Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 7


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Recap: Swara gets permission from DP to join in Maheshwari Company.

@Kavita’s room

Kavita is tensed walking here and there in her room. Sanskar came and asked her y she called him. Kavita looks at him without answering his question. Sanskar got irritated and angrily asked her to say something y she called.

Kavita started crying, by seeing this Sanskar felt bad and try to console her and asked whether she takes her medicines or not. SHe told no. He gets concerned and gives her the medicines. After that he try to leave her room but she hold his hand and tells him that she need to talk to him. He gives her a question look.

Kavita asked him where was he when she came to his room to see him. Sanskar didnot answer her. He looks tensed.

Kavita: i know sanskar, you went to meet Swara. I saw you coming out from her room. Y r u hiding this to me.

Sanskar: No Kavita, don’t mistaken. Its just a visit to check whether she is comfortable or not.

Kavita: I believe you Sanskar. And you need to do a favour for me.

Sanskar: Yeah, tell me.

Kavita: From now on, you should not meet or talk to her. Its a promise on me. Will you do?

Sanskar: Shocked, but try to compose himself, kavita, what is this? You r talking rubbish. I cant do any promise and i never did promise to anyone. U too know that.

Kavita: I know. That’s y i asked you. Pls sanskar. Give me a promise.

Sanskar: No Kavita, i will try not to talk to Swara. But i cannot give promise for these silly things. Actually i felt bad that you are not believing me. He makes a sad face.

Kavita: She felt bad seeing him sad, its ok Sanskar. Its my mistake to doubt on u. I will not do this again.

Sans: Fine. Go and sleep. Good Night.

Kavita: Good Night.

@Sanskar room

Sanskar lied in his bed and in a deep thinking. He just closed his eyes and remembers Swara’s face. Her naughty smile, lovely eyes and finally her pleading to him. everything come to his mind with a jerk he opens his eyes and looks at her pic.

Sans: Pls Swara, don’t do this to me. I am not able to do anything. You are very near to me but i couldn’t hug u, kiss u, cares u. I am distancing myself from you which hurts me a lot. I am controlling myself whenever i am seeing you. You are givving me a very tough job to control my emotions.

You know Swara, kavita asked me a promise to not to see u, talk to u. How can i promise like that. I am waiting for a chance to see u, talk to u, hold you. How can i miss that. But at the same time, i am concerned for her also. I don’t want to hurt her also. I am tired of hiding things from everyone. I am praying god that in these 3 months timeline, you should hate me and go away from my life so that u will have a very peaceful life without any troubles. Love You Swara. Good Night. He kissed her pic and slept.

@Next Day morning,

Sanskar wakes up early and went to office and he stil not aware that Swara is gonna join in their company. Lving hall, everyone is waiting for Swara arrival. Laksh is calling her to come out,since it is getting late.

Swara came to the hall. Everyone stunned seeing her and very happy for the change in her. SHe went to temple and pray for the good day. SHe came to the elders and gets blessings from them and starts to office with laksh.

Sanskar reached office and was so restless without any reason. He just came out from his Cabin and enquires about some files to one of the employee. He felt something strange and looks at the door. Door got opened and laksh came. He gave sigh relief and continues his talk. Laksh walks towards him, stops and look back at the door. He says, hey come in.

Sanskar heard him and raised his head to look at the door. The Door opened and he looks stunned on what he saw there. Yes, Swara entered into the office in a full formal attire. She looks gorgeous in that suite. She tied her and put a pony tail and she left some hair at the front, which gives her a very modern look which Sanskar never ever imagined her like that. She just entering to the office like a storm and gives a strong look at him.

Sanskar is speechless and laksh is amused at his reaction. He came to the center and introduces Swara to everyone. She greets everyone including our hero(sanky). Sanskar didnot come out from his dream world that he did not wish her back at all.

Laksh pats his shoulder and make him to come to the real world. Laksh introduced swara as a new joinee and he did not tell them that she is DIL of their family and this was requested by Swara. He added that she will be working under him as a junior programmer from today onwards.

Laksh asks her PA to give a seat to swara and asks her to help her in understanding her work. After that Sanskar drags laksh to his cabin and asks him what nonsense is happening?

Laksh: Bhai, cool cool. Y r u so tensed. Swara asked me to refer any job for her future. I suggested her to work in our company itself.whats wrong in that?

Sanskar: Y she wants to work? what is the need for her to work

Laksh: U forgot i think. Let me remind you then, she will be in our home for 3 months only. After that she has to go and has to live alone.For her future she has to work right.

Sans: Okay, but y u introduced her as a normal employee, she DIL of Maheshwari family right.

Laksh: How long? Just for 3 months na. After that what will be her role in our family. That’s y she don’t want to use that name.

Sanksar got irritated by his answer and did not give him a reply and went out to go to his cabin. (actually that was laksh department, sanskar came there to check for some files, now he went to his cabin which was departed by a glass door. From there he can see everything in that working area)

While coming out, he gave angry look to Swara and he stormed out of that area. Swara is little sad but she composed herself saying that “Its my 1st step Sanskar. I think i am on the right way. Soon i will hit you with my love. You cannot even tolerate it”. After that she spoke to that PA and get to know her work.

After sometime, she felt thirsty and went to Pantry to get some water. She drank the water and about to go, someone dragged her to the corner of that pantry room.Its none other than Sanskar.

She is shocked looking at him. But Sanskar looks very angry on her.

PreCap: Swara and Sanskar fully drenched in the rain and unknowingly they comes very close to each other.

Guys, how is this episode. Comments pls. I hope you all like it.

Credit to: Satz

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