Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 22

Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 22

Shijith takes Uttara to the nearby restuarant. Shijith asks her to be comfortable and no need to get tense. He orders for her favourite dish for both of them. Uttara asks him, “You said , u want to talk to me”. Shij, “Hmm yes. So how are you now? U ok?. Uttara, “Yes am fine now”. Shij,”Actually, i..i..Uttara after i met u yesterday, i am completely conquered by ur thoughts only. I couldn’t sleep properly you know. I don’t want to waste ur time. I wanted to tell u that I Like You. It can be Love at first sight also. But before that i want to know from you about me.”

Uttara is shell shocked by his confess and did not know what to reply. She immediately gets up and leaves the place. Shijith looks at her and smiles and talks to himself, “I have just put a spark on u Uttara. I will make it big”.

Uttara reaches her home and is very nervous. Swara is going to her room and sees uttara coming running. Before she calls her, uttara enters her room and locked it. Swara looks on suspicious and goes to her room.

Next day, When everyone is finished their breakfast and is about to leave, they see Shijith with his parents in their home. Swaragini is shocked seeing them here. Uttara also shocked and surprised seeing him. Shijith looks at the sisters and turns to Uttara and smiles. Swara notices this and looks at uttara’s reaction. Though Uttara is shocked but she feels shy by his gesture.

Shijith introduces his parents to all. Maheswari family greets them. Shijith’s dad Prakash Arora starts the conversation. He said about his family and business details to them and finally he tells them that he has one wish. DP, “Yes Mr. Arora, pls tell, what you want us to do”. Prakash, ‘I want your daughter to be my daughter in law”. Everyone is shocked by this and looks at each other face. Sujata is excited and says, “Areh, really. You want my daughter to be ur bahu. I am so happy to hear this.” DP interrupts her and asks her to be quiet. DP to Prakash, “Mr. Arora, I don’t know what to say, but how come suddenly you came with this obligation and anyway we haven’t decide anything about Uttara now since she is studying”. Prakash, ‘It’s ok Mr. Maheswari, I understand your hesitation. I came here because of my son.’ Everyone looks at him at the same time. Swaragini is very much shocked to this conversation and they literally want to stop this but they couldn’t do it. They look at him tensedly. Prakash, “Actually my son likes your daughter and he wants to marry her, that’s y i have taken this proposal to you. After seeing ur daughter me and my wife likes ur daughter and now its you and ur family have to decide it”.

DP tells them that they need some time to think. They also accepted it and after having some talk they left. Ragini takes swara to her room. Sanlak was watching their reactions all the while and signs each other by seeing them running to the room. Laksh, “Bhai, am sure something is wrong. I never sees them this much tensed. They are hiding something big”.
Sans,”Yes laksh, i too think the same. What it could be”. They both followed them and enters to the room where they went. Sisters stopped talking by seeing them and looks each other.

Shijith and family reaches their home and he goes to his room and locked. He goes near the mirror and looks at his face. He slowly pats his cheeks and remembers the scene Swara beats him with her slipper and looks him angrily. He closed his eyes angrily and says, “You both sisters spoiled my happiness and makes me to go away from my family for 2 yrs. i will not spare you both. Just start count your days babes”.

Recap: Flashback of the enemity between Swaragini and Shijith.

Guys, Pls tell me how is this episode nd provide your comments. I know it is small, i will try to make it longer in the next episode.

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