Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 20

Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 20

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Recap: Swasan & Raglak happy moments and 3 months leap

Uttara is taken to nearby hospital by the stranger. He admitted her and informs doctor everything. Initial check up has been started and he asked to wait outside. An attender came and handed him her bag. He checked it and got her mobile. He unlock it and checks the first dialled number. He tries that number and waiting for the other person to pick it up.

Its laksh got a call from Uttara number. He picks it up and asks, “Ha Uttara, college over is it? U want me to pick you up?” and he is waiting for the response. But he gets shocked by hearing a guy’s voice from uttara mobile. That guy replied, “Mr. Laksh, actually this girl met an accident so i have admitted her in the nearby hospital. I got ur number from her dialled list. Can you come over here as soon as possible” and he gives him the hospital address.

Laksh is shocked and informs this to the whole family. Everyone arrives at the hospital and looks for Uttara. They reached the room where uttara has been admitted. They see a new man and guessed it that he is the one who called.

Laksh goes near to him and says, he is Laksh and is it you called me?

He says, “yes i am the one. She is fine now. Because of shock she gets unconscious. You can see her now.”

Laksh thanks him and introduces and his family. He also introduced him as “Shijith Arora”.

Everybody went inside and Shijith stays outside. In the above whole scenario, Swaragini was not there. They were in Baadi and got a call from Laksh abt the accident.

Swaragini are running inside the hospital and reached the room where she is. They see a man standing by showing his backside to them. Swara, “Excuse me”.

Shijith turns to them and is speechless by seeing them together. Swaragini also left shocked and speechless. They both are looking at each other and looks at Shijith.

Sanlak comes and see three of them staring each. Sanskar pats swara and asks, “hey what happen? Y both of you are looking shocked. You people know him already?”

Swara did not know what to reply looks at ragini helplessely. Shijith says, “We know each other” and looks at them.

Swaragini looks at him and went inside to see uttara.

Laksh: How do you know them?

Shij: We were collegemates.

Laksh: Oh Grt. But why there weren’t happy seeing you?

Shij smiles and says, “nothing like that. BTW how is she?”

Laksh: She gets conscious. She was asking you and that’s y i came out to take you.

All 3 enters the room. They all have a formal introduction. Swaragini is still upset seeing him but they did not show it infront of everyone.

Shijith greets everyone and left from there. Before going he looks at the sisters once and left.

Ragini holds Swara’s hand in fear but Swara pats hers and signs her to be calm.

Precap: Shijith meets Uttara outside and he takes her out for dinner.

Hope you all like this episode. Give me your comments on this. And i will try to give my best to yu all. Thank you again for the support.

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