SwaSan FF – Junooniyat – Part : 9


Link of part : 08. Here

Recap of #Part_8 -“Swara rejecting Sanskaar.. Aarav consoling Sanskaar.. Dean sending SwaSan to Singer Narsimham reddy’s house out from city.. For 4 days.. Swara rejects.. Shekhar somehow makes her agree.. ”


“Sanskaar did u pack everything.. Don’t forget.. Its winter u will need body warmers..” Shouted sujata entering in the room.

“Ha mom.. I’ve taken everything now don’t worry !! ” replied he..

“Go safely OK..” (She caressed his hairs )

“mom… Am not a small kid anymore.. ” said he..

Sujata hit him on his biceps.. Playfully -“Chup kr..Bacha  kitna b bada q na Ho maa k lie bacha hi hota h.. ”

Sanskaar smiles at his mother’s love.. -“Aaww my sweet cute mommy.. (He hugs her) but mom.. Meri shadi hone k baad ese mat marna wrna meri patni KYA kahegi Haan ?? ” (winks)

Sujju holds his ear -“Acha ji.. Abi se.. Pr koi baat NAI me n Swara sath me tere kaan pakdege ”

Sanskaar -“So aap uska sath dogi ? “(makes a cute face)

Sujata smiles at his cute acting -” Of course yes..”

Sanskaar Turns -“Jaao me aap se baat NAI krta? ”

Sujata -“Abi bhi chote bacho j sa behave kr raha h.. Mele cute Rajkumaar..” (She pulls his cheeks)

Sanskaar -“Me cute nai hu ? ”

Sujju -“Haye mera bacha.. !! Chl abb so jaa kl jldi uthna h na.. ”

Sanskaar behaves like child in front of his mom -“Phle kissi do ? ” forwarding his right cheek..

Sujata kisses his cheek.. -“Abb so ja mumma so jaa.. ”

Sanskaar goes to his bed..

Sujju -“Pr Sanskaar y u behave childish some times.. ” turns while leaving..

Sanskaar replied -“I need strength to fight to get something in my life..by this I feels my mother’s love.. And always feels like shez with me !!”

Sujata got emotional at his sons love -“Am always with u Sanskaar.. Swara has really changed u a lot.. U Began to value relations rather than Wealth.. ”

Sanskaar -“Jisk lie itna badla hu..bs vo meri ho jaay.. ”

Sujata -“Jaroor hogi.. She will realise UR Love.. ” (she smiled with teary eyes)

Sujata -“K good night.. ”

Sanskaar -“Gn mom.. ”

| At Gadodia Mansion |

Swara was lying on her bed.. But sleep was far away from her eyes..

Swara to herself -“I will not show u my feelings Sanskaar.. These 4 days I’ll be a stone heart person.. ”

| Sanskaar’s Room |

Sanskaar to himself -“I know Swara you will be rude to me these days.. And yes u will try to hide UR Feelings but I’ll make sure u definitely accept me ..”

He smiled.

| Swara’s Room |

Swara -“Y are u doing this.. Sanskaar y.. Just u are making UR life and my life more difficult ” she said to herself..

| Sanskaar’s Room |

Sanskaar -“Q ki Tu meri Hai meri Swara.. Tu hi Junooniyat !! U belongs to me.. ”

| Swara’s Room |

Swara sleeps thinking what will happen now in these four days.. After all he was her love.. She feels bad hurting him with her nasty words.. And she was sure what kind of material Sanskaar is.. He will never give up on things he decide to do.. Well now she was scared that what if she won’t be able to suppress her Feelings when he and she was going to be alone for 4 days.. Well that no one knows what’s gonna happen next :p

| Sanskaar’s Room |

He slept happily thinking about the same 4 days.  But in other way to get his Swara.. Who was already his… Will he be able to get her..??

| Next Morning |

Aarav -“Did u take Chocolates ? ”

Sanskaar noded in no while keeping his bag..

Sanskaar -“Q ?? ”

Aarav -“Girls loves chocolates a lot.. Keep it ”

He says handing him Few DMS (dairy Milk Silk)

Sanskaar -“Thanks bro.. ”

They share a hug..

By time Swara comes with her bag..

Sanskaar comes to help her..

Swara -“I’ll manage (in a rude tone)”

Sanskaar becomes sad.. He turns as he feels a strong palm on his shoulder.. It belonged to his frnd aarav..

Aarav -“See Sanskaar I wanna say u one thing don’t feel disheartened.. If u want Swara to forgive u.. If u want her.. U will have to bear this for sure.. Cz Jo galtiyan ki h na tune.. Koi bhi ladki.. Sirf Swara hi nahi.. koi bhi ladki Itni aasani se maaf nai karegi.. This world.. If we believe or not there is always a pay back time for it.. What ever we do..we have to pay back for it..no matters what.. OK.. So don’t loose hope.. That’s y they say.. Trust – it takes years to built… Minutes to break.. And forever to gain back.. chal bht lecture dedia mene Abb go.. all the best.. ”

He smiled at Sanskaar…

Sanskaar -“U are really my best friend.. U showed me the right path…what ever we done in past was just fun in Friendship but u changed me.. ” (He said smilingly)

Aarav -“Well well.. My best friend.. Its cz of Swara u changed.. And cz of u I .. Seeing ur true love for her.. I hope Sacha Pyaar sab ko mile.. ”

They shared a best friends wala hug..

