SwaSan FF – Junooniyat – Part : 8


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Recap of #Part_7 -“SWARA ignoring Sanskaar.. Sanskaar falls I’ll.. SWARA going his house.. Sujata explain Sanskaar.. Sanskaar realise his love.. And comes to know she too love him.. Sanskaar proposes SWARA ”


Sanskaar tries to talk to her but she ignored.. But unknown of fact that Now he is clear with all things..

When he finds SWARA alone he goes to her..

Sanskaar -“Listen to me.. ”

SWARA tries to leave.. Sanskaar gets angry now..

He holds her arms and pins her to wall..

Sanskaar -“Samajti KYA ho tum khud ko .. Kitna ignore karogi Muje..”

SWARA -“Forever ”

Sanskaar -“No u can’t do this to me.. ”

SWARA -“Y Sanskaar y are u back of me forget me (she says loudly) ”

Sanskaar -“No I can’t !! ”

Looking in her eyes..

SWARA -“Why (slowly due to fear) ”

Sanskaar -“I can’t I want u.. I need u.. Cz I LOVE YOU dam it.. Cz I love.. Love u more than anything in this world… I can’t live without u.. U are reason behind my smile.. Ur silence kills me !! ”

SWARA laughs !!

Sanskaar looks at her confusingly..

SWARA claps

Sanskaar -“What ?? ”

Swara -“Now u came to know that am rich means u love me.. U proposed pia cz she is rich.. When she wasn’t here u were flirting other gal.. And few days back u came to know am rich so Ur love changed.. ”

Sanskaar was taken a back by her words.. !! His eyes turned moist !!

Sanskaar -“No Swara ”

He tried to touch her shoulders..

SWARA pushed him -“Hath mat lagana Muje.. Tum j sa insaan sirf paiso se pyaar kr sakta h.. Kisi se NAI.. Pyaar j se sabd ka naam le kr uski insult mat karo tum.. Pia was rich for u .. U proposed her and then flirt with any random gal..and Now u love Me.. No no correction Now u came to know that am more rich than Pia so u love me .. Gr8 sanskaar.. Kitna jldi badalta h na tumhara Pyaar.. Kl mujse b koi Aur ameer ladki milegi toh usk sath.. Chi ..

Sanskaar -“No Swara I really love.. ”

Swara -“(shows him hand) I’ve not finished yet !! ”

Sanskaar stands quietly

Swara continued -“U know what tum j se cheap logo ki wajah se saare ladkon ka naam khrab hota h !! ”

Sanskaar can’t believe that Swara will tell him all this.. For whom he changed himself.. Is saying this.. On other hand SWARA was also right.. Sanskaar was. Numb

Swara -“Tum Muje nahi fasa sakte apne jaal me dusri ladkion ki tarah.. Aaj k baad mere pass b mat aana..”

Sanskaar dint utter a word.. He wasn’t in a condition to say anything !! She dint even see his eyes which were clearly reflecting the love which have changed him..

She left the place.. Leaving Sanskaar behind totally broken..

She was hurt… She loved him but she was thinking him as flirt..

Sanskaar knelt down on the floor with a thud !!

Her words were echoing in his ears.. Of course he was a flirt but she changed him unknowingly.. For whom he left all his past life was showing him back.. He cried keeping his arms on his palms..

Aarav comes and sees him.. He was shocked to see his best friend.. Who never had a sad expression on face was crying sitting on his knees..

He had actually listened what ever happened der..

Sanskaar stops crying as he feels a hand on his shoulder.. It was aarav.. Sanskaar got up immediately and hugged him.. He hugged him back..

Aarav feels sad -“Stop it bro.. Everything will be fine yaar.. Don’t worry !!”

Sanskaar -“Nothing.. Nothing will b fine.. She hates me .. Cz of her I changed I love her and.. And she thinks am a .. Flirt.. ”

Aarav -“not only she anyone will not forgive u soon.. Cz of past.. And suddenly u will confess means she will doubt you.. Its ovio.. ”

Sanskaar -“I know aarav.. But I don’t want any money.. Nothing I want only I want is she.. Only she matters me.. This many days I’ve realised what she means to me.. I can’t live without her.. I will die.. ”

Aarav gets angry -“Shut upp.. !!! Are u crazy or what.. U wanna die.. Ill kill u if u say that.. Don’t get emotional.. Just try to win her trust.. She too loves u.. I could see the restlessness when u were ill.. She loves man.. But she is suppressing her Feelings.. U have to make her confess and prove that u are changed.. And am sure u will definitely do that.. ”

Sanskaar -“I’ll do everything bro.. But What if she won’t agree !!? ”

Aarav smiles -“Teri Pasand Hai Bhai.. Tuje badal dia.. Aagar nakhre kie or Naa Mani toh.. Bhaga le jaynge tere lie.. ”

Sanskaar -” (hits him playfully) Tu NAI sudrega na kaminey ?? ”

Aarav with attitude -“Bhai Pyaar tuje hua h.. Badla Tu h.. Me nahi.. Or dost k lie toh jaan bhi Hazir h ”

Sanskaar -“(backs to his mood) uski noubat NAI aaygi.. Cz meri wali ko mai hi mana lunga :p ”

Aarav -“Well bro ek acha idea h tuje Aur bhabhi ko akele kahin bhjne kaa .. “(Says winking)

Sanskaar -” KYA Matlab..?? ” (confused) ”

Aarav -“Well phle treat dega.. Swara k haa krne k baad.. ”

Sanskaar -“(desperate) pakka dunga.. Abb bata pls ”

Aarav tells him something..!!

