SwaSan FF – Junooniyat – Part : 7

Guys love u all Junooniyat is on #864 in fan Fictions.. But am not satisfied yet no comments only votes πŸ™ if it be so I’ll not post on wattpad !!


Recap of #Part_6 -” SwaSan small argument.. Sanskaar confused.. His dream.. Misha helping indirectly.. Prom night party..SwaSan dance… Sanskaar and Aarav challenge.. Sanskaar flirting with a gal.. Finally.. SwaSan mu ”


Sanskaar goes back of them..

Kabir -“(nervous) Swara ”

Swara while going in to house turns -“Huh ?? ”

Kabir -“Vo I wanna say u something (slowly) ”

Sanskaar stands at a distance and prays to God that he should not say anything..

Swara -“Vo actually kabir.. I am not in a mood to talk anything can v talk later !! (Tired) ”

Kabir -“OK as you say.. Bye take care.. ”

Kabir leaves while Swara stands der thinking..

Sanskaar goes towards her..
Seeing him she gets angry.. And turns to leave !!

But Sanskaar was quick.. He holded her wrist ..

Swara angrily glares at him !!

Sanskaar -“Once listen to me.. ”

Swara tries to get out of his grip..

-“Leave me Sanskaar I don’t wanna talk u anything pls ” said she with blood shot eyes..

Sanskaar -“Its not what u are thinking.. Let me explain !! ”

Swara -“Sanskaar choro mera hath.. I said leave me.. ”

Sanskaar leaves her hand..

Sanskaar -“Give me a chance to explain !! ” (requesting)

Swara -“I don’t wanna any explanation.. Keep it to u.. Bye !! ”

She says and leaves while

Sanskaar -“Swara.. Swara pls.. Pls once listen to me..pls.. U are misunderstanding me.. Pls listen me ”

But of no use..

Swara goes to her room and cries.. Looking out from balcony where Sanskaar was standing..

Sanskaar sits near a tree near her home..

BG – “Awargi From Love Games (on of my most fave song :* )

” Aawargi se dil bhargaya
Teri gali me rehne laga
J se kabi bhi thi na kisiki
Teri fiker me rehna laga..
Tere Aansu piyu me
Kabi Tuj ko hasaaun ”

He sees Swara with a sad face who is standing near window.. But when he sees Swara acts like she is having some work der..

“Tuje dur se dekhu
Kabi dil me basaaun
Tere khatir jiyu
Kabi tuj pe lutaaun
Ye jaan meri jaan h tuuuu
Bas tuuu ”

Swara runs inside and falls on bed crying… She was hurting herself for hurting him..

While he sits der for long and Leaves for his home ..

Sujata seeing Sanskaar

Sujata -“KYA hua Sanskaar.. ?? ”

She becomes worried cz she had never seen him such sad he is always a cheerful guy… What ever might happen.. But this time his life was only angry at him.. Which he wasn’t able to understand..

Sanskaar -“(slowly) nothing maa just tired ”

Sujata “OK go and sleep ”

Sanskaar leaves…

Sujata to herself -” Something he is suffering from.. But he will not tell I know.. I can’t see my Son like that..I’ll find out !! ”

Sanskaar sleeps as he was so tired today..

Next day .. In collage Swara continued to ignore him.. This was killing him.. He tried a lot but no effect on Swara..

The shine of Sanskaars face was totally gone.. He became all dull.. Even Aarav was worried seeing Sanskaar like that… But no one knew the reason.. Everyday sujju too began to ask him y he is all time at home not even going with friends.. From collage to home and home to collage..

Even Swara was not able to see him like that.. But what can she do.. For her Sanskaar was again a flirt guy.. The lil trust she did on him he broke it in her eyes.. Irrespective of knowing the fact it was only a Miss understanding !!

Sanskaar was now totally hurt..

One morning

Sujata comes to his room

Sujata removing curtains -“Sanskaar com on get up ull get late for colz ”

Sanskaar doesn’t give any reply..
He was sleeping..

Sujata see him and goes to him.. And holds his shoulder to wake him up.. But she finds his body hot.. Due to fever… She becomes worried..Β 

Sujata -“O God he is having fever.. ”

She wakes him up and gives him coffee.. Sanskaar says -“I don’t wanna eat anything.. ”

Sujata -“Eat silently without any argument..”