Aarav -“well what will u do to.. Its up to u… But one thing its isn’t a bet anymore.. ”

Sanskaar -“Yup… Feelings and emotions are most important than any bets !! ”

Swara was trying to sit on back sit..

Aarav -“Swara there is no place Here cz of luggage.. So u sit @ front seat ”

Swara couldn’t argue or be rude to Aarav.. She nodded and sat in front seat..

Sanskaar took his seat.. While Aarav waved bye to them.. And left for colz..

Sanskaar looked at Swara who had angry expressions on her face..

He smiled.. While Swara looked at him..

He slowly leaned towards her.. While she was confused yet fearing as his eyes were gazing deep in hers…

She was taken a back by his gesture.. 

Swara -“(shivering) W..What.. Move back or else…am telling u it will not b good for u… !!”

She closed her eyes as he was just inches apart from her face..

She slightly opened her eyes.. And saw Sanskaar keeping her seat belt.. Which she had not kept for her safety..

Her face was facing his side face.. He was so near to her.. Infact she liked his proximity..

He Sat on his seat.. And started car again.. Without uttering a single word… She felt guilty for shouting on him.. The uneven silent prevailed in the car… She was getting bore but was not willing to talk to him.. She was thinking its better if its like that..

After the continues driving of 4 hours.. In silence.. Sanskaar was thirsty..

While driving he tried to get the bottle from bag.. Making all the stuff falling on floor which included DMS.. He took the bottle and tried to open it from one hand as his other hand was on steering wheel..

Swara looked at his doings silently.. He was finding difficulty in opening the cap..

She gave a angry expression and grabbed the bottle from his hand.. He looked her confused..

While a other car was coming from opposite direction.. Sanskaar was looking her.. Swara saw car

Swara shouted -“Sansksaarrrrr”

.. And turned the steering wheel to left side.. In sudden.. He applied break and she falled in his lap.. Her hairs covering her face..

She slowly got up..

-“Sorry ” muttered Sanskaar..

He was driving.. He forwarded his hand..

Swara frowned -“What ? ”

Sanskaar -“Water.. ”

Swara -“See there and drive.. I’ll give u.. Otherwise ull put my life in risk.. Along with urs.. ”

Sanskaar smiled as he felt her care in her words..

He kept driving.. While she made him drink the water…

He suddenly began to cough..and water came out from his mouth..

She became tensed -“Sanskaar kya.. Hua..?? ”

She began to rub her back.. While he felt difficult to breath..

Swara almost near crying -“What happened Sanskaar.. Say something.. ”

Sanskaar became a bit stable.. -“Nothing.. ”

Swara tensed and still rubbing his back -“Are u fine.. ?? ”

Sanskaar feels happy seeing her caring and worried for him…

Sanskaar holds her other hand which was on his right cheek.. -“Yes I am fine.. ”

They were so close.. She was lost in his eyes for few movements.. Soon she realised her condition.. As she ws close to him.. She sat on her place…

Swara -“Am sorry.. ”

Sanskaar -“Its OK.. I like it u cared for me.. ” (smiled)

She -“LISTEN Sanskaar tumhari jagah koi Aur b hota toh I would have done it.. So don’t take it wrong.. ” -she said nastily..

Making his smile faded..

She turned other side.. While he continued to drive.

Swara to himself -“I’ve to keep my self away from him.. Or else.. ”

She dint want to think what her heart was making her feel..

After sometime she Began to feel hungry.. She looked the chocolates.. But thought they belongs to him..

But being found of chocolates she couldn’t stop herself and grabbed one.. Sanskaar looked at her.. She was eating like a kid.. It sticked on her lips.. Chin.. Near cheeks..

He smiled at Her childish doings..

As she felt his gaze on hers.. She stared him with puppy eyes -“Sorry I dint ask u.. ”

She forwarded it to him.. He continued to drive.. This made her to make him eat it with her hands..

It sticked to his lips.. She cleaned it with her kerchief..

It was night now.. Swara was getting sleepy.. While he had to drive..

It was a dark and cold night.. Shimla side area na…

She slept.. Sanskaar admired her queen..-“How sweet and calm u look while sleeping.. Y are u wearing this mask of rudeness.. I know u loves me but can’t u give me a single chance.. ”

He confessed tugging back her strand..

The car suddenly stopped..
She was sleeping..

He tried to restart but nothing happened.  He got down and Checked..

Sanskaar -“Oh no it needs water.. ”

He goes to his seat and saw the water bottle empty..

He -“Abb KYA karu.. Shall I find it Here.. (Looking at Swara) no no.. I can’t leave her alone here at this time.. But.. ”

Finally he decided to search water… She got up and was shocked..

She became tensed.. As it was 1 @ night and she was alone in car on a deserted road..

She -“Sanskaar Sanskaar ?? ”

Swara -“Where is he.. (She was scared now) Oh god… ”

Precap -“SwaSan getting closer.. Will Swara give him a chance..?? “

To be Continued…

Done with other part too.. Phew.. Am sorry if any mistakes I wrote in a hurry.. Guys a question are u able to understand properly I mean scenes as am writing in hurry so ??

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