Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 17


Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 17

Thank you all for the support. I will continue this FF and will try my best to give good plots.

Recap: Swasan & Raglak reunion.

After the Marriage got over, everyone left after blessing the newly wedded couple. Only Gadodia and Maheswari familes are there in the home.

Ap calls parineeta to start the ritual which will happen after marriage. They welcome Swara and did their grahpravesh. Once she entered, to everyone’s surprise, Sanskar takes her in his arms. Swara is shocked and embarassed and ask him to leave her.

Sanskar nodded as no and asked AP, “Maa this is also one of the ritual right, bridegroom should take bride in his arms and takes her inside the house.”

AP is surprised by his act and she understood his mischeivous and smiles at him by saying that, “Haa Sanskar, this is also a ritual only, but i never knew that you are aware of this rituals”. Pari says, “Maa, now we don’t need to tell anything to sanskar, he is one step ahead now” and everybody laughs at them. Swara feels more shy, she hidden her face in his shoulder and smiles.

Sanskar carries her till to the temple and puts her down. Then they did the pooja for their new life.

Sujata calls everyone to start the other rituals. She says to Swasan about the first ritual is finding the ring.

Sanskar : wow, mom i am ready. will start

Sujata: Areh what happened to you. I never seen you like this and today you are going out of control. Swara you have to be very careful and winks at her.

Swara blushes and smiles at him.

They kept the big bowl, pour the milk and drops the ring in it.

Swasan started the rituals. Both were put their hands in the bowl and started searching for the ring. Actually Swara is searching for the ring, but Sanskar is searching for Swara’s hand. 😉

Somehow, he got her hand inside the bowl and hold it. Swara got shy and try her best to remove her hand from his grip. But he hold tightly. Pari and Ragini noticed it and laughs at them. Swara somehow loosens his grip and pinched his hand.

Sanskar shouted as “OUch” and taken his hands from the bowl and looking at his hand where she pinched him. Swara laughs at him and raised her eybrows as “how is it?”

Pari: Sanskar, that’s y we told you to search only the ring nothing else and laughs at him.

Every one is laughing at sanskar and he gets embarassed and looks at swara. She still looking at him and laughs.

Sanskar again put his hands into the bowl and searching for the ring (or swara’s hands).

Swara gives a expression like she got the ring and is about to take her hand, that moment Sanskar hold her hand again and looks at her lovingly.

Swara gives him a reaction as “No Sanskar” and blinks at him.

Ragini: What happened Swara? Have you got the ring?

Swara: Haa Ragini i got it. But.. she stops in mid by seeing sanskar.

Sans: Even i also got it and looks at everyone.

All are surprised and says that, “how come we put one ring only in the bowl. how you both got the ring? ”

Sanskar winks at swara, and takes his hands out of the bowl. All are surprised to see that

Sanskar holding Swara’s hand and Swara is holding ring.

Pari: Sanksar what is this? Swara only got the ring na. Then y u said you got it.

Sans: Bhabhi, Swara got the ring and i got swara hand to put the ring. Whether it is Swara or me who cares. Finally i got what i wanted. He looks at her lovingly and hold her hands tightly.

Ragini and pari comes to them and remove his hand from her’s and ask him to go and change.

Sanskar calls swara also with him but they are not allowing it and ask him to go to room alone.

He looks at them with fake anger and left to his room. laksh also follows him. Elders are smiling at his behaviour and sends Swara to pari and Ragini to get ready for Suhaagraat.

Precap: Sizzling romance between Swasan. 🙂

Hope you all like this episode. Give me your comments on this. And i will try to give my best to yu all. Thank you again for the support.

Credit to: Satz

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