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Recap: Swasan romance

Sanskar carries swara in his arms and walking towards his bedroom. He puts her in the bed and he also lie down beside her. he caressess her face lovingly and says “I LOVE YOU SWARA. I cannot tell you how much but you are my world, you are my life and everything. My day wants to starts and ends with you. whenever i open my eyes i want to see your face only first. I cannot breathe if you are not with me. I want to hold you tightly when i am with you.”

He looks into her eyes and her eyes filled with tears of happiness and love. She caresses his face and place a kiss on his cheeks. He moves her hair behind her ears and starts kissing her forehead. She closed her eyes and tears got rolled down from her cheeks.

He wipes it by kissing her cheeks and smiles at her lovingly. She open her eyes and says “I LOVE YOU SANSKAR”. He moves close to her and tell her, “I WANNA MAKE LOVE TO YOU”.

Swara replies. “I M ALWAYS YOURS FOREVER”, by saying this, she gently pulls him on her and places a kiss on his lips.

Slowly Sanskar lies on top of her and starts dominate her by kissing hardly on her lips, but still swara enjoys that moment whole heartedly. Finally she got her love back. She wants to be in his arms for the whole life.

Sanskar lost himself on her completely and just starts making love with her as if he got his life back and expresses his happiness, love everything on her.

So many thoughts are flowing on their mind about each other.

Swara in her mind, “you make me complete. you make me smile when i have no reason to. when everything in my life was going wrong, you were there to support me and you make everything better in my life. i did not choose this life, but god chose you for me in this life.you are the one i love and that i can’t let you go”,

the moment when he rolls over, puts his arms around me and pulls me closer in his sleep. this makes my life complete, by thinking like this, she hugs him tightly and starts kissing him.

sanskar in his mind, ” thank you swara for being you…for sharing your love with me..for inspiring me to accept myself..for helping me to see the unique beauty..for showing me that love is something you do; something not just to be said, but also to be shown.i did not plan it, but you are the best thing in my life that’s ever happened to me. if i did anything right in my lif, it was when i gave you my heart.i believe that god sent you into my life to give me something to fight for, to show me there is love in this world and who can love me more than myself, to give me hope, to give me joy. all the proof in god i need is in you. you are a gift from the heavens”.
He too hugs her tightly and starts kissing all over her passionately. Finally their two souls become one and that is the most beautiful moment ever happened in their life and that night makes them their need for each other. After some time they fall asleep into each other arms.

In the morning, Swara wakes up first and reminisces about the previous night and smiles seeing her love beside her. She tries to get up from the bed without waking him up. When she try for it, sanskar holds her waist tightly and without opening his eyes says, “Pls dont go. I want to see your face first when i open my eyes.”

Swara smiles shyly and kisses his eyes. Sanskar with a cute smile opens his eyes and looks at her. by seeing him, swara feels shy and lowered her eyes. he too kisses her back on her cheeks and says “This is the best morning in my life”. Swara gets emotional and hugs him.

He pats her shoulder and asks her, “What you felt about yesterday night?”, swara gets shy and doesn’t reply for him. But he did not leave and ask her same again.

She says that, “I love you because you make me feel like I mean something to you. I got to know the importance of myself in you”. Again she hugs him tightly with a cute smile. They both were lying in the same position for some more time.

After sometime they both got ready to go home, they come downstairs and thinking their life is gonna take a new turn from now on and smiles looking at each other.

@Maheshwari Mansion,

Raglak is waiting for Swasan and they worried much says that, it becomes 9 AM, still they did not back yet. More than them, kavita fumes with more anger and she starts crushing her shawl by her hands. Suddenly a car sound comes and everybody is alert and looks at the entrance.

Swasan happily enters inside the home by holding their hands together. Everyone is surprised to see them like this and feels very happy for them.

kavita is shell shocked to see them together and stares at them angrily.

Swasan enters inside and gets blessing from everyone. AP, Sujatha hugs swara and blessess her. Laksh smiles at them and shows thumbs up to swara and winks at her.

Swasan looks at each other and they informed the elders that they have decided something and wants to tell them.

Precap : NO Precap…

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  1. just nw read it in fb… superb epi satz….. bt y no precap???

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  2. it was a very good episode keep it up

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  4. its very very very nice…

  5. Superb but why no precap

  6. superb dr ..swasan was awesome today..long waited love is answered today ..luv u loads

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  8. Hey dude it waz so nyc n romantic
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