Sanskaar unwillingly eats it.. She checks his temperature and gives him medicine.. And calls doc.. Unknown that what she is giving him is not the correct medicine.. His medicine was only his Swara.. By getting her..he will be all total fine..

Doc gives him injection and makes him sleep..

In collage not finding Sanskaar.. Swara asks Aarav

Swara -“Where is Sanskaar ?? Y dint he came ? ”

Aarav -“Vo Swara just now I got the call of her mom.. He is having high fever.. ”

Swara -“What ?? (Worried) ”

Aarav -“Yes he is not well !! Now only doc gave him a injection with sleeping pills ”

Swara – (thinks ) he must be sleeping.. I’ll go and see him before he wakes up ”

Swara to Aarav -“Can u tell me the address ? ”

Aarav -“Ya sure.. XYZ colony ”

Swara -“Thanks !! ”

She leaves in a hurry..

She reaches his house..

Swara -“(prays to god) pls god he must be fine.. ”

She knocks the door !!

Sujata opens the door..

Sujata seeing Swara -“kon chiye ??”

Swara -“Vo aunty am Sanskaar’s friend Swara ”

Sujata -“He is not well.. ”

Swara -“Yes I came to see him.. ”

Sujata -“Oh k .. Come in ”

Sujata takes Swara to Sanskaar’s room..

Sujata -“You sit Here I’ll bring water.. ”

Swara smiles..

She sits near Sanskaar who is unconscious.. And having wet cloth on his forehead..

She touches his forehead -“get well soon sanskaar.. ”

She changes his wet cloth.. And holds his hand.. -“I Began to trust u Sanskaar but u broke it.. But its right somewhere in my heart I can never forget u.. I dunno y I tried a lot to stay away from u but but I can’t.. I dunno what is happening with me.. ”

She slowly leans to him and places a peck on his forehead..

Sanskaar holds his hand in sleep and says -“SWA.. Swara pls.. Pls don’t leave me.. U are mistaken..”

Swara cries seeing his condition..

Swara keeps her forehead on his -“Am sorry.. Am sorry ”

Saying this she gets up to leave.. But Sanskaar was holding her hand..

Sanskaar in sleep -“Swara.. Swara pls ”

This was all seen by sujata standing at door.. She smiles..

Swara gets more hurt.. She wipes her tears and takes her hand out of his grip.. Sujata comes in..

Sujata -“Ye lo beta paani.. ”

Swara -“Aunty I need to Go bye.. ”

She runs away as she can’t hold her tears anymore..

Sujata -“So this is the matter..y Sanskaar have become so much dull.. BTW I my daughter in law looks so beautiful and traditional.. Waah my son has a great choice .. But I need to make Sanskaar realize ”

She smiles..

Where as Swara cries her heart out after leaving his house..

Sanskaar gets into his sense at evening..

He gets up and sits on bed taking the support of wall..

Sujata -“Sanskaar u woke u.. ”

Sanskaar -“Ha ma ”

Sujata -“Ur friend came.. ”

Sanskaar carelessly -“Who ..”

Sujata -“Arey what was her name.. Ha yaad aaya.. Swara !! ”

Listening swara’s name his face gains a bright smile instantly

Sanskaar -“What she said.. ?”

Sujata now was sure that Sanskaar is in love with Swara..

Sujata carelessly -“Nothing.. She came and went ! ”

Sanskaar -“Ohh ” (his smiles faded away)

Sujata -“Sanskaar pia is coming in 8 days so engagement is after 10 days u know na.. Do the shopping.. ”

Sanskaar -“Hmm ”

Sujata comes near him -“Are u Happy na Sanskaar u wanted a rich gal u got.. Now ”

Sanskaar thinks to share his problem -“Mom u know I got what ever I want.. But now am feeling something is missing.. I dunno what.. Am not happy with this.. Something in me wants something else which I am not getting ”

Sujata-“KYA hua beta.. Don’t u like pia.. ”

Sanskaar -“Its not so.. But but Swara is not talking with me.. She misunderstood me.. ”

Sujata -“Leave it.. She will understand one day. Y are you so much tensed for her…”

Sanskaar -“That is what killing me I dunno y.. I can’t take when she ignores me.. I can’t see her with that kabir.. I want her to talk with me..!”

