Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 16

Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 16

Recap: Swasan engagement.

After the engagement, elders were gathered together and starts discussing about the sangeet, mehendi and Marriage preparations. Youngers also gets seperated to each other’s partners and have chit chat in the garden.

Swara & Sanskar-

Swara puts her head on Sanskar’s shoulders and hold his hands tightly. He looks at her and asks her, “Is she still thinking about the incident”? Swara nods as Yes and looks at him.

Swara: If something happened, then what will i do? i am getting scared if think about that incident. I felt something wrong when you went alone. i asked laksh, but he convinced me by saying something. But inside i was feeling very tensed. By saying this, she hugged him tightly and due to the fear her body is shivering.

sanksar understands her fear and pats her shoulder caressely and tells her that, “My Dear Shona, till your love exists on me, nothing will happen. I will get “N” number of lives to live with you. I have to sorry to you shona. Will you accept my Sorry?

Swara looks at him and asks “Y sorry”. Sans: I gave you a lot of pain by seperating you from me because of kavita. I hurted you so much. I hurted the person whom i love so much in the world. I am so sorry. he makes a sad face.

Swara: No Sanskar. You no need to feel sorry. Infact, that seperation makes me realise how i love you, how much i missed you. That pain gives me the courage to get back in your life and see now we are together. So there is no need of sorry here.

Sanskar cups her face and says, “I am so lucky to have you in my life Shona. I LOVE YOU SWARA”. He kissed her forehead and hugs her.

Laksh & Ragini –

Laksh & Ragini were seated in the garden and they both are trying to find words to express their feelings.

Both called each other’s name simultaneously and looks amused at each other’s reaction.

Laksh asks her to say first. Ragini asks him to say first. they were saying like this for some more time. laksh got irritated and he gets up to go. Ragini hold his hands and says that, “Don’t leave me laksh”. Her eyes are fully filled with love and love and love only. Laksh sits beside her and hold her hand back and says that, “Ragini, I want to ask you something”.

Ragini: Ha laksh. ASk me.

Laksh : Now Swasan got united and their only pbm also got solved. So now we should concentrate on ours. he looks at her curiously and waiting for her reply.

Ragini blushes and tries to go but Laksh stops her and tells her to reply. She gets seperated from him and run away. She stops in the mid and turns to him and says that, “Laksh, i will not say but will show you that”. She gets shy and ran inside the house. Laksh is amused at her reactions and puzzled what is she upto?.

Evening – AT the living hall,

Gadodia’s family starts to leave from MM and they greets everyone. Swasan looks at each other and says miss you to each. Swara leaves MM with her family.

@Raglak room,

Laksh enters his room and stunned to see the room is full of candle light and decorated with rose petals everwhere. He goes to bed and there it is written both Ragini & Laksh name inside the heart shaped flowers. he is so happy to see it and searches for Ragini.

Ragini comes in a stunning Red & Black saree. He mesmerized to see her like this and starts approaching her. He cups her face and says that, “You are so beautiful Ragini”. Ragini blushes and hold his hands together and looks at him.

Rags: “So you got my reply now” and winks at him.

Laksh is so happy and hugs her tightly. She too reciprocate it. They start kissing each other passionately and finally they consummate their marriage. That night becomes the end of all their sorrows in their life and the next day sunrise will be the best one for them for their new life.

@Marriage Day

Swasan gets dressed in a bridal attire and they were look awesome in that. Pandit calls Sanskar to the mandap. Laksh & Adarsh comes with Sanskar and makes sit in the mandap. Sanskar is eagerly waiting for Swara’s arrival. Everybody starts teasting him by seeing his interest on Swara. He gets blushed.

Pandit calls Swara to the mandap. Ragini, Pari & Uttara takes her to the mandap and makes her to sit beside Sanskar. Sanskar is lost himself in her beauty and starring at her without break. Even Pandit also started teasing him of not listening the mantras. He gets embarassed and feels shy. Swara laughs by seeing him and holds his hands silently and makes him to be normal. He also hold her hand back and presses it tightly to intimate that, “He is so happy today” He looks at her and smiles lovingly.

Finally, the marriage rituals started and Swasan gets married happily with everyone blessings. This Sunrise gives a new hope to both Raglak and Swasan to have a happy life.

Guys, i am still confused to end it here or to continue with some other plots. Based on your suggestions, i will decide it. Hope you like this episode.

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