Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 25

Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 25 (Last Episode)

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Recap: Shijith remembers the past between Swaragini & Shijith

Sanlak looks at swaragini holds each other hands for support and they goes towards them. Swara looks at Sanskar emotionally. He wipes her tears and saying, “You are my

brave girl, you should not cry like this. Now i really admire you more and love you more by seeing your affection on others. you risked your life to save others. Not

every one will do the same. I am really lucky to have you in my life”. he hugs her tightly which tells her the support of him.

Laksh turns Ragini to him and says, “Ragini, I know you are getting scared of seeing him again. You don’t need to. Now you are not only Ragini, you are Ragini laksh

Maheswari. I will be with you always to support u, to protect you. No one can touch you when i am with you. Don’t need to afraid of anyone. I will protect you from all

the bad sights.” He hugs and consoles her. Sanlak looks at each other and plans something.

Next day, Swaragini does the puja and gives prasad to everyone. DP, “I want to discuss about Uttara’s alliance to everyone. I have decided to accept this proposal

since they are also from a well reputed family and they have good respect in business world. I hope uttara will be happy there. What is your decision”. he looks at

everyone and waits for their response. Sujata eagerly says,”I am very happy Bhaisa. I really like this proposal. My daughter will be very happy there”. DP & AP smiles

seeing her curiosity. But Swasan and Raglak are shocked by hearing this and kept silent and tensed. AP notices this and asks them what is their decision on this.

Swara: Badi maa, what we think is, uttara is studying and 2 more years are still pending for her to finish her studies. Y we have to do her marriage urgently. we can

take time once she finishes her studies we can do the marriage na. Still she is like a kid only, she cannot understand what is right and wrong.

AP looks all 3 agrees swara and looks DP. DP also looks convinced and tells them that he will call Shijith’s family here and will tell them their decision. Sanlak gets

angry hearing Shijith’s name and waits for his arrival. DP goes to call them.

After an hour, Shijith and his parents reached Maheswari mansion and greeted by them. Swasan and Raglak comes down and sees him. Shijith looks at them and seems to be

tensed. He sees Sanlak’s reaction and gets into a deep thinking. Elders are talking about the decision they have taken but Prakash arora is disappointed by their

decision but still he accepts it. But Shijith stands up and says, “I want to talk to Uttara and want to hear from her about her interest in this marriage”.

Everyone is shocked and his parents tries to calm him. Before he speaks again, Swara stops him saying that, “Uttara will not come and we are not agreeing for this

marriage”. She stares him angrily.

AP, “Swara, what is this? Why are you talking to him like this”. Sanskar, “Maa, swara is right. We are not agreeing for this marriage and that too with this cheap guy.

it will never happen”.

Everyone stands up and looks shocked. DP, “What are you saying. They are our guest and how can you talk to the guest like this?”.

Laksh, “Papa, we apologize to his parents but not to him. He is a cheap scoundrel and womanizer”. Shijith is shocked by this confrontation and composes himself to

manage this situation.

Prakash, “What is happening here? Why you all scolding my son. What he did to you?”.

Sans, “Your son went to abroad for 2 yrs right. May we know why he went away from his family?”

Prakash, “To do his MBA. I want him to go there and pursue his studies”.

Sans, “That reason is for the world Uncle. Original reason i know infact we all knows it”. prakash is speechless and keeps quiet by looking his son.

Sanskar told the truth to everyone in his family. Everybody is shocked and finally Prakash too shocked to know abt the girls is none other than Swaragini. DP says to

Prakash, “Mr. Arora, i think now this marriage will not happen. After we know all this, we cannot have relation with you.”. Prakash is silent and looks at his son

angrily. Shijith is speechless and thinks what to do. he looks at the temple and walks towards it. He lights the diya and put it in his hands and goes towards them.
He tells everyone that, “I did mistake, I rectified it and he want to become a good person. Its a promise on this diya”. by saying this he offs the diya by another

hand. Everyone is speechless and looks at each other whether to believe him or not. Prakash is happy seeing his son and looks at DP saying, “Will you believe us now?.

