Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 15


Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 15

Recap: Sanskar gets locked in the car and gets suffocated. Laksh saves him and takes him to the MM.

Sanlak reached Maheshwari mansion. Laksh supports him to sit in the sofa. Swara notices this ans shouts “SANSKAR”. All others also sees them and run to Sanskar and asks laksh what happened?.

DP: Laksh, wht happened to Sanskar? Y he is troubling to breathe. Ram, call doctor immediately.

Swara sits beside sanskar and hold his hands for support. He looks at her worried face and signs her that all ok now.

Swara cries seeing him like this and enquired Laksh what happened?

Laksh described them everything from message to Sanskar from kavita and till he saved Sanskar.

AP: But Laksh, how come you got to know where is sanskar?

Laksh looks at them once and he tells that, “Actually i have kept GPS in Sanskar’s pocket to know where he is going”.

Everybody is shocked to listen this and DP asked him why he kept GPS and how do he know that something wrong is gonna happen with Sanskar?”

Even Sanskar looks at him and asks him, “Whe he did that and how he got to know i am in trouble?”

Laksh: Before i say i want to ask Sorry from all of you. Becoz i have hidden so many things from you. I will tell you everything from the beginning. Bhai, as You know Gowtham is working in our company right, but he is my best friend too. Actually i only called him to help me in Uniting you and Swara. I make him to flirt with Swara so that you will get jealous and realise your love on her. He helped me a lot in bringing you both together. Once you both gets united, i felt very happy and thought of calling Gowtham to inform this good news. So i was going to my room but when i crossed Kavita’s room, i heard what she was saying.

All the members listening him carefully and out of curiosity, Swara and Sanskar together asked him “What she was saying”?

Laksh: She told that, If she doesn’t get Sanskar, she will not leave him alive.

Everyone gets shell shocked by hearing this and sujata starts shouting on Kavita and cries seeing Sanskar.

Swara looks at Sanskar in teary eyes and hold his hand tightly to console him.

Sanskar tries to get up and moves to laksh and makes him to see him.

Laksh gets teary eyed and hugs him saying, “I know Bhai, you cannot believe this and you will not able to tolerate what kavita done to you now. That’s y i did not tell this to anyone and i want to solve this problem by myself.”

Laksh gives a small gap and continues, “I was thinking how to trap kavita, but suddenly Gowtham called me and asked me to meet him immediately. I went to our regular meeting point and he informed me everything about his and Kavita’s deal in seperating Sanskar and Swasan. He agreed to the deal what Kavita said and he makes sure that she will not get doubt on him. When Sanskar showed me the message from kavita, i was clear that she is upto something. So i kept GPS in his pocket to follow his route. I was waiting for Sanskar’s return but it was taking more time and i got tensed. Then i tried to track throught the GPS and found out where he is. I started immediately to get him back and i got a message from Gowtham about Kavita’s plan what she did to Sanskar. When Sanskar & Kavita was talking, she made someone to put poisonous gas in the pipe where AC flows in the car. When sanskar was leaving, she messaged Gowtham about this and asked him to start his plan against Swara, but he informed me about sanskar’s danger and i rushed there to save him.

Laksh looks at Sanskar’s pale face and worries for him. He goes and hugs him and says that, “I will not let anything happen to you.” Everybody goes to Sanskar and tries to console him.

Sanskar says, “Laksh, where is kavita now?”. Laksh: I informed to Police and they have caught her. They are bringing her here in sometime.

Gowtham reaches MM and greets everyone. All are happy to see him there and blessed him for saving Sanskar & Swara from Kavita.

Police came there with Kavita and informs them that they have to give a complaint against her so that they can file FIR immediately.

Kavita cries and doesn’t look at anyone there. Sanskar comes to her and asks her to look at him.

She sees him and says, “Sanskar”. Sanskar in a full rage slaps her hardly.

Sans: How could you do this to me kavita? I thought i did wrong to you and felt very guilty by giving a false hope to you. But what you did to me? You tried to kill me. Is this your love? You planned to kill your love to take revenge. This is not love Kavita. It means, You have to let you love live happily wherever they are, either they are with you or not. You should always like to see their smile. Not snatching it from some one. You did not love me. Now i am very relaxed that i don’t have any guilty feeling of leaving you and marrying swara. Infact i have to thank you only by showing your originality to me. Get Lost from my sight. NEVER EVER COME INFRONT OF ME. He asks the police to take her.

Swara comes to Sanskar and hugs him tightly. She cries and says that, if something happens to you, i will die for sure.

Sanskar consoles her and says that, “Everything is set from now on. Shall we start our life now?” and winks at her. All the family members are relaxed and happy and they starts for the engagement ceremony.

Sanksar & Swara stands together and starts to exchange the rings. Everyone claps for their togetherness and blesses them to be always like this. They both have a cute eyelock. Raglak also have a cute moments in between the ceremony.

Precap: Swasan marriage and Raglak consummation (Could be Last episode)

Guys, I have been so happy to see the comments for my FF. And i have to thank the silent readers also. Nxt episode could be my last episode in this FF. I want to end all the trouble for swasan & Raglak and wants them to start their new life.
Suggestion pls.

Credit to: Satz

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