Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 24

Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 24

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Recap: Flashback of Swaragini& Shijith.

This time swara gets little scared by Shijith’s confrontation. She thought to warn Ragini about him but she couldn’t do it in their baadi because of their grandma’s rivalry. So thought to inform her in the college.

Next day, Swara reached college and searched for Ragini, she saw her going on the next corridor and tries to follow her. But she was stopped by someone who was talking/praising her about her guts when she pushed Shijith down yesterday. She did not concentrate on him and tries go away but that guy did not give way to her. Purposely he is blocking her in going towards Ragini. Swara finds it suspiciously and tries to push him but he hold her right hand, she is shocked by this and looks angrily at him but without thinking more, she slapped him by her left hand and pushed him down.

Swara ran towards the way Ragini went and does not find her where she went. She saw them and asked them about Ragini. They pointed her towards library hall. Swara runs towards library and finds it locked. She did not understand what is happening and searches for Ragini here and there. She starts shouting by calling “Ragini..Ragini… Were are you?”

Inside the library Ragini is in the corner of the room and hears her voice and cries silently. Her mouth is shut by Shijith and he threatens her not to shout. Ragini saw Swara through the window and prays that she should see her. Ragini is trying to free her from his grip but he is not letting it to happen.

Outside the library, Swara is in rage to find Ragini at any cost she was running here and there. But she did not notice the window and starts going from there. Ragini cries hardly and looks at Shijith in a pleading way. He warns her not to shout and takes his hands from her mouth.

He moves close to her and tries to touch her. Ragini shoved him away and starts running in the library. He also runs behind her and grabbed her hand and pulls her to him and says, ‘You have to pay for what she did to me on the event day. Till now no one dare to talk infront of me but she pushed me down. Everyone were laughing at me. She insulted me on saving you from me right. Now i will see who will save you from me. Now she will also suffer by seeing you and she will remember what wrong she did.” By saying this he grabs her and tries to be close to her.

Ragini with her full strength pushed him away and shouts “SWARAAAAA”. Swara who was going away from library heard this sound and runs back to the library and starts knocking the door. She saw the window open and goes near. She saw Ragini struggling to get free from shijith. She runs to the door and started banging it. She shouts for help. She got a wooden stick there and trying to open the door with that. Somehow she breaks it and runs inside. She starts pulling shijith from ragini and in that try ragini shoved away by him and she got hit in the table. She becomes unconscious. Swara tries to go near her but Shijith caught her and twisted her hands back so that she cannot move. Shijith, “Swara, i thought of spoiling Ragini but see the fate, you came urself in the nest. Hmm not bad, you are also beautiful like her and not less than her dear.” By saying this he rolled over his hands on her shoulder. Swara feels disgusting and tries her level best to push him away.

Outside the library everyone hears this screams and started running towards library. At the same time, Swara collects all her strength and push him back, he loses his grip and swara gets free from him and moves front. She turns to him, bends down and removes her slipper. Shijith loses his balance little and managed to stand again, but before he composed himself completely, Swara starts beating him with her slipper left and right. Exactly at the same time, all the staffs and students came to library and saw swara beating him with her slipper. Shijith lost his balance completely and fell down.

Everyone is shell shocked and becomes statue seeing what happened. Principal came infront and asks her what happened. Swara saw ragini and runs to her. Princi saw three of them and understood what happened. he asks everyone to disperse and calls them to his room.

Swara tells princi everything what has happened till now. Princi started scolding Shijith and dismissed him from the college. And moreover he asks swara to file a police complaint against him. Swara did as he said and after some time police also came there and did their initial enquiry. Everyone is witnessed opposite to Shijith and does not know what to do now. He signs his friends to call his dad. Police did the enquiry with Swara and Ragini and gets the statement from them also. Since it was very late he allows them to go to their home. Once they left Shijith’s parents came to the college and shocked hearing what Shijith did. He bows his head down and tries to convince police and principal. Finally they convinced and gets a statement from his dad that Shijith should not disturb Swara and Ragini from now on, if something is happened then shijith is the person to get arrested. Police gives a serious warning to him. His dad agrees on this and makes shijith to sign on the statement.

Next day, Police goes to Baadi and informs them everything and tells Swara to get her complaint back. She thinks for a while and due to everyone’s force, she taken back the complaint. Due to this Shijith’s parents decided to send him abroad for sometime to get a change for him. He too agrees it and went to abroad to do higher studies.

Flashback ends.

Shijith opens his eyes, his eyes are red and full of rage. He says to himself, “Still something is leftover Swara. I will not leave you easily” and stares angrily.

@Raglak room,

Sanlak looks shocked and stares swaragini. Sisters looks each other and holds their hands tightly by seeing sanlak.

Precap: Swara gets a message from Shijith to meet him at 10 PM. Swara is shocked seeing this and she looks on.

Hope you all like this episode. Give me your comments on this. And i will try to give my best to yu all. Thank you again for the support.

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