Swasan FF – LOVE IS IN THE AIR Episode 10


Recap: Gowtham’s interest on Swara makes Sanskar jealous and angry.

Everybody reaches their places and starts their work. The day went as usual for them. Everyone starts leaving and Gowtham reminds them about the party tomorrow. He came to Swara’s place and tells her that she should come for the party without fail and her presence is the most expected there. Swara just give him a fake smile and try to avoid him but suddenly she saw sanskar there looking at them together, he fumes in anger and jealousy. She started talking to Gowtham casually which makes him more anger. He walks towards her desk and asks her,

Sans: Swara, shall we leave or do you have any work still?

Gow: He has no idea and ask Sanskar, “Y r u asking her to come with you sanskar? You are staying together? u have any relation with her?

Swara: immediately, No No. Nothing like that. We are family friends that’s it. Apart from that we don’t have any relations.

Sanskar hurts by her words but still doesn’t oppose it.

Gow: Cool. Then Sanksar if you don’t mind, i will drop her. You can carry on. by saying this, he looks at Swara and winks at her.

Swara looks blindly and do not know what to reply.

Sans: No way Gowtham. Since we both don’t have any relations, she is my responsibility here. I will not send her with anyone else. So better you can take leave.

Swara is shocked by his words and feels relaxed. Sanskar drags her and left from there. Gowtham is puzzled by his behaviour and thinks what kind of relation is this?

Sanskar is in full rage and drives fastly. Swara gets scared and closed her eyes. By seeing her, he reduced his speed slowly and controlled his anger.

Both of them did not talk a single word while going. They reached their home and went to their rooms respectively.

@Raglak room,

Laksh: lado, tomorrow we have to go for a party arranged by Gowtham for his successfull acheivement, and he invited everyone to come with their partners.

Rags: Party? okay we can go. I am ready as always. She gets excited and smiles.

Laksh mesmerized by seeing her excitement and comes close to her and holds her from her waist. Rags gots stunned by his actions and feels nervous.

He sees her nervousness and smiles at her. He tells her,”I already told you na am ready to move on my life with you. Then y r u getting nervous. R u not ready for this change in our life?”

She melts by his words and hugs him with emotions. Laksh slowly moves his hands to her body and starts kissing her neck. She felt shy and releases herself from his grip and says that, Its already late. Will go for sleep.

Laksh smiles at her actions and follows her.

Next day, everybody gets ready to go for office and reaches living hall. laksh searches for Swara and asked about her to AP. AP replies saying that She went to her maa’s home and she informed that she cannot come to office today.

Sanskar hears the last sentence and felt sad that he cannot see her today.

The day in office passed as usual and some of them have excitements about today’s party. Everyone left early to their home to reach the party.

@ Party time

Laksh reached the party venue with Ragini. Both were looking awesome in party wears. Laksh wore a modern Fashion Casual top V-neck Slim Fit shirt(white) with Business Vest Waist Coat in Grey black combination which gives him a very hotty look. So many girls eyes are on him which makes Ragini irked.

Ragini also came in a very pretty full length Frock type dress in pink color. She wore matching color earing and bangles on the left hand. She looks simple but at the same she looks damn hot in that dress. As usual most of the guys in the party starring at her beauty ;). By seeing this, Laksh gives her a side hug and holds her waist tightly to show them that she is his. Ragini is so happy by his gesture.
Sanskar enters the party with Kavita. Sanskar wore Casual top V-neck slim fit white collarless shirt and on top of that he wore a Over coat with full black at the back side and Grey color at the front with Blue jeans. He makes the full sleeve coat as 3/4 sleeve and wore a branded black watch, which gives him a damn hot look.

Gowtham welcomes everyone and he is so excited and waiting for Swara. sanskar notices this and got irked but he too waits eagerly for Swara’s arrival. There is a damn cool breeze enters before swara’s entry which makes everyone looked at the entrance where Swara gives her an entry which makes everyone stunned.

Swara wore a long red designer party wear gown,and the bottom has umbrella cut which has so many layers which gives a broad curls which gives her the look as a barbie doll. She left her hair open and have the matching earrings and bangles on the left hand. She wore a high heels in the same matching color. She look damn hot in that red gown. (http://images.voonik.com/1470612/khantil-latest-new-designer-long-red-party-wear-gown-product.jpg?1434300826)

She just entered into the party like a doll and looks around everywhere and found Sanskar there whom he himself doesn’t come out from the shock. She felt proud and walk towards where laksh and Ragini stands.