My Son has changed, i accept it he was bad before but not now. I gave him a chance and he rectified it and i want you also to give him one chance”.

DP, “Mr. Arora, i am glad that your son has changed but before i take the decision i want to know my bahus opinion on this. So i need some more time to tell my

decision. Hope you understand”.

Prakash, “Yes Mr. Maheswari, i understand and i expect a positive reply from you. We are leaving now.” He takes his son with them and leaves MM.

DP tells everyone to disperse and falls into a deep thinking.

Swasanraglak in swasan room,

Swara, “Still i couldn’t believe him that he changed”. Ragini also agrees with her. Laksh,”I don’t bother whether he changed or not, but i am not ready to give my

sister to that cheapster. I don’t want to risk uttara’s life”. Everyone agrees him.

In the Evening, AP asks sujata for Uttara. Sujata, “She did not come back from College. She might be on the way”. AP sees the time and looks worried. After 1/2 hr

again she looks for Uttara and worried seeing its getting late now.”. Sanlak comes back from office and sees AP worried and she too informs them that Uttara is not yet

back home. They worried and tries to call her friends one by one. They got the info that Uttara left college long back and by this time she should have been in home.

Everyone started worried of not getting any info of Uttara. Swara and ragini looks tensed. Swara gets a message ‘Shijith here, meet me at 10 PM tonight” and he

mentioned some park nearby. Swara senses something is wrong and decides to meet him.

Laksh instigates to file a complaint in police but DP stops him saying that if it gets to know by media then our family reputation and Uttara’s future will be spoiled.
and he told them that he already informed his friend who is in department and asked him search Uttara secretely.

Late in the night Ragini runs to sanlak and tells that Swara is nowhere in home. Sanskar is shocked and tries calling her number but it is showing as Busy. Suddenly

Sanskar got a call from swara’s mobile but he did not hear swara’s voice instead of some one.

@the Park at 10 PM,

Swara reached the park and looks for the person who messaged her. A light comes from far and a person is getting down from the car, it is none other than Shijith.

Swara is not shocked although she expected this move from him. She immediately took her mobile and dial Sanskar’s number and kept it in her purse.

Shijith is walking towards her and says, “Welcome Swara. I know you will come here for sure. So what everyone is searching for Uttara is it?”. Swara gets tensed and

says, “It means you only kidnapped her right. How dare you do that?”. Shij,”Don’t show ur attitude to me swara. I am here to show you the pain i had these years. you

seperated me from my parents. Because of you i left my family and been alone like an orphan. you broke my attitude, self respect every thing. You also should bear the

same pain what i had been through.” He calls his goons, one of them hold Uttara and she cries looking Swara and asking her to save her. Swara sees Uttara and and looks

Shijith angrily and says, “You have enemity with me only right. Y r u torturing Uttara. leave her now”. Shij, “She is my game card Swara, how can i leave her just like

that. Still she is in my control you will listen my words right”. He signs his goons to move. they started moving towards Swara and tries to touch her. But suddenly to their shock they heard a Gun sound and get alerted and moves back.

They all turn and see where Sanlak, Ragini, Maheswari family and Arora family also stands there with Police. Shijith is shell shocked and doesnot know what to do. He sees his parents and bows his head down. Swara runs to Uttara and gets her from the goons and runs towards her family. Uttara hugs her parents and they console her.
Sanskar hugs her and says, “So many times i told you not to go alone anywhere, but y u r not at all listening my words”. Swara, “Sanskar, you were not in home when i searched you, tht’s y i called you after i reached here. Don’t worry, nothing happened to me na.”. Sans, “Its good you called me and showed me the hint where you are other wise it would be very difficult to come here at the right time”. Swara looks at Shijith’s parents and asks him, “You only called his parents also”.
Sans,”Yes to show them their son’s true face behind his mask”.

