Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 4


ReCap: Sanskar doing first aid for Swara’s wound.
Swara is looking at him with more concern and love.
Swara: Sanskar..
Sans: Ha Swara, what happened is it paining?
Swara: (to herself), ha sanskar, it is really paining that you are going away from me. Sanskar asked her again.
Swara: No, no pain. I want to tell u about court hearing which is tomorrow.
Sans: I too got the notice swara. So what have you decided?
Swara: i don’t know. After that she did not utter a single word but just looks at his eyes. He too reciprocate the same. But their hearts were expressing their feelings.
Conversation between heart to heart:

Sans: Swara, pls say one last time that you love me and i will not let you go away from me at any circumstances.
Swara: Sanskar, y r u silent. pls confess your love and stop me going away from you. I wont leave you ever till my last breathe. Pls sanskar say it once. Tell me pls.
Unkowingly, they moved closed to each other, Sanskar cups her face and comes close to her. She felt his touch and closed her eyes to avoid his eye contact.
He tried to kiss her, but he got a call which disturbed them and both of them came out from their closeness and moved back to their seats.

sanksar attend the call and gave a shock expression and said that, I am coming now.
Swara: What happened Sanskar? Is everything ok?
Sans: No swara, Kavita got a panic attack suddenly. Doctor came and he is checking her. Maa called me to come fast.
Swara becomes so upset but she did not show it to him. She sat silently and looking outside the window and try to divert her mind.
They reached MM and sanskar storms our from car and he started running inside. This makes swara very upset but withou any choice she too follows him.
@ guest room
Doctor is checking Kavita and told the family members that she is in depression which causes the panic attack. Everyone was worried.

Kavita looks at sanskar and signs him to come near her. He thinks for a while and he went near and sat beside her. She hold his hand and tells him that she wants to come out of this depression, she wants to become like old kavita. Will you help me?. Sanskar – Ha Kavita. Ofcourse.
Kavita – ok, then marry me sanskar. I want to spend my life with u. Only u can make me happy and ur presence only will help me to come out of this trance.
All are shell shocked by Kavita’s statement including Sanskar. Immediately without any other thought he turns back and look for Swara.
By his gesture, everyone looked back at the door and becomes stunned seeing Swara there.
AP: Swara, beta, when u came? come inside. y r u standing there.
Swara: It’s ok Badi maa. i came for something else. Its time for me now. I have to go home. she greets AP and left MM. Sanskar gets hurt but he is not in a position to stand for swara. He hates himself for this behaviour.
Meanwhile, Laksh followed swara and asks her to stop.
Laksh: Swara, r u ok? I can understand ur pain. But don’t think wrong ab sanskar, he is just helping Kavita to come out from her pain.
Swara: she smiled, Laksh, do i look like a fool or mad? Can’t i understand what kavita asked him and how he kept quiet? It hurts me more laksh. I know he feels bad for kavita, even me too. but that doesn’t mean that i have to give my rights to other woman. I am not his lover , but wife. Only i have the rights on him. I have to make him understand his love for me. Its my turn now. Just wait and watch.

Laksh: He smiles brightly, wow swara, i am amazed by ur speech. I can see the love in ur eyes for sanskar. I hope sanky should reciprocate it too.
I promise u swara, as a friend, i will help u in getting ur love back. They both shake hands and did thumbs up.
Swara reached Gadodia mansion. Sumi & Shekhar asked her whether she took any decision.
Swara: Ha baba, i have decided what i want. I will tell in court tomorrow.
Sumi & Shekar see Swara’s determined face and looks little confused abt her decision. But they are confident that their shona will never take any wrong decision.

Precap: Swara enters Maheshwari Mansion. AP welcomes her, DP, RP blessed her. Sujata taunts her and went inside. Kavita looks shocked seeing swara in MM.

How is this episode guys?. I need ur comments yar, so that i can make good scenes between swasan. BTW will include Raglak, Swarag scenes from next episode

Credit to: Satz

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