SwaSan FF – Junooniyat – teaser 01 (By ZuZu)



Swara -“Sanskaar stop ur tricks am not gonna come in UR words.. U are saying u love me today.. Tomorrow u will say u love someone else.. U love only one thing and that’s .. That’s money.. ”

Said she angrily in full rage !! But next movement she was shaken up !!

Sanskaar pinned her to wall -“What u think Swara.. Am a fraud .. I agree I was a person who only gave importance to his comfort.. But now.  Now I changed cz of u… I started valuing ppl and emotions rather than status.. U are d reason for my change.  I know I was wrong.. But now I love u.. And am ready to follow what ever u say.. Give me punishment.. Janta hu mene gunaah kie h.. Pr muje tumne badla.. Tumne.. U want me to leave u right ?, (he leaves her hands) jao chor dia tumhe… Pr yaad rakhna me jhut NAI keh raha.. I love u.. Yes damm Itt I did.. And it’s hurting me here (Pointing his index finger to his left side) I wish Ki me kabi Pyaar na krta… Mohabbat sabse jyada dard deti h.. Vo bhi tab jab aap jis insaan se itna Pyaar krte ho vahi aap ko jhuta kahe.. Azad kia Swara tumhe aaj mere Pyaar se.. ”

He left the place.  While she was crying bitterly falling on her knees..


Sanskaar was sleeping in car.. Swara was sitting beside him..

Swara -“Sanskaar am sorry tumhe itna tadpaane k lie.. Pr I promise.. When we will return tomorrow to our city I’ll confess my love for u.. Just this night then ill tell What u wanna hear from me.. !! ”

Saying this she hugs Sanskaar’s arm !! Who was in a deep sleep.. !!


Sanskaar was holding ring in hand.. Standing beside Pia..

Kabir -“Swara how cute they look na together.. Just made for each other h na.. ”

Swara was standing like a statue.. Her love was going away from her.. She was cursing herself for not confessing him… But now Nothing can happen.. The venue was decorated.. Guests were arrived.. And most important he was doing it without saying anything !! Pia looked extreme Happy.. On other side Sanskaar had no emotion on face.. Swara’s face was strained with tears marks !!


So guys will this story be a Happy one ? 
Will Swara have to repent for giving him more pain than he deserved ??
Did Sanskaar forgot Swara ?? UA assumption comment below !!

Pls don’t only just vote comment too!!


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  1. Hmmm i trust u and i am sure swara will confess her feelings before engagement

  2. O god…. Bt why u didn’t update… I was waiting for it…. Bt plz update soon…. N I think she will confess… Hope so???????

  3. Deeksha

    Well dear nice one… But I already read it….!!!!!

  4. Rekha

    Awesome…!! Interesting..!! But pls English……

  5. Kakali

    Nice teaser,, love it.. thnk u.. ;-*

  6. Khushiii


  7. Stupendous teaser.. Go ahead

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