SwaSan FF – Junooniyat – Prologue



Its a beautiful morning.. Birds are chirping..

A boy was sleeping peacefully in his room until his phone rang..

He was sleeping under comforter covering his face.. When phone rings he totally ignored it in sleep.. When it was itt..

He irritatingly took his hand out of comforter to take phone from bed side table.. By mistake he breaks the water glass.. But he dint care for it.. He took phone and picked it up under comforter without even coming out..

He in sleepy voice -“Hello kon ? ”

Other side -“U are still sleeping..!!”

He -“Aarav ?? Y did u called me so early ?? ”

Aarav -“Dint u even see the clock its 8 and u are still sleeping did u forget its our first day of collage.. Don’t u wanna come”

He -“Coming ya… Y not I will.. Have to make a girlfriend today rich enough.. ”

Aarav -“You and UR silly dreams… All says they should get a gal who love them but u always running for Money..”

He -“Common Aarav there is no love OK.. V se b har ladke k dil me do chiz hoti h ya toh billionaire k ghr paida ho ya kisi billgates ki ladki se shadi.. Life set ho jaay..(every boy has two things in heart either to get born in a billionaire’s house or get married to a girl whos father rich enough like billgates ) ”

Aarav -“Haha u and ur thinking.. But I bet u when u will find ur true love.. This thinking u are having now will b no more ”

He -“No ways dude I said na Pyaar nai hota it’s only money we need for enjoyment.. ”

Aarav -“Will see dude.. That time I will ask u same question.. Then see ur answer.. ”

He -“Will see dude I will never ever change..”

Aarav -“K for now get ready fast we are waiting for u .. Bye ”

He -“Sure I will.. ”

He cuts the call and comes out of comforter stretching his arms..

A lady shouts out side of room..

Lady -“Sanskaarrrrr !!! Again u broke glass in sleep.. Ur late night parties and then u are breaking things… Get up fast u need to go to collage.. ”

Sanskaar gulps . and runs to washroom in hurry.. Before lady enters the room..

Lady enters the room and sees whole room messy.. Glass broken on floor and he then saw washroom door closed..

She sighs and picks up all the things from floor..

Scene 2

A girl wearing green and black chudidaar.. Praying in mandir.. She is looking beautiful without make up.. Her purity and selflessness is reflected on her face.. A bindi on her forehead making her look more pretty… She is totally merged in her prayer.. Her hairs were flowing with wind making her look angel..

After finishing prayers she takes prasad from priest.. And aashirwad too..

Priest -“Jeeti raho beti ”

She -“Pandit ji its my first day of collage pls bless me that I can make it well.. And then help my parents.. ”

Priest -“May god bless u my child.. U will get successful in all ur good wishes.. Lord Krishna will surely help u ”

She -“Thank u ”

She says with bright smile.. Wow Her smile is making her look fab

She hears a lady coughing.. She goes near her and sits beside her..

She -“Aunty still u are coughing not recovered from it.. Wait I brought this for u..”

Lady -“But beti ”

She -“No ifs and buts.. On one hand u call me beti and other hand not telling this ”

Saying this she takes out medicines and gives her..

Lady -“Again u spended UR pocket money on this medicines for me.. This cough will never go beta.. In this age it’s comon.. Y are u wasting money.. Childrens of UR age never thinks the ppl like us not even thier grand parents.. And spend on thier luxuries but I have no blood relation with u and u does so much for me ”

She smiles -“To help someone and take care of them blood relation is not necessary.. Just Feelings are enough.. And who said we don’t have any relation we have.. U are like my grand mother.. ”

Lady gets teary eyes.. Girl wipes her tears..-“My own childrens thrown me out as I am old now and can’t do thier any work but u.. Beta god should give childrens like u to every one.. UR parents will be proud of u.. ”

She smiles -“Don’t get sad am ur granddaughter like only.. ”

She hugs lady..

Lady -“Swara beta may God gives you all the happiness u deserve and a ever loving husband ”

Swara breaks the hug and just smiles..

Swara -“I will come again .. Getting late for collage.. Bye.. ”

She leaves..

Precap -“in collage What happens ?? “

******To Be Continued*****

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  1. Deeksha

    Loved it….. Waiting for the next episode!!!!!!! But dear I think there is another ff on the same name….. I am not sure…..!!!!!!! Just check it out!!!!!!!

    1. ZuZu_28

      Yeah may b but I’ve already written 15 chaps on other site started 3 months ago can’t change now 🙁

      1. Deeksha

        No Dear… I think I had seen that in telly updates only…..!!!!!!not in other site…..

      2. A.xx

        nice, but,yes deeksha is right it’s my ff only.

    2. ZuZu_28

      Ahan am Saying may be other have this name I already started on Watty fb few months ago I completed 15 updates of this SS there so I can’t change name over here .. N it suits my story line am sorry 🙂

  2. SNY

    Interesting ZuZu…
    Nxt one soon..

  3. Kakali

    Zuzu !!! i love this name… Zuuzuu !!! soo cutee …

    Love d chappy too dear …
    huhuhuhuhu Sanskar ur soo call thinking over love n money is going to fly away soon…
    Awwww my Swara… *Sanskar ki sanskari Swara….
    soo beautiful …
    thnk u dear… 😀

  4. nice..continue soon..

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    Amazing continue soon

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    Pls continue

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