks that i saw the love for me in his eyes, in his touch and in his kiss. he too feels that i am his and only he has right on me. But onlything is he has to tell this to everyone. I am sure one day or the other, he will definitely come to me. he cannot be away from me for more days.

Sanskar thinks, What i am doing? i am not keeping away from swara and feels uncontrollable by seeing her. Otherside i am just acting infront of kavita just to make her happy. But my happy and life is always lies on swara. I don’t know what i am doing? i am playing with both of their emotions. i shouldn’t do this. I have to take a decision soon. god pls give me the strength to take the right decision.

They both reached Maheshwari mansion.

Precap: Gowtham invited everyone in the office for the party he arranged. Everyone came there with their pairs. Laksh with Ragini, Sanskar with Kavita. Gowtham and Sanskar both waiting for swara. Swara’s entry make everyone stunned by seeing her.

Guys, how is this episode. Comments pls. I hope you all like it.

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