Sanskaar -“Will it work ?? (Doubtful) ”

Aarav -“Dek Bhai arrangement me kr dunga.. Baki sab tuje handle krna hoga.. ”

Sanskaar -“OK .. ”

They share a HiFi..

Back to classes..

Kabir was looking at Swara as usual.. Sanskaar feels jls.. But aarav signals him to be quite..

Aarav -“leave him.. Concentrate on Ur love.. ”

Sanskaar nods..

Sanskaar sits in a empty place..

Where as aarav sits beside kabir..

Aarav -“Swara bht hi beautiful h na..?,”

Kabir -“haa (lost) ”

Aarav -“Hmm.. That’s y u seeing him from long time .. ”

Kabir -“(Back to sense) Umm vo kuch NAI.. ”

Aarav -“Ha ha leave.. Bhabhi h meri.. ”

Kabir -“KYA ?? ”

Aarav -“Kuch nai.. (To himself) Sanskaar ka Pyaar meri bhabhi duffer ”

Where as Swara doesn’t even give a dam to Sanskaar..

Aarav face becomes bright as Dean comes to class..

All stands to respect him..

Dean -” As you guys know we have a musical programme going to be held in the soon.. The collection from them will be given to poor childrens for the education.. ”

All were listening keenly..

Dean -“So for that we wanna call a old yet famous classical singer.. ”

All in excitement -“Who sir ”

Dean -” Narsimham Reddy ”

All students shouts in happiness..

One student -“But Sir.. He is leaving somewhere alone in the lone place from city ”

Dean -“Of course.. That’s y am here.. We need to send our two students to give him honour and bring him here.. ”

Another students -“Who will be going sir.. They are really lucky ”

Dean -“we have selected them.. Actually they both have music knowledge so we will be sending them.. ”

Kabir -“Who Sir ”

Dean -“Miss Swara Gadodia and Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari ”

All students looks them.. Aarav smiles winningly.. While Swara was shocked.. The person she wanna stay away was now going with her.. Sanskaar was happy .. She looks him.. And gets annoyed..

Dean -“We have selected them as Swara have classical singing knowledge and Sanskaar can do rock.. You both have to go and bring them.. Collage will provide car to u.. Sanskaar ?? ”

Sanskaar -“Yes sir ? ”

Dean -“If u don’t know driving We will provide a driver ”

Aarav interrupts -‘No sir Sanskaar knows driving.. ”

Dean -“So u can Dri….”

Before he could complete Swara interrupted -“But sir y not any mam or sir ??”

Dean -“Miss gadodia we want our students to explore..and u both have a good music sense ”

Swara -“but Sir my parents won’t agree.. ”

Dean -“we will talk with them.. Well we are sure they will have no problems when thier childrens gets such opportunity !! ”

Swara stands thinking deeply..

Dean -“Any further queries miss gadodia ?, ”

Swara comes back to her sense..-“No.. No sir ”

Dean -“Good.. Sit down ”

Swara was in a big stress.. He was worried whether in this trip she couldn’t control or suppress her Feelings more.. Cz now he confessed her.. And she was in a dilemma..

Dean continued -“U both will leave by tomorrow morning.. Way is long.. It will take four days.. Take Ur necessary things with u..”

He leaves saying this.. Swara too leaves in stress.. While Sanskaar was happy for it..

At Sanskaar’s home ..

Sanskaar tells what happened In colz to sujata..

Sujata -“Now Sanskaar u have 4 days to win her trust and love.. And I know u will do this.. ”

Sanskaar -“Of course mom I will.. Love u (he kisses her cheeks and goes to her room for packing) ”

Sujata -“Thank u kisan ji for sending Swara in his life.. She changed my son.. Am Thank full to her.. Abb bs pls vo maan jaay vrna Sanskaar… (She dint dare to think further) ”

At swara’s home

Swara -“Dad I don’t wanna go ..”
(She shouts)

Shekhar -“U have to go.. I’ve already said yes to Ur dean.. ”

Swara -“But I can’t ..”

Shomi -“Shekhar if she don’t want don’t force her..”

Shekhar -“U know shomi what are you telling.. She has got this opportunity and she is rejecting it.. But I can’t.. She have to.. Otherwise don’t talk with me..!! ”

Shekhar leaves..

Swara stamps her foots and goes to her room..

At night 12

Shekhar -“Who’s that ”

As he heard a knock on his room..

-“Dad me ”

Shekhar opened the door and found swara standing..

Shekhar goes back and sit on chair..

Swara comes to him as she knows her dad is angry ..

Swara sits near him.. On knees..

Swara -“Dad am sorry.. ”

Shekhar replies Nothing ..

Swara -“OK I’ll go.. But pls don’t be like this.. I can’t see my dad like this.. ”

Shekhar smiles -“pakka ?? ”

Swara -“(smiles) Pakka ”

Shekhar hug her.. -“Dats like my cute princess.. ”

Swara’s smiles fade away thinking now how to do this.. 4 days only she and Sanskaar..

Precap -“SwaSan going.. What’s gonna happen .. Woo I am so exited !! Will she able to suppress her Feelings..?? “

******To Be Continued******

This part I wrote for those who really likes my work.. Give thier feed back.. Iam writing only on thier demand.. Ebi for u and all others… Who do response me.. Otherwise I would have stopped writing..

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