Prakash Arora goes near shijith and starts slapping him hardly and tells police to arrest him and not to leave him. He comes to DP and folds his hands and apologize of whatever happened till now on behalf of his son and he left the place. Police arrested Shijith and his goons and takes them away.

All comes back home happily and went to their rooms respectively to take rest.
@Swasan room,

Swara takes bath and comes back and dries her hair standing infront of the mirror. Sanky is watching her and mesmerized seeing her. he comes towards her tries to hug her from back. But before he does that, Swara sprinkles water on his face and laughs seeing his reaction. He gets fake anger and tries to catch her but she started running inside the room. Finally he caught her and pulls her to him and they both fall on the bed. Then lights off.

@Raglak room,

Laksh sees Ragini worried and consoles her saying, “Ragini y r u looking so tensed. Now all the problems in our family is solved. Uttara also got saved and that shijith is also in Jail. So there is no matter for you to worry except onething.” Ragini looks him doubtedly. laksh, “Yes you have one thing to worry. You have to worry about me. See for these few days, i m missing you hug, kiss and etc etc.” Ragini blushes seeing him and tries to move but he holds her and pulls her to him.
She falls on him in the bed and had a eyelock between them. They move close to each other and lights turn off.

9 months leap,

Swara and Ragini are pregnant and admitted in the hospital. They both got the same date for the delivery. All their family member there in the hospital and looks after them. Infact Sanlak stopped going to office only after they have their wives in hospital. They are there for 24 hrs to look after their life. They both are so excited to see their baby because that’s the proof of their pure love towards their wives.

Swara got a labor pain suddenly and started screaming. Doctors takes her into Operation theatre and while she is going she holds sanskar’s hands and tells the doctor to allow him also in the OT. They allowed him. He also went with him and sees swara screaming in pain. He holds her hand tightly so that she will not lose energy. But Still he holds her hand to give courage he lost his courage by seeing her crying and screaming in the pain. He gets teary eyes and tries to control and not to lose infront of Swara. After a long struggle she delivered a cute baby girl and it started crying immediately once it comes out. Swasan sees the baby and cries happily. Sanskar kisses her forehead and holds her hands tightly. They showed the baby to Sanskar and takes it to clean it. After sometime they gave the baby to him. he hold the baby carefully in his hands and shows to her. She kissed the baby softly. Then sanskar takes the baby out from OT and shows it to the family. Everyone is happy and blesses the baby.

Suddenly they hear Ragini screaming in pain and with that they hear laksh’s screaming also. They all went and see inside the room and what they saw makes them confuse to laugh or look for Ragini. Ragini is in the bed and screaming in labor pain but by seeing her laksh also started screaming more than her and stands in the corner of the room. Sanskar gives the baby to Sujata and holds Laksh and compose him. Doctor’s takes ragini to OT and calls laksh also to be with her. Laksh is shocked and gets fainted there itself. Everyone is shocked and makes him to lie down in the couch. Doctor’s takes ragini inside the OT and after some time they came out with a cute baby girl. All the members are so happy seeing the babies and they said they got two Goddess in their home. Laksh sees the baby and cries happily and place a soft kiss. He runs to OT and sees ragini and goes near to her. He kisses her softly and says, “I love you ragini, you have given a wonderful gift to me”. Ragini also happy seeing the baby and holds laksh’s hands tightly.

After a few days, Swaragini are back in home with 2 cute angels and they named the babies as “Kavyanjali”. Swasan baby name is Kavya and Raglak baby name is Anjali. They all have a happy family hug and leads a very very happy life together.

Guys, here i end my Love is in the AIR FF. Thanks for all your support till this episode and i never thought i will reach my 25th episode. I don’t want to bore you all with this FF and decides to end it in a happy way. Hope you all like and love it and so many of you know i am already writing another FF called LOVE BLOOMS and expecting all your love and supports to that FF also. Thank you so much for the silent reader specially. And i m planning to start one FF based on Manmarziyan cast not with Swaragini cast. hope you will support me for that also.

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