Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 23

Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 23

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Recap: Shijith’s family comes to MM and asks Uttara’s hands for the marriage

The scene starts with Swaragini looks sanlak shocked and stopped their talking. Sanlak looks at each other and stares them angrily. Both the sisters don’t know what to do looks each helplessely.

Swara: Sa…sanskar…laksh.. what..you are doing here? she stammers badly.

Laksh: I have the same question to you both. What you both are doing here?

Swara composes herself and says, “Nothing we came here just like that. We have to go and help maa”. By saying this she drags ragini’s hand and walks towards the door.

Before they reach, sanlak goes and closed the door and looks at them angrily. Swaragini is speechless by seeing them like this. They are standing like a statue.

Sans: What is happening swara? I thought you will come and say everything to me but my insist is wrong. Now also you are trying to hide something from me. I don’t feel good Swara. I know something is wrong, you both are not normal and behaving wierdly. y can’t you share your pain with us.

swara gets emotional and looks ragini. Ragini cries and bows her head down. She is crying hardly. By seeing her Laksh comes to her and holds her shoulder. Ragini immediately hugs him as if she reached her destiny. She hugs him tightly and cries. Sanlak is shocked by seeing ragini and looks at Swara to know what is wrong?

@Shijith’s home,

Shijith lies in his bed and closed his eyes. he start remembering the bitter past in his life which he can never forget.

Flashback – 2 years back,

Swara and Ragini were in the same musical college but due to their grandma’s rivalry they won’t talk to each other. Till they complete their first year both of them never participated in any of the competitions. From 2nd year, Swara and Ragini both start participating the cultural events hosted in their college. Likewise, in one of the event, Ragini participated in the singing and Veena competition, she did well in both. Everyone were praising her talent and skills except the one who was praising her beauty. That is none other than shijith. He looks Ragini in a sensual way and starts commenting about her beauty.

He walks towards her while everyone is shaking their hands with her. He too comes and extends his hands to her. She too does the same. He praises her singing talent and starts prasing her beauty and pressed her hands. Ragini felt awkward due to his behaviour and she tries to get her hand away from him. But he hold it tightly and she is struggling to release her hand. She starts crying seeing him laughing at her.

And there a pair of hands pushed Shijith away and he fell down on the floor. Everyone starts laughing at him. He gets full rage and looks the person who pushed him. It’s none other than Swara. She hold Ragini’s hands and looks at Shijith angrily. He gets up and angrily goes towards Swara but before he reaches they saw their principal coming towards them, they dispersed from that place silently. Swara consoles Ragini and wipes her tears and they also leave from that place.

In the evening, Shijith is in full rage starts drinking alcohol. His friends also raising his anger up and tells him to take revenge on the girl who pushed him. He touches his cheeks and tells , “I will make her life hell”.

For another few days he did not do anything but still he follows Swara and ragini seperately. One day, Swara was going back to her home by her cycle, a car came very closely to her and moves away immediately. Due to this she lost her balance and fell down on the road. She gets up immediately and starts shouting. The car again comes back and stops near her. Shijith came out from the car and looks her from top to bottom. She stares him angrily and asks, “how dare you hit me”.

Shij, “Don’t raise your voice infront of me. Do you know who i am. Do you know the status of mine. You are such a low life girl and you pushed me down in that event. Hmm you are really brave girl. I accept it but i can’t tolerate it. You were getting so angry on touching that girl right. I will show you what i can do to her, by seeing that you have to suffer and think why u made enemity with me”.

Swara is angry and shocked by his confrontation. She worries for ragini and thinks what he gonna do?

Precap: Swara beats shijith with her slipper and looks him angrily.

Hope you all like this episode. Give me your comments on this. And i will try to give my best to yu all. Thank you again for the support.

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