Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 5


Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 5

Recap: Laksh supports Swara in her move to get back Sanskar’s love.

Next day, Swara got ready to go to court for the hearing. Sumi & Shekar told her that they can accompany her. But she refused it and told them not to worry. She gave them a confidence look and hired an auto to reach court.


AP comes to Sanskar room and see him upset. She touches his head and asked him to get ready. He turns and hugs her saying,
He is very much confused and unable to take any decision. He says that, he cannot hurt kavita but at the same time he loves Swara more than anything.

AP – Sanskar, i understood ur pain. But this is the time to take the decision. I don’t want to give you any suggestions, since it is ur life, u have to decide what u want, whom u want to share ur rest of the life.

Kavita came there and told sanskar to say yes for the divorce and not to make her hurt. AP got irritated and replied her saying that, “Kavita, don’t force him. Let him decide his life.” AP drags Sanskar and get him into the inside temple and prays for his happiness and sends him.

Sanskar gets blessings from all the elders and left home in his car. On d way, he is completely conquered by Swara’s memories and kavita’s pleads. He puts a sudden break and realised that he reached Court. He got down from his car and searched for swara.

At the same time, Swara also reached there and got down from auto and turns to go. There she sees him and starts walking towards him. Sanky also looks at her without even blinking. His eyes are filled with full and full of love for her.

Once she reached him, she asks him y he is starring at her like this.

Sans: he looks here and there and says that “No Actually woh Swara”, he saw her and after that he couldn’t talk anything just because her eyes were pleading him not to say anything which hurts her. They both lost into each other thoughts.

Their names were called for hearing, they went inside in different directions. Their respective lawyers, accompanied them to the court room.

(Actually this is my idea, but i really don’t know how the hearing will happen. If this is wrong pls bare me).

Both have their counselling and discussion with Judge seperately and came out from the room. Judge gave a break time and asked both of them to be there after 30 mins.

Sanskar and Swara sat on the bench which was outside the room and lost in their own thoughts.

Sanskar remembers what he said in the room (in his mind)

Judge: Mr. Sanskar, you have applied for divorce in a mutual consent. Why you want divorce? For what reason you have applied from your wife?

Sanksar: he kept quiet for sometime, the reminisces all the good moments with her and instantly a smile occured in his face.

Judge: Sanskar, i have asked you a question.

Sans: Sorry, actually, there is no problem with Swara. Problem is me. I am not able to stand for her. As a husband i should support in all her moves but i failed to do it. She always thinks about the welfare of my family. She wants everyone to be happy. Because of that she always falls in a trouble and hurts herself. I cannot see her tears. I want her to go away from me so that she can lead her life in a peaceful way without any problems. I want her to be happy always.

Judge: because?

Sans: spontaneously, because “I LOVE HER”. A cute smile comes on his face.

Judge understands his love and asked him to wait for some time.

After 30 mins,

Judge calls both of them and asked them to take a seat.

Judge: So, i heard both of your statements which gives me a clear solution to your case.

Sans & Swara looks at each other tensedly and waits for judge to complete her statement.

Judge: I decided to give you both 3 months timeline. You both have to stay together in these 3 months. So that you can can decide what you want. Who knows you might change your decision also. I have given this judgement based on your statements. One thing i want to say, in my experience i have seen so many couples who applied for divorce. But they all have always complaints about their partners only. They told all the bad things about their partners. But i never hear those statements from you both. It seems you both love each other. I don’t know whats stopping you to express ur feelings. In these 3 months you can improve ur relationship. It’s very difficult to get the true love nowadays. Think well and decide.

Sanskar gets confused and looks at swara. But she did not look at him and said Thanks to Judge and starts leaving. Sans also followed her, but she left that place already.

Swara remembers what she told to Judge in the counselling room. Judge asked her the same question which she asked him.

Swara: Mam, Initially i thought him as only my friend. He used to trust and stood for me in each and every problems. i did not understand his care and love towards me. I used to scold him a alot but still he loves me a lot. I realized it very late. When i got my love for him, i lost his trust on me. I lost my good friend. I lost my welwisher, i lost my rights on him. I lost his love. But i want him back, his love. i want my friend back. I cannot imagine my life without him. My heart beats only for him. I want to get my love back at any cost. But i cannot force him but i have to make him realise that he is mine and i am his. If i failed to get his love back, then i will take this divorce for his happiness.

She gives some gap and told the judge that she don’t want divorce, she need some time.

Swara reaches Baadi and informs Sumi & Shekar everything. They both are so happy and hugs her and wishes her all the best.

Swara packed her luggage and get ready to start from baadi. Laksh came in his car to baadi to pick Swara.

Swara and Laksh reaches Maheshwari mansion, Swara enters the house and AP, DP, RP, Adarsh and parineeta welcomes her. Sujata gain taunts her and says that she is here to spoil my son’s life, by saying this she went inside.

Kavita looks on shocked seeing swara. Then she noticed Sanskar who looks at swara emotionally. She gets tensed and went inside her room.

Swara looks at sanskar and gives him a wink with a cute smile. Sanskar starring at her with a confused look.

Precap: Swara joins in the Maheshwari Company and starts working there with laksh. Sanskar gets jealous seeing Laksh and Swara together in office. meanwhile Ragini slowly changes her mind and starts realizing that swara is not behind laksh but sanskar. She extends her hand to help Swara in her Mission.

Guys, soon there will be a cute cute love, fight and romantic scenes between Swasan & Raglak jodis. I was so happy while am writing this fiction. A broad smile came from me, don’t know y but am so happy now. Enjoy reading it and provide yur lovely and valuable comments which is a boost for me.

Credit to: Satz

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