Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 19

Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 19

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Recap: Swasan romance and consummate their marriage finally

Next day, Swara wakes up first and finds her in Sanskar’s arm and looks at him lovingly. She kissed his cheeks and about to move away from him. He pulled her to him and asks don’t dare to go away from me. By saying again he starts romancing with her. Suddenly he got a call in his mobile and it was lucky.

Sans: Lucky, what is this? You started morning itself.

Lucky: Bhai, even i don’t want to disturb you but here mom, chachi everyone is asking you both. They were about to go to ur room but some how i stopped them saying some stupid reasons. I cannot hold them for more time.. you both please come down fast.

Sanskar is shocked and says that, “Okay..pls manage them for some more time and we are coming down now.”

Sanky tells swara everything and they both were panic and rushed to compose themselves and run towards their room.

Raglak is waiting for them near their room and sees them coming suddenly they hear the Sujata’s voice and asks them to hide behind the pillar. Swasan is hiding behind the pillar and Raglak stands infront of the pillar and hides swasan. Swara gets tensed and shows her scary face to sanky.

Sujata sees Raglak together and asks them what are they doing here? Raglak stammers and looks each other helplessely. Suddenly laksh makes Ragini stands beside him and holds her through her waist. Behind them swasan is hiding.

Sujata looks them differently and ask laksh what happened to you? You are behaving so wierdly. Laksh also in his mind “Even i dont know what to do chachi”. Sujata tries to move left side, Raglak also moves on the same side to stop her going towards Swasan’s room. Now sujata got irritated and moves towards them but Raglak does a half circle and makes Swasan to reach their room and make sure that Sujata noticed them.

Sujata scolds raglak and rushes to swasan room. Raglak is relaxed, looks at each other and laughs at their acting. They gave hi-fi and went to their rooms.

Swasan room,

Swasan breathes heavily and getting relaxed slowly and they look at each other and laughs. They heard a knock and Sanskar went to open the door. Swara runs to washroom before he opens the door.

Sujata enters the room and looks for swara. Sans: Mom, she is taking bath. We will come down in sometime.

Sujata says, “Ha ok. Ask her to come fast because she has to do pooja today and her rasoi ritual also to happen today.” and she went out.

sanskar relaxly lies on the bed and waiting for swara. Swara calls him and asks him to give the towel and dress for her to change. Sanky starts teasing and asks her to come as it is and laughs. Swara got angry and locked the washroom. After sometime she opened the door, sanskar eagerly waiting for her to come out but he disappointed.

swara comes with a bath towel and gives him a naughty smile. Sanskar runs to her and is about to hug her but she pushed him to inside the washroom to take bath.

Swara gets ready fast and went to down to do the pooja. Everyone is happy to listen her bhajan and makes her to start the rasoi ritual. Swara did that also at her best and gets blessings from the elders and they also gave her gifts.

Swara is looking for Sanskar’s gift and went to her room. There He handed over her a jewel box. Swara opens it and looks surprised and happy seeing it. It is a Platinum chainwith thin layer with heart shaped pendant and SS is written in it. She loves the gift, hugs him and kisses his cheeks. Sanskar helps her in wearing the chain. They were standing infront of the mirror and he hugs her from back and rests his chin in her shoulder.

Sans: Swara, you know how much happy i am now? I have no words to explain my happiness. I am luckiest person in this world to have you. I LOVE YOU Swara.

Swara: She blushes and says, I LOVE YOU TOO sanskar. Its my destiny to have you. Now i believe that i have taken this birth to be your soulmate.

They hug each other and enjoys their togetherness. At the same time Raglak also happy in their newly started life and enjoys each and every moment.

Both the pairs lead their happy life and the elders in both Gadodia and Maheshwari family are also so happy by seeing their children.

After 3 months,

In one evening day, Uttara with her friends walking towards her hom from college. After some distance everybody went in the different way and only Uttara is left alone. When she tried to cross the road, suddenly a car came fast and hits her. She falls down and gets unconscious. A man comes out from that car and rushes to her. Her face is covered with hairs. he removed her hairs and looks at her. He takes her in his arms and makes her lie down in his car at the back. He drives off from there.

Precap: Swaragini & Sanlak meets the person who saved Uttara. He smiles seeing Swaragini but they were looked shocked and looks at each other.

Hope you all like this episode. Give me your comments on this. And i will try to give my best to yu all. Thank you again for the support.

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