Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 11


Thank you all for your lovely comments and the reason why i am showing kavita is, She is the main reason for swasan to get together. Due to her only sanskar is not confessing his feeling to swara. I cannot show only Swasan, if Kavita is not there, then there is no point for swasan to get seperated right. But soon i will end her character make swasan unite. Thank you for all you encouragement 🙂

Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 11

Recap: Swasan romantic dance in the party.

Sanskar moves to other side of the party hall and stands alone there by reminiscing his moments with swara. A drop of tears fell from his eyes. Kavita came there and try to console him.

In the mean time, Swara also came there by searching sanskar and see both of them together and felt upset. kavita noticed Swara looking at them and suddenly she moved towards Sanskar and hugs him by the way of consoling him.

Sanskar also unknowingly hugs her and blabbering something about swara and her importance in his life.

Swara see this everything from far and misunderstood that Sanskar loves only kavita. She cries and run away from that place. kavita feels victoriously and looks at sanskar who is in full alocholic mood.

Swara runs into the party hall and remembers hug between kavita and sanskar, she felt dejected and fumes with jealous and failure. She reached the bar area and ordered hot drinks for her. She is having it continously to forget the closeness of them.

Sanskar is continously blabbering and finally he feels head ache and hold his head in both hands and whimping in pain. kavita orders a nimbu paani for him. Sanskar drinks it and now he becomes little normal and slowly he is getting conscious. he looks at kavita and asks her what is she doing here?

kavita says, Actually sanskar you were unconscious so i just came to support you.

Sans: Thank you. But i am alright now and Will leave.

by saying this he started walking towards the party hall and kavita too follows him.

Swara is walking somewhere in the hall, blabbering about sanskar and she is completely unconscious after having the drinks. She bumped into one guy and about to fall but in the nick of time he holds her and make her to stand straight. When he does so, he saw her innocent face and approaches her and try to misbehave with her.

Sanskar reaches the party hall and searches for swara. he enquired with raglak about her, even they don’t have any idea where she went. Sanskar thought it should be Gowtham who would have taken her somewhere. Immediately he rushed to search for Gowtham and finally he finds him and holds his collar asking for Swara.

Gowtham is clueless what they are asking. he replies saying, “I don’t know. i haven’t seen her after the dance gets over. From that time i am with Sharmi only. What happen any problem?”. Sharmi also agrees that they both were together.

Sanskar apologize him and informs him that Swara is missing. They searched her everywhere but no clue. Everyone gets worried and kavita gets irked of seeing the care and concern for swara but still she kept quiet.

Suddenly they heard the screaming of a girl and looks on the way it came and gets shocked. Everybody at a time shouts “SWARA” and runs to the side where the voice comes from. Sanskar runs very fastly thinking his life is in danger. Finally they reached the spot and finds that guy is trying to misbehave with Swara.

His rage got increased like anything and he drags his neck from the back and pushes him on the ground and starts beating him very badly. Gowtham and Laksh also joins with him. Ragini notices Swara is about to fall and shouts, “SWARA”. Sanskar comes to his senses and turns back and immediately he holds her and hugs her saying, “Nothing will happen to you swara. I am there na. i will not allow any evil thing fall on you.” By saying he cries and hugs her tightly. Swara falls on his arms and becomes unconscious.

Sanksar stops gowtham and laksh and tells them to leave him. They all are worried for swara now. We cannot take her like this to home also. Suddenly Rags told them that, “We will take her to Farmhouse instead of home. Once she gets conscious then will take her home. othewise maa, papa everyone will feel bad by seeing her like this.”

Everyone likes this approach, but sanskar tells them to go and he will take swara to farmhouse. Raglak looks on amused, Gowtham looks confused and Kavita fumes in angry. She told , “she will also come with him to farm house”. But Sanskar refused it and asks her to go with Raglak to home.

Raglak is happy at this and they started to go home and kavita also follows them with anger. Gowtham helps sanksar to have swara in the car and waves gives him a send off, looks on and smiles.

@Farm house,

Sanskar carries swara in his arms and puts her in the sofa placed in the hall. He also sat beside her and tries to wake her up, but she did not. He then goes to kitchen and prepares Nimbu paani and makes swara drinks that. After having that, slowly swara comes back to her senses and opens her eyes slowly.

She sees sanskar sitting beside her worriedly and looks at her with much care and concern. She did not understand anything and looks the surrounding and asks where is she?

Sans: You are in the right place. Don’t worry.

Swara: Blinks at him and asks him what happened?

Sans: Were you drink in the party? asked in a intense tone.

Swara jerked by his question and starts remembering the incidents one by one. She thinks for a while and looks at Sanskar and says, “Yes, i had”.

Sans: He looks on worried and asks her, “What made you to drink like this, without knowing what happened to her” almost in a scolding way.

Swara got angry on him and gives him a reply, “You made me to drink sanskar. Whatever i am doing now the only reason behind all this is just you”. Tears forms in her eyes and she is about to cry.

Sanskar holds her cheeks and starts wipers her tears and says, “Please don’t punish yourself for my mistakes. I cannot see you in trouble because of me.”

Swara: melts by his touch and says, “I am ready to die for you sanskar but i cannot live without you for single sec.” by kissing his hands.

Sanksar touched by her words and hugs her tightly. Swara also reciprocates the hug passionately. The climate got changed and it starts raining and winds starts blowing heavily which makes the window doors moves here and there.

They both come into sense and gets seperated from each other. Swara tells him that she will go and close the window door which gives the noises. She walks towards it and tries to close the door but failed. She struggled to get it and sanskar is looking at her act and smiles and walks towards her.

He comes behind her and places his hand on her hand in which she hold the window door. Her heart beat gets raised like a race and she breathes heavily. Sanskar slowly moves his hands on her and he too moves close with her at the back. Swara felt his touch and couldn’t control her feelings, closed her eyes and stands numb.

OUtside it starts raining and the rain drops falls on their faces and they felt the chillness in their body. Swara feels cold and keeps her hand across her chest and hold it tightly to give a warm feeling.

Sanskar notices this, closed the window and turns he to his side. He saw the rain drops on her face and places his lips where the drops are. It almost like a passionate kiss he placed on her. Swara feels shivering and he seperates her hand and puts it around him and he hugs her very tightly not even an air will go. SHe feels heavenly and she too hugs him tightly with out any hesitation and start rubs her hand around his back. They are completely lost into each other’s arms.

Sanskar puts his face in her neck and starts kissing her with full of love. he starts with neck and moves to her ears and kissed it, then he moves to her cheeks and kissed it. Finally he reach the destination, her lips. He Saw the pouty lips and it makes him go crazy and slowly he place a soft touch in her lips and make it more harder and harder. It halts for more than 10mins, they forget all the problems around them and signs them that “I am there for you at anytime, any situations. i will not leave you at any cost. YOU ARE MINE FOREVER”.

Their kiss halts for more than 10mins which makes them breathes heavily and both of them gets seperated from each other. Sanskar looks at her and takes her in his arms and walks towards their bedroom.

Precap: Swasan reached Maheswari mansion by holding their hands together. Everyone is happy to see them except kavita.

Guys, how is this episode. Pls provide your comments. I am getting so much of encouragement by seeing your comments and wishes. Thank you all so much for ur love.

Credit to: Satz

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