Gowtham is spellbound by seeing swara in this new attire. he becomes speechless and moves towards her. Sanskar notices and tries to go but stopped by Kavita. Sanskar controls his anger and moves towards the bar area, kavita also followed him.

Laksh and Ragini praises swara for her look, gowtham also came there and joins with them. He also starts praising her which makes her uncomfortable. Her eyes are searching only for Sanskar but she couldn’t find there. But sanskar notices everything from the bar area and fumes with mxed reactions of anger, jealous & helplessness.

kavita noticed everything and she started thinking about Gowtham & Swara. After the usual talks, DJ was announced and everyone started dancing and enjoyed the party.

Sharmi (PA of laksh) stares at Gowtham and starts to approach him for the dance. But he refused her and extends his hands to Swara. Swara is hesitated and looks for Sanskar but she doesn’t find him. Suddenly Gowtham pulls her towards him and starts dancing. She was very uncomfortable and couldn’t dance properly. Gowtham starts rolling his hands on her body which makes her more uneasy.

Suddenly a hand holds Gowtham’s hand and moves him away and says, shall i? its none other than Sanskar. Swara is extreme happy and smiles at him. laksh and Ragini watches all this and looks very happy to see them together.

Sanskar takes Swara’s left hand puts it on his right shoulder and takes her right hand and hold it in his left hand. Then he puts his right hand in her waist and pulls her towards him with a jerk.

They started dancing passionately and lost into each other’s eyes. Unkowingly a song is played at the background to increase their romance in the dance. Light off and only those 2 are highlighed.

BG plays

Female Version:

Idhu varai illadha unarvidhu

(Never have this kind of feeling)

Idhayathil undana kanavidhu

(Dream emerges in the heart)

Palithidum annalai thédidum padal kéttaiyo

(Hear the song when the dream comes true on that day)

Moodamal moodi maraithadhu

(Never hide it but i did)

Thaanaga poothu varughudhu

(Blossomming without my knowledge)

Thédamal thédi kidaithadhu ingééé

(I got it without searching it)

Male Version :

Ingé oru inbam vandhu niraiya

(Here comes a lot of happiness)

Eppodhu en unmai nilai ariya

(When will i check my reality)

Endhan mana ennangalai yaar arivar

(Who can understand my feelings)

En nenjamo unpola alla

(My heart is not like yours)

Yédho oru maatram

(Something is changing)

Nilai puriyadha thottram

(Not knowing the real situation)

Idhu nirandharam alla

(This is not a permanent)

Marividum mananilai dhan

(This scene will get changed for sure)

Both were dancing passionately and forget that they are in the party and looking into each other’s eyes. Sanskar is holding so tightly having the feeling of not leaving her for a single moment. They did a very romantic contemporary dance which makes others amazed and everyone stopped dancing and looks at their dance.

Suddenly light comes and both were comes to reality. People are applauding for their wonderful dance and praising them as a perfect match and made for each other. Swasan got embarassed and moves away from each other. Sanskar is still looking at swara who moves towards ragini and stands with her.

kavita fumes with anger but she controlled it and walks away from the dance floor and make a call to someone. Then she came back and stands with Sanskar and hold his hand. Sanskar realises it and tries to release his grip from her. She asked him, Y sanskar? Can’t i hold you? I don’t have right on you?

Sanskar doesn’t reply anything and stands dumb. Gowtham comes near to Swara and says that, You are awesome today. But bad luck i missed the golden chance. But i will make another chance with you. and smiles at her.

Sanskar goes away from that place and ordered drinks for him to lessen his anger. He lost in Swara’s thoughts and ordered some more drinks and looks at Swara who is standing with Gowtham.

Precap: Swasan in each other’s arms and romancing. A strong wind blows which makes them to lose their control and they hug each other tightly and says love you to each other.:) 🙂 🙂

Guys, how is this episode. Pls provide your comments. I am getting so much of encouragement by seeing your comments and wishes. Thank you all so much for ur love.

Credit to: Satz

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