Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 6

Recap: Swara came to MM and gets blessing from everyone except sujata. Sanky stares a her which makes Kavita tensed.

AP: Swara, I cannot tell how much happy i am seeing you here. I never understand you completely and always doubt on u. I want to rectify my mistake. From now on, you always have my support with you. I will stand with you in every situation. God bless you beta.

DP: I agree with you Annapurna. We have hurted Swara so much, but still she loves us. We have to do something which gives the happiness of her life.

RP too agrees with DP statement.

Swara: It’s ok Papa. I am happy that you all love me alot. But this time i want make my life right on my own. I need all ur support and blessings.

DP & AP: together, Sure Swara.

Swara: Papa, i have a request.

DP: Yes beta. Tell me what u want.

Swara: I want to join and work in Maheshwari company.

AP: Swara, what r u saying? How can our DIL work? that too in our company?

Swara: Maa, this is my 1st step in my mission to get my love back. I will not continue my work for so long. It is for short time only. Don’t worry maa, i won’t disgrace our family reputation. U can believe me.

AP: Then whom can i believe Swara. I have full faith on you. U will get success in your mission. i wish u all good luck.

DP agrees and asks her to join from tomorrow itself. Swara is so happy and tells him that he want to work with laksh. DP agrees to it.

AP takes her to another room which is just opposite side of Sanky room. She asks her to take rest and left.

Swara opens the window and gets the fresh air. Unknowingly a smile came to her face and talks to herself, Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari see what you have done on me. I have never fought for myself. This is the very first time i am fighting for you, for your love. It gives me a new exp by the way. I hope everything will be set rightbetween us and soon u will come back to me. i am waiting for that wonderful day. That day, i will be most happiest and luckiest girl in the world. Pls dont make to wait for so long sanskar. I want to feel ur fragrance on me. I LOVE U SANSKAR. I love you alot. by saying this, she closed her eyes.

@Sanskar room

At the same time, sanskar stands near his window, and open his eyes and saying “Y swara. Y r u doing all these. What are you doing to me? I am trying to go away but whenever i see you, my heart beats getting increased. I love you Swara but i cannot tell u this now. I Pls dont do this to me. Just go from my sight.” A tear fell from his eyes.

Background song

Edhukaaga kitta vandaalo

(Why would she come near me?)

Edha thedi vittu ponaalo

(then, why would she leave me ?)


(even if i fall down)

Naa odanje poirundhaalum

(even if i got hurt)

Un ninaivirundhaale podhum

(your memories are enough)

Nimirndhiduvene naanum

(i ll live with a hope)

Ada kaadhal enbadhu Maaya valai.

(love is a magic trap)

Sikkaamal ponavan Yaarumillai

(no one can escape with a gap)

Sidhayaamal vaazhum Vaazhkaye thevai illai

(i don’t need a life which doesn’t hurt)

Yenai maatrum kaadhaley

(Love is changing me)

Unai maatrum kaadhaley

(love is changing you)

yedhayum maatrum kaadhaley Kadhaley

(love is changing everything)

A cool breeze touches both of them. Swara opens her eyes and enjoys the chill breeze.

@Kavita room

Kavita is walking here and there in her room and she looks so tensed because of swara. She thinks, Swara will take my sanskar away from me. I should not let that happen. What she will do? I have to talk to sanskar. She goes to Sanskar room but she finds him no where.

@Swara room

Swara still stands near the window only and enjoys the cool breeze. Sanskar enters her room and locked the door. Swara turns by hearing the door noise. She looks at him and becomes happy but did not show it. She just stands there where she was and looking at him. While Sanky walks towards her. Swara’s heart beat getting increased for each move. She tried her maximum to control her emotions.

Sanskar moves closer to her. she walks backwards when he is still moves to her very close. Finally she hit the wall behind her and stops him by putting her hands on his Chest and says, “Sanskar, what are u doing here?”

Sanskar holds her hands,held it tightly and moves away from his chest. He came very close to her and stares at her. She couldn’t face him so she avoided her gaze and looks here and there. so many butterflies tickling in her stomach 🙂

Sans: Y Swara? What are you doing here? Y r u doing all this? – in a very soft voice

Swara – Kyun Sanskar? Is my presence disturbing you?

Sans: I want your happiness swara. I dont want to see you getting troubled. I am not the right one for you, may be.

Swara – cuts is words, You no need to say that sanskar. I know who is right for me. I know what i am doing. You no need to tell anything. (little angry due to his previous statement)

He held her hands little tightly and about to say something, someone knocked the door. He left her hand and walk towards the door. He finds Laksh outside and ask him what he is doing here?

Laksh: Bhai, i have to ask you this. What you r doing in Swara’s room?

Sanskar is little embarassed and shocked for counter. he looks back at swara and left from that place.

Laksh has a naughty smile on his face by seeing Sanskar and get inside her room.

Laksh: Kya swara? what my brother is saying?

Swara: He is saying the same thing like old tape recorder. (in a irritating tone)

Laksh: Ok ok cool. I came here to inform you that, papa told me everything that you gonna work with me from tomorrow. So we have to start at 9 AM tomorrow. be ready and pls don’t sleep till late in the morning.

Swara: gives an angry look and replies him, OK Boss with a salute. Both of them smiles. Laksh left to his room and swara locked the door and lies in the bed thinking abt her sweet hubby and soon she slept.

@Raglak room

Ragini – Now what this swara is upto? I dont know what plan she has.(little tense mood)

Laksh came there and see her and moves towards her.

Laksh: What r u thinking?

Ragini – Laksh, y this swara came here. what is she upto?

Laksh: U never think anything good in ur life Ragini? Y u always see Swara as ur enemy. She is ur sister. Keep that in mind.

Ragini – then what she is doing with her sister’s husband? (in a angry way)

Laksh: Stop it Ragini. Its too much now. She came here to get her love back from Sanskar. She loves him so much. Even i can see that but y not you?

Ragini – what do u mean?

Laksh: I mean i have no feelings for her Ragini. I understood it long back itself that she loves my Bhai. I have changed my thought already but you are the one who never changed at all though you are able to see everything clearly. Ur ego stops you to do that.

Ragini – hurts by his words, No Laksh. i am feeling insecured because of her.

Laksh – See ragini, keep in mind that Swara loves Sanskar. I am helping her to get her love back. That’s it.okay. And now i want to move on in my life. For that i need ur help. Will you?

Ragini looks at him blindly and asks him what i need to do?

Laksh: Give me ur hand.

Ragini give her hand and he pulls her towards him. Initially she is shocked by his behaviour and there is a cute eyelock happened between them.

Laksh: Ragini, i want to start my life afresh. U know i was not like this. i have lots and lots of dreams abt my life. But everything got shattered. But i realised that i can rebuilt my dreams. You need to support me for that.

Ragini happily nods her head and laksh gently kisses her forehead and asks her to go for sleep now.

After a longtime, ragini slept peacefully with full happiness in her heart. Laksh sees her sleeping and says to himself, Am sorry lado, i have hurt you a lot and that’s y u have changed like this. But i promise i can get my old Lado back soon by my love. He smiles at her and slept happily.

Precap: Swara’s entry in Maheshwari company. Sanskar stunned seeing swara in a new look !!!

Guys, how is this episode. Comments pls. I hope you all like it.

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