SwaSan FF – Junooniyat – Part : 9

Chapter 9.
On private jet.
Ragini,Aaradhya and Aaryan are sitting on one side and opposite to them are Lakshya and Kunj.
Ragini is sat reading the mission file while the others are chatting and looking at their guns.
Lakshya: Ragini tum itni gehri de yeh file kyu par rahi ho..
Ragini: because this mission is to big to mess up.
Aaradhya: she’s right, it’s way to dangerous.
Kunj: forget it and let’s focus on the plan.
Aaryan: yes you are right so what’s the plan.
Lakshya: first we identify the contact then we get information on the boss. After getting that information we can get him to lead us to the virus’s.
Aaryan: but how?
Lakshya: easy Aarashya will go undercover with him .
Kunj: ? (Worried face) but how will she get his attention?
Aaryan: easy every week the boss goes to a certain club or karaoke bar..
Aaradhya: so my job is to seduce him.
Lakshya: Bingo.
Ragini is lost in thoughts.

Scene changes to Raw headquarters.
Swara: Ragini’s the only 1 who can do this.
Sanskaar: I know I hope nothing happens to her.
Swara: she’ll be fine she knows how important this mission is . He won’t affect her .
Sanskaar: I hope so.

Back to the plane.
Aaradhya: Ragini where are u lost..
Ragini: in mind ( I’m sorry Aru but I can’t let u go undercover with him. I have to do this as this plan will never work. They don’t know who they are trying to send u too. But I do…
Aru: Ragu r u ok??
Everyone looks at her.
Ragini: yes I’m just running the details through my head.

Captain: the plane is about to land plz buckle ur seat belts… thank u ..

Aaryan: Ragu chalo belt buckle kar lo.
Aaradhya: tapping Ragini.
Kunj: Ragu belt…
Lakshya gets up and snatches the file from her and buckles her belt.
Ragini: Lakshya tum kya kar rahe ho??
Lakshya: mein Kya kar raha hoin . Tum kya kar rahi ho belt hi Nahi bandh rahi thi. Kiss ki baat bhi Nahi sun rahi thi.
Ragini: Lakshya ab mein tumhari zimadari Nahi hoin.
Lakshya: Jab tak tum mere pas ho, the meri zimadari ho.
Ragini: Lakshya….
The speaker interrupts ” we have landed plz make ur way to the the exit with your luggage. Your contact will meet u at the address texted on ur phone. Thank u…”
While the announcement is being made Lakshya and Ragini are looking at each other with a painful stare…
While Aaradhya looks on confused and the rest look on tensed..
What will Ragini do to stop Aaradhya…
What is Lakshya and Ragini’s past?
Who were Swara and Sanskaar talking about?
And why will Ragini not be able to bear being face to face with the enemy???
Plz keep reading and comment the real story will start from tomorrow’s chapter.
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