Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 14


Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 14

Recap: Swasan Remarriage preparation

Gadodia’s family reached Baadi and they started discussing about the Engagement preparations. Swara looks at them happily while she gets a call from sanskar. She went to her room and picks up the call.

Sans: I Love U

Swara: Smiles and says, I Love U too. By the Way r u missing me?

Sans: Ofcourse shona. I am missing you soooooo much. I am just waiting for our marriage day, that day becomes the most precious and important day in my life. I am more excited to have u back in my life.

Swara: I too miss you a lot sanskar. Its not even an hour but it seems like a long time. I don’t know how i am gonna tolerate it till our marriage day.

They both spent their time on the call, meanwhile Kavita meets the person she called in a lonely place. That is none other than Gowtham.

Gow: Why you called me here? That too at this time.

She looks at his eyes curiously and says that, “I know about ur interest on Swara. I will help you in getting her but for that you have to do a return favour for me. Will you?”

Gow: Puzzled and says, “What nonsense are you talking? and when i said like that”.

Kav: There is nothing to get tensed and no need to hide anything from me. I am there to help you here.

Gowtham thinks for a while and accepts that he is interested in Swara and want to marry her.

Kav: So shall we make a deal in this matter? You want Swara right, i will help you in get her but you should do whatever i am telling you. We both together make a plan and will get our love back in our life. We have to trust and help each other in this.

She extends her hand and Gowtham accepts the deal and informs her that he will do what she wants.

@Night – Gowtham’s flat

He is in a deep thinking about the conversation happened between him and kavita. He calls to some one and informs him that he will meet him in another 20 mins at their regular meeting point.

Gowtham meets that secret person and informs him about his meeting happened with Kavita. He informs Gowtham to do as she says and make sure that she should not doubt on you. They shake their hands and left from that place.

Next day, Everybody in MM busy in the engagement preparations. Gadodia family also arrives there and help each other in the preparations.

Sanskar comes there and looks at swara who is with pari, uttara n Ragini. He tries to signal her but she did not notice it. Pari and Uttara notices this and starts teasing Swara about Sanskar. Swara gets shy and goes away from that place.

Sanskar too follows her and makes sure that nobody is seeing him but all sees his act and start laughing at them.

Swara comes to garden and smiles thinking about Sanskar. He comes behind her and hugs her.

Sans: whisphered in her ear, “You look so beautiful today”.

Swara: Mmmm Hmmm, Its because i am sooooooo happy that we going to be together forever na. That’s y.

She turns to him and kiss his cheeks. They got into an eyelock and forget the surrounding. Suddenly they hear the claps sound and looks back. All the family members gathered there and started teasing them. Swasan gets embarassed and feels shy. They went inside the house.

Laksh & Adarsh busy in the work and Sanskar is busy in looking at Swara. He gets a message from kavita, “Hi Sanskar, How are you? I know today is your engagement but i want to meet you before that. If you don’t mind can u please come.”

Sanskar feels disturbed and shows the message to laksh. Laksh thinks for a while and ask him to go and meet her but not to inform to anyone.

Laksh hugs him and sends him off. Swara noticed this and ask Laksh where is Sanskar?

laksh: Actually Swara, he got a call from his old friend and went to meet him.

Swara did not get convinced and looks worried. laksh consoles her and asks her to concentrate on her engagement only.

Sanskar comes to meet Kavita and greets her. Kavita wishes Sanskar for his engagement and gives him a gift.

Sans: Y all these formality kavita? I would be happy if you come for my engagement.

kavita: No Sanskar, i cannot see you that you are getting engaged to another girl. Better is that i should not come there. Give my wishes to Swara also.

Sanskar: I am sorry for whatever happened Kavita and Thank you for ur gift. I should leave now. Bye. Take Care

Kavita: Bye and to herself, “Good Bye Sanskar” and smiles evily.

Sanskar leaves in his car and after sometime, he feels suffocating and having breathing problem. He stops the car and tries to lower the windows and tries to open the door. But all in vain. He gets suffocated insided the car.

Laksh is waiting for sanskar and tries to call him and thinks y his number is not reachable. He feels tensed.

On the Road, Sanskar becomes unconscious inside the car. Suddenly a car comes near to that, Laksh comes out of that car and rushes to get sanskar out of it. He brokes the window with a stone and tries to wake him up. After a long struggle, sanskar gets conscious and laksh helps him to come out.

Laksh makes him to sit in his car and again comes back to sanskar’s one and looks inside the car. He noticed the AC parts and feels something is wrong there. He looks tensed and says to himself, that “I should stop this today itself. I will see you”.

He takes Sanskar with him and drives towards home. Everyone is waiting for Sanskar and Swara feels worried of getting late.

Precap: Sanskar slaps Kavita and handsover her to Police.

Guys, how is this episode. Comments pls. I hope you all like it.

Credit to: Satz

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