Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 3

Recap: Swara received a court notice of first hearing for their divorce.
Sanskar also received the notice from court and all the family members gathered in the hall in the meantime.
Sanskar informs DP about their divorce’s first hearing.
DP: before takes any decision think well. Our support will always be with you.
Kavita: No need to think Bade papa. I know my Sanskar well. He wants only my happiness and my happiness is being with him only. He knows it very well. Right sanskar?
Sanskar is not able to answer but at the same time he didnt deny her question. He excused himself and went out. kavita looks at the way sanskar went and fell into a deep thinking.
Outside MM –
In the meantime, Sanskar calls swara but she didnt attend it since it was in silent. He called Sumi’s number and asked her about Swara. She said that she went out to be alone but not sure abt the place.

Sanskar ends the call and says to himself – Swara, where are you? i need you now.
Then suddenly he got an idea and drive towards the Temple which she used to go always whenever she needs peace.
@ Road-
Swara came out from temple and walks slowly on the road with a deep thought. Suddenly she got slipped because of the stone(could be little big) and fell down on the road. Exactly at the sametime, Sanskar reached the spot and saw Swara fell down. He came out from his car and run towards her.
Sanskar – Swara, are you ok? should have been careful while walking right?
Swara – starring at him, Sanskar you, how come you know i am here.
meantime, he is helping her to stand, but when she tries to stand she felt a severe pain in her leg. Sanskar noticed it and carries her in his arms and start walking towards his car.
Background Song & translated in english (i just tried somehow- pls adjust it smile emoticon – This Scene is fully in slow motion.

Female : Unnale Kangal Thallaadi
(Bcoz of you, eyes are ambling)
Female : Urangaamal Aengum En Aavi
(My spirit is everywhere without sleep)
Male : Neeraaviyai Ennai Nee Mothinaai
(You bumped into me on steam)
Male : Un Paarvaiyil Eeram Undaakinaai
(Instill in your eyes wet)
Female: Nee Thoda Thoda Naanum Poovai Malarnthen
(I blossommed as a flower whenever you touched)
Female: Naan En Penmaiyil Vaasam Unarnthen
(I felt my feminine fragrance)
Male: Nee Arugil Vara Vara Aaval Arinthen
(I noticed my eager when you come near)
Male: Naan En Aanmaiyil Kaaval Thuranthen
(I freed the custody of my masculinity )
Female: Mun Jenmam Ellam Poi Endru Ninaithen
(I did not believe in preivous birth)
Female: Un Kannai Paarthen Mei Thaanada
(I saw your eyes, and realised its true)
Male: Uruvangal Elam Udal Vittu Pogum
(All parts will leave the body)
Male: Ullathin Kaathal Saagaathadi
(but love in heart remains alive)

All the way both were lost into each other’s eyes and reached his car. He makes her to sit in the car and he also take a driver seat. He noticed the scratch and blood in her hand. He took the first aid kit and apply the medicines on her wound.
Swara cries seeing his concern for her and wants to hug him but controls her emotions.
Sanskar : y u came alone Swara? should have called me na?
Swara : Y sanskar?

Sanskar: i could have dropped you here.
Swara : you already dropped me sanskar. By saying this she looks at him with teary eyes.
Sanskar realized his mistake what he did yesterday. he felt that he should have stand by Swara’s side yesterday when kavita was asking about their divorce matter.
He also wants to hug her, but something is stopping both of them in confessing each other.

Precap : Swara enters into Maheswari Mansion with her bag, everyone is looking at her happily except Kavita.

Friends, how is this episode? I just tried this kind of translation very first time. If you find any mistakes, pls bare with me smile emoticon. I will try to improve my skills

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  1. song romba pidichiruku

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  3. I m happy swasan rejoined I liked the episode I m 2 Tamil in cheenai by the wat padam this song from …….
    ….make more emotions plz yarr

    1. Maya dear, swasan did not unite it yet. It will take some more episodes. But they will be having scenes together.

  4. song was very nice…eagerly waiting for next…

  5. Very good plz update next part soon nd it should be a long one

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    I think the court said that she has to stay in MM for few months
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  9. Nice but I want to know that the song is ur own or from which movie because I’m also TAMIL

  10. Its really nice

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    1. Am n Bangalore yar. Native is Madurai

  12. Mouni Godavari

    I’m also from TN trichy I like this song & your ff so much thanks

  13. Song is from Darling movie.. Its a very melodious song n most favorite of mine. I hope I used it in a right place

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