Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 21

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Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 21

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Recap: Uttara’s accident and Swaragini shocked to see Shijith in hospital

Uttara gets discharged from hospital and they all reached home. Swarags lost into deep thinking and looks worried. Sanlak notices this and asked them.

Swara: Nothing. simply worried for Uttara.
Rags also nods yes and looks at swara. They make an excuse and left to their rooms respectively.

Swarags in their rooms and thinks, “How come he is here now. I heard he left this city but why he came back again? What if he did not change and same as he was?”. They both were looks worried.

@Shijith home,

Shijith reached his home and met his parents. He greets them and hugs them happily. His Dad Prakash Arora is one of the well reputed business man in the city and his wife is a home maker. They have only son is Shijith Arora. After 2 years they have met their son and give him a warm welcome.

Shijith left kolkata 2 years back due to some unwanted situations and now he is back after completing his studies. He is more interest in joining with his Father’s business.

He excuse himself from them and went to his room to take rest. He changed into a casual look and lies on the bed. He tries to close his eyes but some moments comes to his sense in a negative shade and suddenly he gets up and sit for a while.

He remembers seeing swaragini in hospital and smiles evily saying ‘I am Back’.

In the evening, Laksh comes to Ragini and tries to hug her, but Ragini got scared and pushed him saying ‘No, don’t come near me’. But by seeing laksh she gets shocked and hugs him by crying. Laksh couldn’t understand but he tries to console her.

Laksh: Ragini, what happened to you? Y u shouted at me like that? Any problem.

Rags: No Laksh, I…I..had a bad dream. That’s y i shouted. She is sweating heavily.

Laksh worries by seeing her and make her lies in the bed and asks her to relax and sleep.

He went out and walks here and there in the corridor tensedly. Sanskar comes there and sees him worried. He goes to him and ask him. Laksh informs him everything and says, “I don’t understand what is bothering her. Even i noticed Swara, she also looks worried. These sisters are hiding something from us bhai”. Sanksar too agrees this and tells him that they will stand together with them in whatever situation it will be. They both says good night to each and goes to their room.

@Swasan room,

Sanskar enters his room and looks for swara. He doesn’t find her in the room and goes towards the balcony. He sees her there who is in deep thoughts. He stands far from her and observes her. Swara is not aware of this and talks to herself, “I have to do something that no one should know this, otherwise it will create unnecessary problems again. What to do now? What if he did not change or whether did he really turned good? But y am i worrying this much anyway he is not going to be related with my family anymore. Then y i have to bother”. By saying this she turns to go inside but is shocked to see Sanskar near the door and looks at her.

He walks towards her and says, “I don’t know what is bothering you more. But i did not want to see you in any trouble, i can’t bear it. I wil not ask you anything unless you tell me. But keep it mind that i am always there for you to support in your each and every move.”

By saying this he kissed her foreheads and takes her inside. Swara gets teary eyed and hugs him saying that, “I love you sanskar. But i can’t tell you anything now, pls don’t mistaken me”. He pats her shoulder and says her that “Everything will be fine soon”. They goes to sleep.

Next day- Uttara went to her college, Sanlak left to office. Swaragini works in the kitchen with worried face, AP notices this and ask them. They convinced her and signs each other not to show their worries to the family.

Shijith goes to office with his father and gets introduced with his employees. He gets to know about the work they were doing and involves himself there. In the evening, he makes excuse from his father and left early. He drives off to the same spot where Uttara met accident. He parks his car at one corner and waiting for her to come. Uttara comes with her friends there and looks at him by surprise.

Shij: Hi Uttara, so how are you? All is ok?

Utt: She get happy seeing him, “Yeah i am feeling better now. How come you are here?”.

Shij: To meet you only. I was waiting here from past 1 hr for you.

Utt: Feels very happy and shy, “But why”

Shij: mmmm…okay, Actually Uttara i want to talk to you for sometime. If you don’t mind shall we go somewhere and talk without any disturbance.

Uttara is shocked and feels hesitate to go alone with him. He finds her hesitation and to convince her, he shows her the Restuarant opposite and asks her to come there.

Uttara gets convinced and goes with him. She feels nervous and thinks what he want to talk. But at the same she somehow feels happy being with him.

Precap: Swaragini gets shocked seeing Shijith in Maheswari mansion with his family.

Hope you all like this episode. Give me your comments on this. And i will try to give my best to yu all. Thank you again for the support.

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  1. Wht is this yaar plzz end this chapter as fast as possible nd show something nce uttara should not fall for that guy

  2. Hey hai I’m new to this fiction. Can u give me all episode details plz.I really like ur fiction n I’m also die heart fan of swaragini . Actually I tried to find but I didn’t get update from 3.

    1. Hi Reethi, thank u so much for liking my ff. I am glad to hear this. U can give the episode number in the URL link, u can get all the episodes likewise. If u r not able to do… Plz reply back let me give u the link separately.

  3. Hi Sathya! It was a Nice épisode Dear, continue like this and i hope everything will be fine for Swaragini and uttara !!
    All the best 😉

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