Sujata smiles -” Sanskaar are u in love ?! ”

Sanskaar -“What ma ?? ”

Sujata -“Are u in love with Swara ?”

Sanskaar -“What rubbish love shuv doesn’t exist.. ”

Sujata -“So answer my few questions ? ”

Sanskaar -“What questions ? ”

Sujata -“So u want Swara to talk with u.. ? ”

Sanskaar -“Yes ”

Sujata -“When she ignores u .. U feel hurt ”

Sanskaar -“Yes ”

Sujata -“When she is with someone else like kabir u feel Like punching him ? ”

Sanskaar -“Ya I hate that kabir.. ”

Sujata -“When pia is with someone else u won’t feel Bad ”

Sanskaar -“Noo ”

Sujata -“So if u marry pia u will get all u want u will b Happy? ”

Sanskaar -“Yes..”

Sujata -“Then obviously Swara will also get married to someone else.. And think if kabir only propose her and her dad and she agrees then they get married ”

Sanskaar -“No ways y swara will marry him..”

Sujata -“Y will she not.. May be kabir likes him.. And he marries her”

Sanskaar was in anger now -“No he can’t ”

Sujata -“Y ?! ”

Sanskaar -“How can he marry MY SWARA ” full in anger

Sujata -“Here y are u getting so angry… And y u said my SWARA.. ?? U can marry pia why can’t she… This anger is nothing but jealousy which u are going through ”

Sanskaar becomes quite..

Sujata -“Think Sanskaar u feel happy when she is with u.. Her name brings smile on ur face.. .. If this is not love what’s this ?? ”

Sanskaar thinks and smiles cz now he got answer to all his questions..

Sanskaar -“Ha ma.. But ” his smile fades away

Sujata -“But What.?? ”

Sanskaar -“She don’t even trust me.. She don’t loves me.. ”

Sujata laughs..

Sanskaar -“Y are u laughing ? ”

Sujata -“She don’t loves u ?? ”

Sanskaar -“No πŸ™ ”

Sujata -“Arey pagal.. She loves u.. But never shows ”

Sanskaar -“What ?? (Confused) ”

Sujata -“U know what happened today.,? ”

Sanskaar nods in no

Sujata gives him a hand mirror

Sanskaar -“am talking something Serious and u …”

Before he could complete he saw a lipstick mark on his forehead..

Sujata tells him everything what SWARA did ..

Sanskaar becomes super happy listening to it..

Sujata -“I like her Sanskaar I want her only to be my DIL ”

Sanskaar -“Even I want her to be with me forever.. But ”

Sujata -“But what ?,”

Sanskaar -“pia ?? ”

Sujata -“first tell Swara.. We will handle all that.. ”

Sanskaar hugs sujata ..

Sanskaar -“I love u Mom ”

Sujata -“I love u too .. Am very happy u understood Ur real happiness..”

Sanskaar -“Thank u kisan ji ”

Sujata -“Do what ever but u have to make with her.. Clear all mu btwn u both !!”

Sanskaar -“Abb kuch bhi ho jaay I’ll make her mine cz I know now she too loves me ”

Two days later Sanskaar gets stable he goes to collage..

Sanskaar tries to talk to her but she ignored.. But unknown of fact that Now he is clear with all things..

When he finds SWARA alone he goes to her..

Sanskaar -“Listen to me.. ”

SWARA tries to leave.. Sanskaar gets angry now..

He holds her arms and pins her to wall..

Sanskaar -“Samajti KYA ho tum khud ko .. Kitna ignore karogi Muje..”

SWARA -“Forever ”

Sanskaar -“No u can’t do this to me.. ”

SWARA -“Y Sanskaar y are u back of me forget me (she says loudly) ”

Sanskaar -“No I can’t !! ”

Looking in her eyes..

SWARA -“Why (slowly due to fear) ”

Sanskaar -“I can’t I want u.. I need u.. Cz I LOVE YOU dam it.. Cz I love.. Love u more than anything in this world… I can’t live without u.. U are reason behind my smile.. Ur silence kills me !! ”

Precap -“Guess what will be her answer ?? Will she say yes ?! Then kabir ?? What will he do ?? “

******To Be Continued******

Hey guys am Seriously very unhappy with the response rate.. Am telling u final time if u will be like this I’ll not post.. Nor I’ll write that dark SS concept who’s Prologue I wrote and dint post yet !!


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