Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 13


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Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 13

Recap: Swasan Reunion

laksh and Ragini comes towards Swasan and hugs them with love and wishes them good luck for their new life. Swasan too wishes them the same and Raglak gets blushed. By seeing 4 of them together, elders gets happy and blesses them to be like this always.

Kavita looks on shocked and starts crying seeing swasan together. Sanskar notices this and comes to her.

Sans: kavita, i am sorry. i did bad by giving hope to you. I should have told you earlier only but i don’t have courage to tell you and thought u will feel bad. But how much ever i tried to be away from swara, i am always try to be close with her. I really don’t want to hurt you Kavita, but the truth is I LOVE SWARA only. She is my life and i cannot imagine my life without her. I Know i loved you and you are my past, but SWARA is my present and future. Hope you will understand my feelings. I am very sorry.

Kavita: Breaks the silence, wipes her tears and says, “Sorry is not enough Sanskar. You really hurted me but you know what, we cannot force anyone to become our love. I understand your love towards Swara, I feel bad for myself but i am happy for you both. It’s my mistake that i thought you still loves only me but in these 5 yrs so manythings got changed and you also changed. You are not my old sanskar. But atleast you could have told me this earlier only na sanskar. Anyways, I understand my importance in your life, Its better i should go from this house and from your life.

Kavita comes to swara, hugs her and says that, I wish you get all the happiness now. Wish you all the best for your new life. By saying this, she gets blessed from the elders and goes back to her room and packed her stuff.

Swasan looks at each other and felt bad for Kavita’s state. AP consoles them and takes them to the temple inside the house and makes them to pray for the good life in future.

In kavita’s room, she cries vigourously and starts throwing the clothes everywhere. She says, “how could you do this to me Sanskar? I loved you only. for past 5 years i lived like a dead body and when i came to normal i thought i got my love back, but you forgot me and loves swara. How could you do this to me?” she shouts and cries badly.

Then says, “No No, i wont leave you. I was the first girl who came into your life and i should be last one also. i will not leave you both. If am not there in your life then i wont leave you for anyone.” By saying this she stares at Sanskar’s photo.

kavita, comes down to the living hall, everyone is waiting for her. She comes down bids bye to them and left maheswari mansion.

AP feels very relaxed and tells them that she will Gadodia family to inform this good news and will decide what we need to do further.

Sanskar stops her and says that, “before that maa, we have decided something and we need to inform this to all of you. Me and Swara wants to get the divorce”, by saying this he stopped and looks at everyone’s reaction.

DP : what nonsense this sanskar? Anyway, you both united and why you need divorce again?

Everyone agrees DP and looks at them worriedly.

Sans: He smiles at them and says, “Because we want to remarry and want to start our life afresh with love and all your blessings. Initially we got married due to some unwanted circumstances, Swara did not have any feelings on me that time. but now, she loves me and i too loves her. I want to marry her again with her wish. And our marriage doesn’t have any rituals followed so now i want all the rituals to be followed in our marriage. Everyone should be very happy in this occasion. I want to make this day special for Swara.” He looks at swara and smiles at her with love.

Swara gets teary eyed and becomes more emotional by his words. Everyone is very happy on Sanskar’s decision. They too agreed for this and DP calls Gadodia to inform this good news.

On the Road, Kavita walks and lost herself in some thoughts. She stopped there and calls Someone from her mobile and ask them to meet her at 6 and she mentioned some place to meet her.

@Maheswari mansion,

All the family members gathered there and becomes so happy for Swasan and Raglak reunion. They want to celebrate this in a very grand way, so everyone accepted for Sanskar’s idea of getting remarried. So Shekar wishes Dp and says him that, soon we are expecting you in our home to decide about the Engagement for Swasan. So we are leaving now and will take swara also with us.

Suddenly, all of them becomes sad specially swasan. They looks at each other helplessely.

Elders accepts this and tells them that, they will welcome Swara as their bahu with full rituals performed. Shekar calls Swara and she looks at sanskar sadly. Everyone notices this and laughs by seeing their shocked faces.

AP asks her to go and get her necessary things and get ready. She walks in to her room. Sanskar signs laksh to manage them and he too followed swara.

Swara starts packing her necessary things, sanskar storms in to the room and lock the door. Swara is shocked by seeing him there. He rushed to her and hugs her tightly. She too hugs him back.

Swara: I don’t want to go Sanskar.

Sans: even i don’t want you to go. I feel so restless when your dad informs that he will take you.

Swara: I want to be in your arms like this forever. but they are doing good only for us na. Will obey them and respect their decision. What say? She raised her head and looks at him.

sans: he makes sad face, I will miss you very badly swara. I don’t know how i am gonna be alone till we get married.

Suddenly they both heard a knock on the door and gets seperated from each other. Sanskar opens the door and gets embarassed seeing everyone at the door and looks at them curiously.

Swara also feels shy and turns to other side and starts packing her stuffs. She bids bye to everyone and goes with her parents.

sanskar feels sad but still he is happy that Swara is gonna be mine forever soon.

@Raglak room – in the night

Laksh comes inside and sees Ragini removing her jewels. He gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. he moves close to her and hugs her from back. Ragini is shocked since she did not notice him and turned suddenly. With no balance, both were fallen down in the floor. laksh is at the ground and Ragini is on top of him.

laksh screams, “Aaah mummy”, by holding his heads. Ragini got scared and tries to get up from him. But because of her long lehenga, her foot got slipped and she fell down on him again.

Again he screams, “Ouch, my stomach, what are you doing Ragini?. Don’t try to make me patient yar. Pls help me to get up.”

This time, she carefully lifted herself up first and gives her hand to him. Laksh slowly gets up and looks at her with painful face. He hold his head in one hand and stomach in another hand.

Ragini gets laugh by seeing him but controls it. Laksh notices it and says, “Hmm, so you are laughing right. I came to have romance with you, but see what you did with me?. You made me patient now.”

Ragini starts laughing continously without stopping and laksh got irritated by seeing her laughing like this. He just pulled her to him and place a kiss on her lips. This halted for a minute and he released her from his grip.

Ragini looks on shocked and starts touching her lips slowly. She lowered her eyes and feels shy to face him. Laksh tells her, this is just starting baby. It is enough for today and will see you tomorrow”. Ragini gets blushed and runs away from there. Laksh smiles at her and says to himself, “Hope, we both live happily like this ever. i don’t want to miss my second life because of my stupidity.”

Precap : kavita meets the secret person and tells about her plan. That Secret guy meets another person (only shadow is visible) and discuss about something.

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Credit to: Satz

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