Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 2


Thank You all for ur lovely comments. I ll try to make a good move in the story but i will not the plot currently happening in the serial. i dont like at all.

Recap: Swara runs out of MM and Sanskar locked himself in his room and reminiscing their moments together.

AP came to Kavita and ask her to go and take rest in guest room. She turns to everyone to go to their respective rooms.
@Gadodia Mansion-
Swara lies in sumi’s lap and cries very badly. Sumi and Shekar tries to console her but all in vain. Sumi is unable to control her emotions by seeing her shona like this coz she has seen only the bold Swara not the one who is crying for her life. After sometime, swara falls asleep, Sumi & Shekar make her sleep comfortable and went to their room.
Next day-
Swara wakes up and thinks about sanskar and realise the surroundings where she is and what happened. Sumi came to her room and ask her to freshen up and come down for break fast. After some time Swara came down and heard some one is knocking the door.
She opened the door and saw a courier man with a post.
Swara: Yes, what you want?

Courier: Mam, i have a post for Mrs.Swara.
Swara: its me, give it.
Courier Man handed over the post and asked for her signature. She signed and sent him.
Shekhar: Swara, what is that courier?
Swara: Don’t Know Baba, let me see
She opened the post and starts reading it, she is shocked after reading it.
Shekar grabs it from her and started reading it. He looks at Swara, who is in a confused state.
Sumi comes to them and asked what happened by looking at their worried faces.
Swara: Maa, family court sends a notice for first hearing for our divorce. me and Sanskar have to be there tomorrow.
Sumi: (Shocked) what r u going to do Shona?
Swara: (thinks a bit and tells)Maa, i have to be alone for some time. I am going out and will be back soon.
Sumi who is much worried for Swara, doesn’t want her to go alone now but she couldn’t stop her.

PreCap: Sanskar carries Swara in his arms and walking towards his car (want this to be in real :()

Guys, pls suggest your ideas so that i will put some more emotions between them.

Credit to: Satz

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